Well, that's kind of awkward... or How many people get a place named after them?

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Champion's Cottage: Guard Training Yard

-This small fenced in yard has been set up for the use

of the Abbey Champion, his guards and designated trainees.

The fence is made from very thick wooden planks over 12 feet

tall so that no one outside can see in. The fence has also

been coated with a layer of spikes and grease near the top to

make it very difficult to climb over. The only way into or

out of this yard is through the large locked door into the

champion's cottage.

-The yard itself is split into different sections for the

various activities the champion and the abbey guards perform


-There is a small covered area that contains practice weapons

on racks and the storage bins for armour.

-There is also a locked room that contains the real weapons.

Both visitor weapons and guard weapons are stored here. The Sword

of Martin the Warrior is kept elsewhere.

-There is also a small area set aside for the repair and

maintenance of weapons though there is no forge here for there

making weapons. But there is a whetstone for keeping blades

sharp and facilities for minor repairs.

-The main part of the yard is a simple stone courtyard for

sparring. There are practice dummies for archery and sword and

quarterstaff drill. It isn't very big but it is enough for two

or three beasts to practice in at any one time.

Exits: [C]ottage

Flicktail the arctic fox. DoraRose the house mouse. Cheshire the cat.

Flicktail is standing on his tippy paws, using a mallet to peg a sign to the door to the training yard, a nicely carved hickory plaque proclaims "the Dorarose Warrior Mouse training Field"

DoraRose herself opens the door to the training yard and nearly runs into the fox Champion. Blinking, she smiles at him and asks, "What are you doing, Sir Flick? I almost knocked you over."

Flicktail smiles as he feels the small mouse against his soft body fur, as he moves there is a carved outline of a mouse holding a sword on the Plaque "Why I was naming m training field..ya loikes it?" he beams proudly...

DoraRose comes out the door and looks up at the plaque....and she blushes all the way up to her ears, which turn a soft pink colour. Covering her eyes with a paw, she stands there for a minute, then says, "Um....uh, yes, thank you...I'm...touched...."

Flicktail blink blinks "on NO Ms. DoraRrose, you saner then any of us, you not be Touched inna head" then he smiles wryly

DoraRose brings her other paw up in what is one of the most epic, is slightly pathetic, facepalms in all of her life. "Thanks...I'm glad I'm not crazy....why did you name the training yard after me?"

Flicktail says, "well I wanted a name that would be both kindness and strength"

DoraRose's ears turn a darker shade of pink. Oh, that's just great. She feels intensely awkward now. "So...I'm kind and strong, now?" She finally uncovers her eyes and looks at the fox, managing to keep a scrap of dignity, at least in her opinion.

Flicktail chuckles and nods "I would not want ya angry at me, Warrior mouse...come to train wi' me?

DoraRose smiles waveringly nods and trots over to where her sword is, grateful that he brought up the whole reason that she came here.

Flicktail grabs a sword himself and takes up a fighting stance, his tail flicking excitedly

DoraRose brings out her bastard sword and twirls it in her paw, the blue cat's-eye pommel stone flashing in the sunlight. She, too, goes into an at-ready stance, then waits for him to make the first move.

Flicktail advances on Dorarose, his own long sword up as he making a chopping cut down at her head

DoraRose blocks with her sword and slips to the side, aiming to slap the fox in the side with her blade. The flat of her blade so she doesn't, y'know, accidentally murder the Champion of Redwall.

Flicktail feels his paws shimmer at the clash of bldes and when he see's her move tries to leap up and over her blade, his tail moving to try to wuft her in the face to distract her

DoraRose gives a shout of surprise, unconsciously going to grab his tail as it gets in her face. Baring her teeth, she goes to spank the fox with the flat of her sword.

Flicktail's eyes open wide and he YIPS as he gets a spanky, the fluffy soft tail dancing as he uses his footpaws one behind her knees the other in the front to try and trip the mousy

The appearent duel has drawn at least some attention. A group of guards and one scrawny looking sylvester coated cat have come into the training yard. Scrawny isn't the right term to describe Cheshire actually. Ever since the end of the occupation even the inventor had admitted he needed a break. Well, not really, in truth the cat had actually finished all his current projects, and felt a certain...lull in creativity. After seeing the abbey walls for several months on end it was starting to wear on his nerves.

The absence of work was good for the felines health though. Getting some regular sleep, eating right and putting on some meat to his bones the cat looked...healthy. Perhaps for the first time in a long time. He leaned up against a rack of swords, crossing his arms as he does.

DoraRose hollers something as she falls , hopefully trapping the fox underneath her. Scrambling upright, she goes to swing towards his head. Unless the fox gets in the way, the swordpoint will bury itself in the dirt. Right next to his ear.

Flicktail rolls away from the nearbuy blade and uses both his footpaws to try and push/throw DR back, scrambling to his footpaws and advancing withhis sword

The cat leans more towards the rack of swords. His eyes widen out as the rack moves with him. He yelps as the rack falls over making a loud clattering noise as the swords fall to the ground.

DoraRose eeps as she barely avoids the blade. Yanking her own out of the soil she then jumps as the sword rack (with free cat!) falls to the ground with a great crash. With a rapidness worthy of...well, I'm not sure what it's worthy of, but suddenly a Novice is running across the yard, yelling something to Mrs. DoraRose about LilyMoore and the dormitories. The warriormouse sighs and puts her sword back in the shed. "We should do this again, Sir Flick, but I'm afraid that I need to go now. Have a good day!" And off she goes.

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