He somehow made it back to the Abbey without dieing... or Angela is scary!

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This happens right after this log: http://rwmuck.limitless.org/rwmuck/content/blisa-gives-rat-thats-awkward...

Redwall Abbey Entryway.

Zork the badger. Angela the mouse.

Zork steps into the entry, and he looks very tried and probally shouldn't of walked back, well yes he should of but not so soon. He shivers some and sits by the wall and takes a few deep breaths, no pain or least any major...just very, very minor, so he is fine for that part anyways.

Angela is coming out of the gatehouse, having been checking on her granddaughter. Upon spotting the badger, she hurries over to him (at least, as fast as she can hurry) and kneels by his side. "Sir Zork, what have ye been up to? I've told ye time and time again to take things slowly and carefully." She goes to check his pulse.

Zork looks at the mousemaid, but doesn't answer right away..."Just...." His pulse is a little fast but not like danger zone fast and he still has to catch his breath, which he does after a few moments.

Angela frowns. "Ye've been pushin' yerself too 'ard, I see. 'Ow do ye feel? Any pain? Even a tiny bit?" She pulls some white willow bark from her apron pocket and a mortar and pestle from the bag at her side and starts to grind up the bark.

Zork finally speaks "I walked ta...well by Ferravale and...de back after a short little...rest" He sighs "Tis just a...like pinch of pain, sort of fading now...bit." He decides not to mention the wildcat, but the robe is torn a little, no blood though as it barely missed cutting him.

Angela nods, unconvinced. "Aye, and what tore yer robe?" She pours some cider she has in her bag into a little cup, then ads the white willow bark powder and holds out the cup. "Drink this." She orders in her commanding, respect/fear inducing voice. She will accept no nonsense. None. at. all.

Zork frowns, ok suddenly she seems scarier than Leon is sometimes and so he takes the cup and drinks the stuff down, no complaining or anything and then he speaks "Umm de..." He coughs and sighs "Fine...a wildcat tried ta slice me, he missed...and before that I slammed him inta de floor and away from de Ferravale leader, no other fighting just tried ta life a table off Scioto.." He frowns "It was heavy some reason..."

Angela scowls and shakes her head. "Yer a fool. I've told ye that ye need to be careful and not do anything that could stress yer 'eart, an' whaddaya do? Ye go and try to kill yerself! Ye could've died liftin' that table and pushin' that wildcat. And then who would I have to force white willow bark tea onto??" She gestures a couple of guards over.

Zork stays sat and doesn't argue with her, he is too tried to argue with her, he has got his breathing back under control and tries to stand and then sits again as a bit wobbly on his footpaws just yet." Ya..gonna tell Leon dis too?"

Angela give the badger a look. "Of course I'm goin' to! He's the Master 'Ealer, not me! But for now, we need to get ye to the Infirmary." The guards come up, and she tells them to get a stretcher and some big, strong healers and guards to help carry the badger to the Infirm. The 2 guards pale slightly, but rush off to do as they're told. Asked. Volunteered. Whatever.

Zork sighs, "I could try ta walk..." Yeah he knows it's a bad idea but he says it anyways, he leans back against the wall, "Let..me guess...couple days rest"

Angela glares at him. "Don't ye dare! I'll drug ye and tie ye to a cot!" She looks like she means it, too. As the big, strong beasts come hurrying across the main Abbey lawn, she nods. "At least 3 days. An' if ye try this stunt again and survive, I'll have the Abbot ban you from leavin' a wheelchair, so 'elp me!" She doesn't /like/ it when her patients don't follow her instructions. It irritates her.

Zork actually whimpers a little under her glare, "I...yes miss...I will stay...in de cot 3 days and not go outta de abbey like that again." He frowns, yeah he can mention anything else later, maybe he is just trying things too fast, least he hopes so but he has gotten tried standing too long at his forge, he starts to ask about the gates and decides not to.

Angela nods, satisfied, as the helpers come and try to get the badger onto the stretcher. "Good. Now 'ere we go! And I expect ye to listen to me this time.." she mutters as they all head off to the Infirmary, the healers rushing around like bees.

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