What Type of Bender from the Avatar Series (Last Airbender Korra) would your character be?

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What type of Bender from Avatar (Last Airbender/Korra) would your character be?

Please keep in mind, that you cannot choose Energybending, or more than one element, and that specialty classes such as Bloodbending, Metalbending, and Lavabending, are part of Waterbending and Earthbending respectively, and NOT a different type of bending.







My Characters (currently)

Marek- Firebending

Zork- Earthbending (with some skill in Metalbending)

Irenevok- Non Bender. Specializing in Hand to Hand Combat

Markalaway- Non Bender, no real fighting skills.

Oak- Non Bender, Specializing in Long Range Combat.

Notable Former Characters

Bloodclaw- Firebending

Maxtor- Airbending

Whoe- Waterbending (with some skill in using Bloodbending for healing purposes)