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RW Abbey: Pond

The abbey pond is practically the place to go for relaxation. The orchards that settle onto one side of the water hole provide decent shade for the more heated months to come. Various types of wild flowers grow about the edge of the ground that lightly overhangs into the pond. The pond seemingly invites one into its cool depths, which holds its fish life and multiple species of shrimp and other water dwellers.

Exits: [F]ire [P]it, [R]edwall [E]ntry, [P]ath by the [G]reat [H]all, [Dive] in the pond, [O]rchards


South Wallgate

Taran the mouse. DoraRose,another mouse. Lee the otter. Emyuil, yet another mouse. Thorn the rat.

Taran is sitting by the pond with a knapsack at his side, looks like he is getting ready for a trip maybe, even though he has only been here a couple days so far. He looks over the pond watches the ripples come and go from the shore.

A female mouse with brown fur and blue eyes comes towards the pond from the orchards, a basket in paw. Upon seeign Taran, she waves and approaches him, smiling. "Hello. I don't think I've ever seen you here before. My name is DoraRose Strongheart. Welcome to Redwall."

Taran slowly turns and nods a hello. "Hello there miss, I do not think so or I just dont remember maybe, I have been here a couple days. Sort of keeping to myself for the most part."

DoraRose continues to smile. "I hope you've been enjoying your stay. Do you mind if I join you?" she asks, gesturing towards a log near where the other mouse is sitting.

Taran looks at the log, "I...suppose not, I will be leaving shortly and my stay so far has been" He searches for the words"Fairly well, I have only spoken with a couple beasts and that's all fine and good enough for me."

Emyuil walks out to the pond, the wind causing little rippling, wave-like motions to go through his fur. His cloak is off and he's wearing a sleeveless tunic. His sword is absent but he still has an empty scabbard on his back. He sits down by his sister.

Lee arrives from the direction of Great Hall, dressed casually in a plain tunic and pants for a change. The otter looks relaxed, even whistling a little tune. Raising a paw, he says, "'Ello, mates. Fine weather we're havin' today, yes?"

Thorn is walking around getting to know her way around the abbey and has gotten use to a few things, she starts to head to the pond and frowns as she sees all the beasts here.

DoraRose nods her thanks and sits on the barkless log. Digging out her sewing, she watches wide-eyed at the sudden influx of people, her nimble fingers stitchign a patch onto a torn spot of a Dibbun's dress. "I understand...but these Abbeybeasts are a friendly bunch.....Good day, Lee." She pauses in her work long enough to give her brother a quick hug, then goes back to her mending.

Taran places his paws behind his back, "Well..I still plan to leave, the sooner the better I say, no reason to stay here too long." He glances at Lee and nods "Good day...Lee."

Emyuil ponders something for a moment before saying to DoraRose, "So now that it's safe to travel again, are you thinking of going anywhere?" A bit of restlessness shows in his eyes.

Thorn climbs into a nearby tree to watch all the beasts by the pond, staying quiet as she does so.

"Ah know I will." John says, as he wanders by. He stops to add, "At...some point." He blinks, bags clear visible under his eyes.

Lee pauses by the edge of the pond and gazes around contentedly. "Oy, good day DoraRose, an' good day ta ye, too, Taran." He nods his head. "An' yerself, Emyuil. T'is a beautiful day, is it not? A fine day for travelin', though I'm still holdin' off on me trip up ta Camp Willow till after the Feast. Last I 'eard Friar Lacota is plannin' somethin' big... Though did ye see 'is new daily menus? Got ev'rythin' all planned out, like any proper Friar I suppose..." The otter bends down and picks up a smooth, flat stone, examines it a few moments, then stands and tosses it so it skips across the still surface of the pond, leaving ripples in its wake.

DoraRose shrugs. "I hadn't really planned on it. I don't think Leon wants to leave the Abbey for a while, and I don't want to leave him. I hadn't seen them," She says in a louder voice, glancing at the otter. "I've been cooking all of my and my Dibbun's food myself. Why would he do something like that?" She frowns after the retreating mouse, wondering at his sudden departure.

Taran picks up his backback and places it on his back, "In fact I am leaving now" He heads off before anyone questions him and seems rather in a hurry.

Emyuil shrugs as well. "I feel really restless. Cooped up, y'know. At the same time I don't want to be far away from my family..." He sighs and leans back in the grass.

Thorn watches the mouse walk off and climbs higher into the tree and walks out onto the branch a little ways.

John sits down, grunting as he does so. He leans back, closing his eyes. He knows he wont get sleep here, but he might as well try.

With a shrug, Lee replies, "Why does Friar Lacota do anythin' that he does? He's an eccentric beast, I'll tell ye that. By Martin's whiskers, though, 'e sure can cook." The otter lowers his voice in a conspiratorial manner. "I heard that 'e got tired o' beasts nickin' 'is pies, an' that 'e were tired o' cookin' a diff'rent meal for ev'rybeast, so 'e decided to instill order in the kitchen."

DoraRose raises an eyebrow at the squirrel, then glances again at the otter, ruffling her brother's ears lovingly as she digs otu another piece of mending. "I wonder who would be snitching pies? It's probably DAB or some such group of Dibbuns..."

"Probably a hare," Emyuil says, stretching out with a contented sigh and closing his eyes. "Always a hare."

Thorn tries to watch them without being seen and that's when she loses her balance and gasps as she falls from the tree and grabs ahold of a branch, she looks down and tries to get back up and frowns, she lets go and falls onto the ground, luckily onto her bottom as she stands slowly.

John's eyes snap open. He sits up, looking about himself. He blinks, saying, "Well, Ah've never met thae good friar, and it seems tha' Ah don' wan' tae..."

Lee starts to chuckle. "Like I said, Friar Lacota is eccentric. 'E claims 'e 'as Lorimis' blessin' for 'is daily menus... An' at least the menus are large... Lacota apparently 'as at least three types of cheese on paw for dinner... He did ask me to watch out for the pie thieves, though... So I dutifully placed a couple guards ta watch the kitchen tonight." His attention is suddenly captured by Thorn's sudden appearance. "Lass, did ye just fall outta that tree?"

Thorn glares at Lee "Gee No I just jumped and..."She hmphs loudly and then stomps off towards the entry.

DoraRose stares after the rat, then shakes her head and continues to sew, her brow furrowing as she feels a headache coming on. She still has not re-accustomed herself to the normal life of Redwall. "If I was one of those guards, I'd be sorely tempted to snitch a pie....but that's just me."

John shrugs. 'Nay, Ah would tae...Take a pie, tha' tis."

Lee shakes his head, chuckling. "Yer both incorrigible... I want peace in the Abbey, y'know... Not a pie war." The otter can barely keep a straight face as he says that.

DoraRose grins wickedly. "Oh, but a pie war would be so fun, wouldn't it, John?" She chuckles . "I vote we smack Lacota upside the head with a pie first, 'cause then he'd have to retaliate..."

John shakes his head, chuckling. "Ah don' knae about ye tae, but Ah'd rather no' get in another hauberk was ruined enough in thae last 'un, an' Ah'm not going to spend a week again fixing it!"

Lee laughs again. "I'm not sure Lacota would see the humor in that... Though I admit, it would be great fun for all involved."

DoraRose nods, then yelps as she jabs her finger with her sewing needle. Gasping, she stuffs her mending into the basket and stands, picking up the basket with one paw as her finger bleeds nastily. "I'm...ah...going to go see my Nana." and she rushes off.