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  1. "...DoraRose is going to Salamandastron..." "Shut up!" (Salamandastron Ambassadors Trip Prolog, with a smidge of news about the Frosted Arrows)
  2. "...Martin will help us." (Thorns of Steel TP)
  3. "...looking for Leon."
  4. "...though death's shadow claim us."
  5. " the point." (Thorns of Steel TP)
  6. "A copper short of a silver and not a copper more!"
  7. "Alright, tell me what is really going on?" (Long Patrol Log)
  8. "Are you all right, Blisa?"
  9. "AstraAstra!" says the Chieftan's Daughter or It's Ferravale Recorder vs. Cheiftans Daughter!
  10. "Back t'gether." (Thorns of Steel TP...Scioto and Blisa are together again!!! I guess you could call this part of the epilog.)
  11. "Cera! Why did you do that? What's happened to you?"
  12. "Cwouds? Why cwouds? Why wain? Why pot? Pwetty pot. Me wanna pot." or "Oh! Bird is chasing foxie! Why bird chase foxie?"
  13. "Do you believe beasts deserve a 2nd chance?" (Tiny little bitty bit Redemption Of Marek TP)
  14. "EMYUIL! Why did you tell her??"
  15. "Eat." For many interesting reasons...
  16. "Family Meeting."
  17. "Fire!" "...sister?" "Will she diez?" "Lily..." (Thorns of Steel TP) (Um...sorry this is so long :P)
  18. "Forum"
  19. "Good deed for the day...done," he says to himself with a twitch of his whiskers. or Missing Zork
  20. "His stupid excuse for a stupid life has been made complete!" among other things.... (Redemption of Marek TP)
  21. "I'm the exception, just like everybody else!"
  22. "I'm the greatest warrior ever!"
  23. "I don't know what to do with you, Marek. I just don't." (Abbot's Processional in Ferravale RP and Helping Marek Redeem Himself RP)
  24. "I love you, Dad." or Lily learns of her Dad's past :)
  25. "I take it you all heard of the murder of Pipkin and Colden?"
  26. "I thought Caleb hated me, so I've been avoiding him."
  27. "It's a meetin' o' th' battered and bruised, eh?!" (Because the Long Patrol do that)
  28. "It wasn't a was real..." or Ohana makes you feel better sometimes...
  29. "Keep DAB out of my library." Sincerly, Quinten (A Long Patrol and Salamandastron log)
  30. "Leon?! You know Leon? But....but we heard that he's dead!"
  31. "My Dibbuns are your grandchildren."
  32. "Now I know never to get on Scioto's Daughter's bad side." (Redemption of Marek TP; ICly after Lorimis' funeral)
  33. "Oh, just the minor problems that Chieftains have to make headache-inducing decisions about multiple times a day. I think it's resolved now." (Marek's Revenge TP...a wittle bitty bit, maybe)
  34. "She really misses Miss Astra." or "Giving makes me feel better."
  35. "That's awful. I'm so sorry. Thanks for trustin' me with that bit o' your story." (Long Patrol and Salamandastron Ambassadors Log)
  36. "The doorframe's too short."
  37. "This is going to be amaz-zing!" (A tiny bit Redemption of Marek TP)
  38. "Waitwhat?" or "Me and Windrose be engaged now." (Long Patrol and Salamandastron Ambassadors Log)
  39. "Want some whiskey?" or Because drunk old people or Zee and Angela share some history (Redwall Log)
  40. "Well, I'm back."
  41. "What if?": The Return Of Lenore (Beginning of a new OOC Alternate History plotline, yeah, it's an OOC RP that's in Ferravale.)
  42. "What on Earth is a-goin' on 'ere?" (A Farravale log, in which Liam gets kidnapped and almost fed to Riana and Wesly confesses some of his crimes......)
  43. "Who ssssssssstole my cheesssse bunsss?!" (An OOC Ferravale Log)
  44. " you hate us?" (Slightly Bolts of Chaos TP)
  45. "Why does my daughter have to have the Bloodwrath?! Why won't this curse leave my family????" (A Long Patrol and Salamandastron Ambassadors log)
  46. "Yeah. I'm not kidding."
  47. "Yer Dad is Back, Mate..."
  48. "You Lied To Me!"-Redwall Log
  49. "You cannot hurt him." (Thorns of Steel TP)
  50. " Why Cera?"

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