This Will Be A Long Day, He Already Knows

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Outside a sign swings on a rusty creaking frame above the doorway of the tavern depicting a faded painting of what appears to be three rather rich looking skeletons slumped over a table around a black chalice, perhaps such a thing could be taken as a warning but it doesn't appear to work on the locals. The noise within on a normal day is usually heard before the door is even opened and only rises in volume when one actually steps inside.

There are the typical qualities of a tavern within, from the bar to the chairs and booths and the odd drunk who never seems to move it's the little details which encourage a patron to pay his tab if he likes his fingers. One look at some of the staff or customers might give the impression but the room is decorated to the fiercer tastes with bones, mostly skulls cropping up here and there to fill a gap on a shelf or decorating the walls above the doorways, fireplace and bar, a pair of axes joining the one over the fire with some signs that they've been yanked off to join in a fight a couple of times. Some of the comfier chairs are lined with fur and very rarely one might be found with a few pointed bits of bone to decorate the back. Despite the looks there is entertainment and fun to be had, some form of music usually played on a small stage in the corner and at least one bouncer usually tries to keep the peace while beasts gamble, drink and be merry.

A small door behind the bar leads out the back to the kitchen and cellars while one wall has been opened up in a wide arch to increase the space off into the next room where what seems to be a wooden fence with gates on either end has been set up as a fighting pit as further entertainment and something to bet over.

Exits: [UP] Stairs, [K]itchen, [F]ighting [P]it, [Out]

Scioto is sitting where he usually sits in the tavern, sipping his ale and looking at the supplies that are in the tavern still.

Morgan walks into the tavern, having been in here just last night he looks around, seeing the cat he snorts some and walks over to him "Well I do hope you’re not like the hare, which should not of been here"

Scioto slowly turns to look at the wildcat, "Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? “He finishes his ale and sits down the empty mug and gives full attention to the wildcat.

Morgan gets a good look at the cat, "You look important, who are you a guard or something and what I mean is the hare insulted me, saying how all the village would attack me if I harmed him, this is a vermin village like they would care"

Scioto stands at this "They would care some as he is a healer, no the whole village wouldn't go after you and I am Scioto, chieftain of Ferravale, so who are you?"

Morgan glares now as his anger builds, "Well the hare lied, he said you were a wildcat and you’re just a normal cat and who I am means nothing to you." He looks around the tavern as he speaks "It looks vermin but you allow woodlanders in here and they work in here, as in happily work?"

Scioto stays calm "Oakenpaw is the only woodlander whom helps in here, there is an otter but he mainly fights in the fighting pit. The hare is a healer and so he is helpful, I can ask him to leave you alone"

"Oh?" He smiles but not your kind sort of smile "You know I like hares, I like dead hares in fact. I killed one just yesterday, or was it before that..either way they died and it was most enjoyable"

Scioto slowly pulls out his sword and looks ready to fight, "I will say this once and only once, leave. Leave before I call my guards" Right now no guards are around as it’s early yet in the day and the tavern is rarely busy. The few here are a couple ferrets and a passed out stoat.

Zork usually is not here himself but he needed a place to sit and rest, walking from the abbey to where the Gawtrybe is and then past here seems to have worn him out, which concerns him a little but he can worry on that after a short sit down.

Morgan doesn't see the badger yet, his focus is on Scioto, "Let me tell YOU something, I don't follow any orders unless it’s from my boss and you’re not her." He then stands as if to leave and quickly swings around and uses a leg sweep to try and knock the chieftain off his footpaws.

Scioto was not expecting this as he falls backwards and almost hits a table, he grips his sword and gets ready to get up as he slices towards the wildcat's leg with his sword, aiming to injure him.

Zork glances over at the fight and studies Morgan closely before calling out "Hey, you were with Thorn de other day." He reaches to his back and then cusses , loudly, at the fact his blade is not there and he is so use to it being there.

Morgan steps back, getting a cut on his upper arm, seeing the badger now he narrows his eyes, "A stripedog, and what if I was with Thorn? Whats it to you?" He goes to kick Scioto while he is down and pulls out a dagger.

Scioto distracted by the fact Zork is here, misses seeing the kick is send into the table which falls over onto him, he groans and is unable to get the table off as he tries pushing it up.

Morgan looks down at Scioto as he goes to stab down, a move he will not miss. Looks like yet another beast will die at his dagger, which still has traces of poison on it, unless of course he is stopped somehow.

Zork doesn't wait for a help me he just does what he usually does when a beast is in trouble and that’s act, he uses his strength and rushes forwards to slam his shoulder into the wildcat in hopes of knocking him to the side and avoiding the dagger at the same time.

Morgan grunts in surprise as he is shoved sideways, the dagger flies from his paw and slides across the floor and lands against the wall nearby and the wildcat slams face first into the floor. Still conscious and now very peeved.

Scioto watches as Morgan is slammed to the floor, he tries again to get the table off himself.

Zork pants a little as that did take a little more energy than he had, he watches the wildcat as he makes a fist with both his paws. "I would stay down kitty...if I were ya"

Morgan slowly stands and sends a death glare at the badger, "You the chieftains body guard or something stripdog? I dislike badgers, bit more than I dislike hares." He looks for his dagger and shrugs "No need for the dagger."

Scioto sighs as he is not able to get the table off and his side hurts from the earlier kick from Morgan.

Zork answers, "No but doing what ya did is uncalled to leave maybe"

Morgan chuckles dryly as he draws his long sword and quick on his feet goes to slice at the badger, "After I take care of you and the cat."

Scioto ears go back, the couple beasts that were here watching the fight now rush out, well least someone may get some guards now.

Zork quickly sidesteps and sends a punch to the wildcat's back, he is not in the mood for a fight, but he also is not in the mood to die cause of it either. The blade barely misses cutting him, but it does rip his robe sleeve badly and leaves a thin line where it touched the skin a little, but didn’t cut into it to draw blood.

Morgan chuckles rather enjoying this, "Is that all you have, badgers are mighty warriors!"

This is when two ferrets, a weasel and a fox guard comes in and go to surround the wildcat. Scioto is still pinned under the table.

Zork is even more out of breath now, he takes a deep breath as he backs up and catches his breath, he frowns as he usually is not this out of breath, maybe the traveling but for now that doesn’t matter, he lets the guards handle it and goes to lift the table off Scioto, having a little trouble but it’s lifted..."Move..please"

Morgan glares at the guards, he grabs the weasel, that’s closest and backs away to the door, "Follow me and he dies..." He gets to the door and smirks, "Sorry , I make it my aim to kill a beast every day and since the cat and badger are not dyeing.." He stabs the weasel in the chest, the guard has no time to gasp as the blade went into his heart and he died almost instantly. The wildcat drops the dead guard and flees into the now crowed street as beasts try to see what’s going on in the tavern. The wildcat has escaped for now.

Scioto scoots backwards and out of the way of the table, he glances up at Zork, "Thank you.." He narrows his eyes and gives a command "Find that wilcat! And when you do lock him up!" He stands slowly and holds his side as he goes to sit down.

Zork nods slowly and lets the table drop, he takes a deep breath and looks seriously worn out . Luckily it wasn’t an intense fight but still not a good thing as he takes a couple steps backwards, he then tries to sit and fails as he passes out onto the floor.

Scioto blinks and goes to check his pulse, relief when there is one and looks around for a healer, he mutters when there is none here and nods to a guard "Find a healer" The guard nods and the chieftain stays beside the badger.

Zork is alive and his pulse is just a little fast, but his breathing is normal now, but yes a healer would be a good idea.

Jacen arrives and mutters "Too early to heal you know" He examines the badger for any wounds, seeing none checks breathing and heart rate, "SO...he passed out can’t see why though, Pulse seems ok and his breathing is fine."

Scioto shrugs "I am unsure, he has on brother robes and had no blade like he has before, the fight and lifting a table off me seemed to wear him out some reason.

Zork groans a little, starting to wake up some.

Jacen shakes his head "Really?..REALLY!" He goes to check Scioto "A table falls on you and oh I won’t tell my healer...(grumbles and mutters)..yeah that’s a plan"

Scioto frowns, "The badger got the table off me..." He tenses up, nothing is broken but his side and chest is bruised so he will be sore a few days but he alright.

Jacen rolls his eyes and gets some herbs to help bruises lessen and mixes some willowbark, just a little and hands it to Scioto and looks at Zork, "Any pains badger or unseen wounds?"

Zork grunts, "Name bad wounds..had little pain gone now." He sounds tried.

Jacen decides to give him a little willlowbark anyways and adds a couple herbs to help energy levels" Here you drink this, and then you will rest..or ELSE"

Scioto shakes his head "It’s best to listen to Jacen, he can get...well upset" The fox guard and Scioto both go to help Zork stand, "And rest never hurt any beast."

Zork drinks the mixture after sitting up and allows the help to stand and nods, he can slowly walk himself but still allows the help to the infirm where he lays on a cot and lets sleep overtake him.

Jacen watches as the badger is led to the infirm and sits down, yeah he needs a drink now.

Scioto walks back and sits down beside Jacen, "Nice way to start a day huh?" He sighs and gets an ale and drinks it straight down and orders a 2nd one, this will probably be a long day as he already has that feeling.