Patrol Divisions

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Roleplay and promotions within the individual patrols are self governing at the discretion of the players within them. Characters that have not roleplayed in several months, but whom have not idled out, are placed in the 'Ghost Patrol' which can be assumed to have been 'out on a mission' should they return to the game and wish to get playing again in an active patrol.

Each unit is assumed to have at least one healer and two runners, with fighters making up the bulk of the patrol. If there are not PC characters for these roles, they are assumed to be around as NPCs. Each patrol is also assumed to have all positions filled, those which do not have PC characters filling them are filled as NPCs. It is okay that not all spots are filled!

Characters may be transferred between units to best keep roleplay active and interesting, and to make sure that promotions and scenes are dynamic and natural.

(F) = Fighter; (R) = Runner; (H) = Healer; (RW) = Redwall Residential Hare; (AM) = Away on Mission; (SC) = Shared Character; (NPC) = Not Player Controlled

Mountain Officers

Badger Lord: Ciocan (SC)

General(s): Quinten

Brigadier(s): Paisley (SC)

Adjutant-Major: Koda (NPC)

20th Mountain Patrol

Colonel: Locke (NPC)

First Battalion

Major: Varus (F)
Master-Sergeant: Terrence (F)
Company A
Captain: Gregorian (F)
Lieutenant: N/A
Sub-Lieutenant: N/A
Ensign: N/A
Sergeant(s): Felicity (R)
Corporal(s): Donica (H)
Lance-Corporal(s): N/A
Private(s): Cole (R), Dominik (F), Rhonwen (F)
Company B
Captain: N/A
Sergeant(s): Adrian (R)
Corporal(s): Monty (F)
Private(s): N/A

67th Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol

Colonel: N/A

First Battalion

Lieutenant(s): Lossow (R)

Sub-Lieutenant(s): N/A

Home Guard

The Home Guard is a catch all term for members of the Long Patrol who are assigned to the various tasks of organizing & managing the Long Patrol at large, overseeing supplies, medical training, recording, cooking, and any other job that requires dedicated workers. A battalion within the Home Guard is tasked with guarding Salamandastron, the mountain base and home of the Long Patrol, and protecting the hares within at all times. It is usually hares of this patrol that the personal guard of the Badger Lord are chosen. Other notable sections within the Home Guard are the Medical, Logistics, Engineering, and Reserve sections.

Currently, the commanding officer of all of the Home Guard is General Quinten, with Adjutant-Major Koda acting as his second-in-command & assistant.

Commanding Officer: Quinten

Major: Koda (NPC)

Medical Section

Captain: Velm (Chief Healer)


Cook: Sola

Ghost Patrol

Colonel: Rahier

Major(s): Jinora

Corporal(s): Sersi

Lance-Corporal(s): Riley

Private(s): Lin

Recruits(s): Isla