The McCullough Clan

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Family History


The Great and most Ancient clan McCullough was founded by Argus McCullough. An ex slave, he eventually made his way to the Highlands and had many daughters and sons, who whent on to have many more dibbuns as well! And thus the McCulloughs became a full fledged Clan. The current Bruce (or Lord), is Cole McCullough, great great great grandson of Argus. Cole's son Carn is in line for the Lordship.


  • Cole McCullough (The Bruce, Lord of the Manor,Keeper of the Keys, and Arms Master of the Highlands)
  • Carn McCullough (Heir to the Lordship etc. etc.)
  • Cotton (Sister of the Clan)

Note: We still of course need MANY more family members, so feel free. We still are in need of someone to rp as Cole's wife, and we of course need brothers and sisters as well. But you don't have to be emediate family to join. All are welcome!

The Story

What These Hills Conceal: Brash young Carn, while on a scouting expedition is captured by Targa_Wfol and his band of heathen Foxes!