"Yer Dad is Back, Mate..."

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Players involved: Lee, an otter, and Leon, a mouse.

Redwall Abbey Infirmary

Lee knocks at the door softly, then enters, peering around. "Leon? Are ye in 'ere? I need ta tell ye somethin', it be important. Are ye there?"

Leon is busy sorting herbs and double checking to make sure they are in an ABC order as he adds to some of the stocks and chesk the many pockets in his surcoat as well, making sure they are also ready"Just a morment" He says quietly as he checks one last thing, willowbark as he then turns to Lee and nods a greeting, "Hello Lee what do you need I was in finishing up with what herbs we have or dont have or low on or not low on"

Lee nods, taking a seat in a nearby chair. "We 'ave a new visitor to the Abbey, mate..." He leans forward, "Leon, it's somebeast ye know. I were surprised ta see 'im here again, ta be honest, but apparently 'is boat crashed upriver near the bridge... Leon, ye might wanna be seated before I go further..."

Leon frowns as he listens," Some beast crushed a boat? Any injuries and I am unsure if can help or not...then you did say they made it to the abbey didnt you." He tries to go threw any beast he knows "I..don;t recall knowing any beasts that have boats, sorry"

Lee sighs. "Leon, it's yer father Taran. I recognized 'im almost immediately, but I don't think 'e recognized me. 'E says 'e'll only be 'ere a couple days, mate... Ye really should not pass up this opportunity ta see yer dad again. It'll be good for ye both in the long run."

Leon starts to put away a mug that was used ealier, when the name Taran is mentioned the mug falls from his paw and shatters to the floor as he looks at Lee giving him his full attention, "My..Father is here? At Redwall?..But..how, last I seen him he had left sometime during the night, didnt really get a chaneg to talk to him. Was he hurt?" He frowns at the broken mug and goes to get a broom"Did he..mention me or.."

Lee shakes his head. "E looks alright, no apparent injuries. He doesn't think yer interested in seein' 'im, Mate."

Leon nods slowly , "Me and my father..we sort of, well its a long story but he is the reason I left my village many seasons ago now, well guess not many season but a few anyways and I saw him again for a brief while bit later and around here and we talked a little."

Lee nods. "Aye, I remember that. 'E went fishin' an' fell into the pond."

Leon nods again and sighs, "I am unsure he wishes to find me or not, he knows where I am if he does. Can't say we really get along after...after I left the village" He frowns and cleans up the mug pieces placeing it in a small container to throw away safely soon.

Lee hmms, crossing his arms. "Ye should speak, anyway, mate. Yer 'is only fam'ly."

Leon frowns, "I do not know Lee its..hard to just walk up to him, he left here cause he most likely didnt want to be near me...I told few what hapen when I left my village and what happen afterwards. lets just say coming to Redwall.."He smiles "And meeting Dorarose...saved me, I wasnt the same beast then as I am now...look we can talk later I have to go check on Dorarose and my dibbuns...goodnight" He then walks off , rather quickly, before he is questioned further.

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