Blisa gives the rat the 'that's-an-awkward-question-but-okay' look. or Learning of Morgan, just not his name

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Happened right after this log: :)

FV:Infirm:Main Room

This is the infirm. The far walls are lined with simple cots with clean sheets and pillows. The sheets and pillows are mainly white and blue.The room is keep clean and well sweeped. Cabnets are agaist one wall full of healing supplies and herbs,each marked in its own jar. A examineing table is seen and a wash basin.

Exits: [M]aster [H]ealer's [R]oom, [R]ecovery [R]oom, [H]ealer [D]orm [H]all, [B]ack

Zork the badger. Scioto the cat. Jacen the rat. Ferdinand the ferret and Blisa the cat.

Zork is still somewhat asleep, but he did get some needed rest. Maybe not in the best place but most seemed to leave him be, expect the healers.

Scioto walks in, his side still hurts but there is not too much to be done about it. He glances around the infirm quietly.

Jacen walks into the infirm muttering to himself and look around making sure nothing is out of place in the infirm and looks over at the cots.

Zork is awake and sits up slowly, he blinks as he sees where he is "How I get ere'?"

Jacen answers the badger, "Well you walked here, slowly I may add and then fell asleep being very worn out. I do know you helped Scioto, which was very good to do."

Zork nods "Aye, were out and bout from delivering a message ta de Gawtrybe as they live in de woods close...close here, but thought of resting for a little while as walking seems ta...well tire me out a lot faster than it use ta, some reason...'course de wildcat didn't help much"

Jacen nods "I could tell, table knocked over, a dead guard and you were passed out and heard the wildcat got away and all before breakfast, I was very annoyed having to wake up that early"

Zork frowns, "Not my fault some wildcat tried ta kill him"

Jacen hmmphs, "Did I say it was your fault, how are you now?"

Zork nods "I'm fine, still little tried but I wasn't hurt, well maybe a small cut but didn't do much" He looks at the torn robe and sighs.

Jacen nods "Well least it wasn't from that dagger he had." He looks at the said dagger he was examining, "Found it by the wall, had some sort of possible poison on it"

Zork nods "I seen it slid cross de floor when I slammed inta him, he dropped it before he has de chance ta use it."

The front door opens and a petite white cat and a lithe ferret enter. Blisa the cat is holding her left paw gingerly, and in the other paw she is carrying a book and a pencil. A burlap sack is hanging from her shoulder. Ferdinand the ferret has is ever-present sabre at his side and he smiles at the people in the room. The feline holds out her paw to the healer. "I have a splinter, and I think I might've sprained my wrist. Can you help me?"

Jacen had been talking to Zork and frowns as he sees Blisa "Did a wildcat cause that?" He sighs and walks over to look at the paw and wrist, the splinter will be easy enough to get out, he has something for that, his claws grasp the splinter and gets it out slowly. He then examines her wrist.

Zork grins as he sees Blisa, "Hey ya Blisa" He is sitting on one of the cots and slowly stands.

Blisa gives the rat the 'that's-an-awkward-question-but-okay' look. " I was climbing a tree and I fell." Ferdinand interrupts to grumble, "You thcared the living daylightth out of me." Blisa rolls her eyes and continues, "So unless I have suddenly turned into a wildcat, no. Why did you ask?" She flashes the badger a quick smile. Her wrist is sprained, in fact...quite badly, too.

Jacen nods "Because.." He examines the wrist more "Sprained wrist.." He starts to make a sling for her to keep her wrist up, "A wildcat was in the tavern, seemed to have an argument with sir Scioto" He then finishes the sling "Your need to rest that wrist 2-3 days by the way"

Zork speaks now "This was more than that...he had knocked a table over and had Scioto pinned down and tried ta stab him with de dagger, but I slammed into the wildcat and make him fall sideways and de dagger he dropped, he didn't even get ta use it. Then he tries ta fight me right when de guards came, but he got away. I got de table off Scioto enough he could move out from under it" He frowns "Then I must of passed out cause woke up ere', I just dislike de table seemed heavy ta me, and de fact walking ta de Gawtrybe then de village made me tried before that and de wildcat issue didn't help either."

Jacen shakes his head "No idea why a table be heavy to a badger"

Blisa nods, frowning, as Ferdinand assures the healer that he'll make sure she rests her paw. Taking in all the information that was just thrown at her, she asks, "What did this wildcat look like, and why do you think you're so tired?"

Zork tries to remember, "Tall...wildcat markings and he had couple scars.." He shakes his head "I don't know, I didn't really get that inta de fight, it was sort of short. Maybe its....well I will ask at de abbey maybe or just not worry. I mean I feel fine no pains or anything"

Jacen hmms "Yeah ask someone else maybe as I have no clue and I didn't see the fight just aftermath. Scioto is fine by the way but his chest and side will be sore and bruised a few days"

Blisa is thinking deeply about the wildcat. "Good, I'm glad Daddy's alright. Did you happen to hear any conversation before the fight, or what?" She's concerned, but she'll ask the badger why he has the possibilities of pains later. Ferdinand, however, is getting distracted by something, and he has a funny look on his face...

Zork says, "He mentioned his boss wasn't thar and he only takes orders from her....and I think he be one of de beasts that has a couple beasts captive and one is a dibbun"

Jacen looks at Ferdinard "You ok there sir? I am sure this...wildcat will be found if your concern"

Ferdinand suddenly sneezes, then sniffs and nods. "Yeah...I'm fine, thank you." Blisa facepalms, then mutters "ouch", 'cause she whacked herself in the face with her book. "Why are beasts always getting captured?! This is ridiculous! One would think that these people would have better things to do than kidnap Dibbuns!"

Zork shrugs "I don't know, but we gots some help in finding the two beasts...I just went to talk ta de Gawtrybe, but won't be joining any fights...well don't plan ta"

Blisa tilts her head to one side in a very bird-like manner. "Why are planning on not joining in on any fights?" Ferdinand listens too, curious, but he doesn't do this quite as well as he normally would, because he's trying to not sneeze again.

Zork frowns, "Cause I...I can't fight no more and de tavern one wasn't planned, it could of been worse than it was if de guards didn't come." Its clear he doesn't have has normal clothing on and no big long sword either.

Blisa blinks her soft green eyes a couple of times as she thinks, then they go wide and her mouth opens in a big O. "You're...are those Abbey Brother clothes?! Why did you leave the Abbey without somebeast to help defend you?!" Ferdinand gives up trying to stifle his sneezes, and after 4 in a row, he stomps over to the table holding some fresh herbs and starts to riffle through them, looking for the suspect plant between sneezes.

Zork folds his arms over his chest "I dont needs ta be defended...I just" He frowns and sits down "Just needs ta find out why tis not good ta stand too long or walk far, I use ta walk a long LONG way and rarely get tried and me streagth is gone a tad."

Ferdinand finds the stupid plant and stuffs it in a drawer, then washes his paws and opens a couple of windows, after arguing with a healer about it a little bit. Blisa lays her book down by the badger and goes to lay her good paw on his arm. "If you can't stand and walk far, then maybe you /do/ need help. At least a tiny bit. And I'm sure the healers at Redwall can fix it. They can do almost anything," She adds with confidence and a smile.

Zork shrugs "Tis just...I will be fine after some rest as I gots ta get back ta de abbey"

Blisa nods, then picks up her book again and starts trying to stuff it into her sack on-pawed. "I'm sure you'll be might just be a cold or something. I had a cold a few weeks was awful." Ferdinand stares at her. "You thaid it wath allergieth!" The cat just smiles at him and continues to fight with her stuff.

Zork nods "Or...something yeah...anyways maybe I will head back now"

After bidding him good day and safe travels, Blisa and Ferdinand go back home, and we shall see what happens next to Zork in the next installment, Thanks for reading! :)