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RW Abbey: Great Hall

The Great Hall of Redwall Abbey. Countless paw falls have echoed from these stones, and untold numbers of feasts and merry gatherings have been held here.  A table, not nearly so grand or large as its predecessors, but quite functional for mealtimes, rests near the center of the hall. Chairs exist here aplenty, and they are all of a matching set. High above, the stain glass windows give the Great Hall a beautiful appearance.  The glasswork is exceptionally done, crafted by a skilled artist.  The floor is clean and swept. A fire is kept burning in the fireplace at almost all times of the day and night, and there are several more comfortable chairs and cushions set up here, of varying sizes. One looks large enough to easily accommodate a badger.

The Tapestry hangs proud and tall, and while the rest of Redwall may still bear the scars of natural disaster, this most famous of Redwall's relics remains unharmed by beast, time, or the elements. The figure of Martin the Warrior seems to be watching over his own with an unchanging, kindly gaze.

Shadows are long in the dying evening light.

              [K]itchen    [St]airs   [C]avern [H]ole
              [Li]brary    [En]try    [B]reezeway



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[IC] Taylor

[IC] Silver

Maxtor enters the room and sits by the fire in a nice soft chair. He relaxes and pulls out a scroll and begins to read it.

Maxtor breathes a sigh of relief at being inside near the fire, he is glad that he cannot feel the chill winter breeze flowing through the open grounds of the abbey, he is safe inside the warmth of the great hall.

Silver siting by the fire when he hear's Maxtor enter and look's over his shoulder "ello how are you"

Maxtor nods at the hare. "I'm fine thank you"

Silver stands up " I seen your badger friend last night."

Maxtor immediatly gets up out of his chair in surprise. "Where was he? Where did he go?"

Silver think's for a second "you know I do not know I went to bed before I could know whare he went last I seen was when he was talking to the abbot."

Maxtor nods to the hare. "I sure hope he's okay". breathes a sigh of relief that Oz did not see him in this group of beasts. Redwall would be the worst place for all for Oz to give him a lecture.

Silver smiles "well I am glad I could be of a help... but tell me how did you meet that big badger?"

Maxtor looks at the hare with eyes that suggest pain at this particular memory. "When I was younger I lived in a village up north. Somebeast set the village on fire. Oz found and saved me, if it wasn't for him I'd be dead. He tried to heal my hand but it was too badly damaged and it did not respond to the herbs. Oz has been like a father to me for many seasons since".

Silver smiles "well I am glad you had someone to take care or you in your dibbon years "

Arthur enters the room and floats above all the beast heads, nibbiling on a candied chestnut.

Maxtor nods at the sparrow.

Silver looks at the bird " 'ello sir welcom to the abbey"

Arthur the old sparrow gobbles down the rest of his chestnut and looks at Maxtor and nods back. "Young mouseworm"

"Greetings young hareworm. Arthursparra wishem you many blessings"

Maxtor nods at the hare. "I have a lot of respect for Oz"

Silver smiles greatly enjoying the bird "thank ye sir' than he turn's to maxtor "you should he has done a wonderfull thing"

The old sparrow floats upside down above Maxtor for a moment. "Young Mouseworm haveem hurt hand needem healermouseworm"

Maxtor shakes his head. "No healer can fix this wound"

"Arthursparra hope that injury not hurtem youngmouseworm. What talk of big badgerworm bout?"

Silver looks down "I have never seen a burn that bad let alone know how to fix it... I am not fit to be called a healer"

Maxtor looks on at the hare. Apparently sad for what he has just said. "Don't take it to heart Silver. I'm sorry"

Silver look at the mouse " thanks for your care I just wish I had stayed and finshed my training"

Arthur looks up at the sky. "I mustem be going. Oldsparraage makeem me tired. I must go back to Arthursparranestum".

Silver looks as the sparrow fly off "he was an odd one"

Maxtor looks on as the sparrow flys away. "What an old sparrow"

Maxtor goes back to reading his book, the surprise of Oz being found still lingering inside him. "That was a nice old sparrow. I wonder if he knows where Oz went?"

Silver smiles " well I hope you can find your oz"

Maxtor nods. "I hope so too". Although you can clearly see that he does not acutally wish for Oz to be in the room.

Silver asks, "how did you lose him?"

Maxtor silently reads his book, nibbiling on a peice of cheese from his pack. "Umm...I really must be going."

Silver smiles " well have a wonderfull night"

Maxtor starts to leave the room but decides against it. It is too cold out there.

"Do you know where I can find some herbs later for my herb bag". Maxtor Asked.

Maxtor goes back to reading his book. Yep, there is nothing that could possibly disturb him now.

Silver smiles " I find my herbs in the woods but since it is winter I do not know but you can have some of mine

Oz arrives from the Staircase..

Oz has arrived.

Silver smiles "found your friend"

Oz walks down the stairs and looks around the room.

Maxtor is busy reading his book. He does not notice Oz as he looks around the room

Silver smiles " well nice to see you sir"

Maxtor nods at the hare. "Thank you sir". He hears the hare greet Oz but thinks nothing of it....still not knowing Oz is in the room.

Silver sits down and starts on a pice of cheese

Oz walks over to the young mouse and watches him a long moment and grins"Hello...is that a good book there?"

Maxtor jumps out of his seat. "Umm....hi Oz.......I...uhh...umm..."

Maxtor takes the herbs that Silver had offered him and adds them to his herb bag quickly. He tries not to look at Oz

Oz remains quiet and nods to the others in the room "nice eve is it?...so"He looks to Maxtor "Been here long?"

Maxtor attempts to leave the room. Completly ignoring what Oz has said...yep Maxtor is now...cringing?

Silver looks for oz to Maxtor "I thought you WANTED to find your friend"

Oz raises an eyebrow.."Wanted to?...then again I am sure he did,...but first he thought it be intresting to..."His voice raises a small bit " Go exploreing south, did he ask....no he..you" He looks to Maxtor.."Drugged my tea...sleeping herbs...sneaks out,..."He closes his eyes..the badger seems just a tad....upset.

Maxtor grins at Oz. "umm.....sorry"

Oz a deep breath, he resits the urge to lecture the boy now...he sits down in a chair...FAR ..away.

Silver back's of " should I go... do you want to talk alone?'

Maxtor looks at Oz with true guilt as he goes to the farthest possible chair in the whole Great Hall...WOW...thats pretty far away

Silver grins "well I think may get intersting"

Ross arrives from the Staircase..

Ross has arrived.

Oz stays in his chair, he looks at Silver "Intresting..?" He snorts some and looks at where Maxtor went and mutters.."Acts like a dibbun....grrrr"

Ross very slowly limps into the room on his crutch, and as usual, makes his way to a chair nearby, sitting down in it but making a face as if in pain. The weasel pulls his one deformed leg up on the chair with him, his eyes closing in pain.

Maxtor slowly walks towards Oz. He'll regret it later...but hey.....somebeast had to do it eventually

Oz looks at Maxtor "Yes?" he asks calmly..."Need something?"

Maxtor slowly opens his mouth, thinking of what to say BEFORE he even looks at Oz. "I am truely sorry Oz. Will You Forgive me for umm....drugging your tea". He stands there, ready for the upcoming lecture.

Ross looks surprised as he listens to the mouse. "You..... drugged his tea?" he asks, the weasel looking more amazed then surprised now.

Maxtor looks at the weasel and nods....regretably.

Silver looks at maxtor "you drugged his tea I hope you are not going to do the same with those herbs I gave you"

Silver jumps a little at sight of the weasel " when did you get here?"

Oz stays quiet and folds his paws in his lap and speaks...little more softly.."You...should not of done that..." He grumbles" First you should of just asked, then again yes I would of said no,...south is dangerous in my opinion,..but NO..YOU DRUG ME..."He calms again.."I would suggest you never do that again, its not a good way to get what you want just cause you want to go adventureing and hope I dont find out too soon " He looks at the mouse.."Do you know how Worried I was!..I looked around for an hour and finally figure it out, figured you went south, thats what I was told by one of the beasts in send.."He glares at Maxtor and then sighs.."I..look Maxtor I worry about you..You know.." He looks at the others and back to Maxtor "Rarely wish to...travel, let alone somewhere with...so ...many...beasts"

Ross looks to Silver, still in pain but confused. "Silver, is it, right? Mr. Silver, I just got here. And secondly, you don't have to be surprised everytime you see me. I told you, I have a letter from Abbot Lorimis saying I live here, and I only have 1 leg, which I can hardly use. So how much harm is a crippled weasel going to do to a healthy hare?"

Maxtor looks at the badger with seriousness. "I promise i will never do that again."

Maxtor says, "umm...oz do you have my staff. I think I left it in Send""

Oz asks, "what?..am I keeper of the staff now?""

Maxtor gently nods at Oz. "You made the staff in the first place....remember"

Silver look at the weasel "did I say I was worried about you hurting any one or not want your at the abbey"

Oz closes his eyes,he stays in his chair,..its cozy. "Yes..of course,...No I have not seen it."

Ross shrugs slowly. "Most woodlanders would kill a weasel as soon as they have seen one," he says gently before closing his eyes. Then he squeals, grabbing hold of his 1 leg. "My leg!" he cries out.

Maxtor looks at the weasel. "Umm...is your leg okay sir...their are two healers in the room if you need one"

Silver nods his head "aye and I am one of them and i would be happy to help you"

Maxtor looks at the weasels one leg. "What happened to your other leg?"

Ross looks to the mouse before calming down, then looks to Silver. "You wouldn't?" he asks. Then he looks to Maxtor. "I tended a farm. A small one, but then vermin came in, took it, and destroyed both of my legs. I was brought here to the Abbey, where they had to take one of them off."

Oz has been quiet for a while and notices the weasel but says nothing, he rasies an eyebrow as a weasel mentions...vermin,odd.

Maxtor sits down in his chair again. "Sorry I asked, didn't mean to offend you"

Silver open's a small book "what is hurting ross?"

Ross chuckles lightly to Maxtor, shaking his head as he smiles, saying, "You didn't. My name's Ross sir." Then he looks to Silver. "It's always the knee. That's what they destroyed. I've been given herbs for the pain but...." then he shrugs, looking at the table infront of him.

Oz yawns a little and appears in deep thought.

Silver looks up from the book "but what"

Maxtor nods at the weasel. Pausing for a moment to wonder what is on Oz's mind right now.

Ross looks again to Silver. "The pain comes and goes," he says, looking back to the table. "Mr. Silver, I know you don't like weasels, probably vermin. But I can tell you, chances are, the only weasels you're going to find are from my family. My cousin is actually a novice here, and my grandfather....." Then he goes quiet again, looking back to the table. "Well, the Abbey"

Maxtor asks, "Who was your grandfather out of curiousity?""

Oz sighs and looks over at Maxtor and then at the wall in front of him,...muttering.."Stay...or go.."

Maxtor overhears what Oz has muttered to himself. "I don't know Oz.....Redwall is likely the safest place to be right now"

Oz mutters.."Most..crowded place too"

Ross looks to Maxtor, looking as if he is hesitant to say. "My grandpa was a Champion of Redwall."

Silver looks to ross "was???"

Maxtor glares at Oz. "Do you have to talk about the abbey being crowded in front of beasts?"

Ross looks to Silver, smiling somewhat. "Yes, he was. Flicktail is currently the Champion."

Oz looks at Maxtor "Dont you raise your...dont glare at me boy.." He coughs a little and

frowns,...he speaks quietly "You know I..don't like to..be around..-cough-..to many beasts."

Ross looks to Oz before smiling, standing up slowly and carefully. "Not to worry sir, I need some rest anyway." Then he nods to everybeast. "Goodnight."

Silver nods his head back "night"

Maxtor looks at Oz in worry. "Are you coughing Oz?.....do you have a cold?.....oh no...we need to get you to the infirmary quick...Come on..umm...Oz?"


Silver looks to maxtor "do you need some help max?"

Oz looks at the mouse "I dont need no blooming infirm.." He coughs a little again and stands..."I'm leaveing.."He just stands there though...standing.

Maxtor looks quickly at the hare. "Yes....I need help....don't let Oz leave the room"

Oz looks to them both and takes a deep breath going to the door, he watches them closely.

Silver nods his head and grins " can do sir... oz how do you feel what hurts" silver steps in front of the door "you are going no place sir"

Maxtor grins at Oz. "I believe the hare is right....your condition is terrible Oz...you will NOT leave. You WILL go to the infirmary and my hare friend will help me get you there...If neccesary I will personally get as many beasts as I can to drag your stubborn self to the infirmary"

Oz looks at both of them and folds his arms over his chest and glares at them.."No.." He coughs a little more deeply now, its true he isnt in great shape right now, he looks at the hare "Nothing hurts...yet." He studys them and steps back,...look another door over there.

Silver shakes his head "well we do not need to go to the infirmary I am right here"

Maxtor keeps his eyes on Oz. VERY carefully.

Oz shakes his head and mutters.."Dislike healers..."

Maxtor grins at Oz. "Well too bad...your alone in a room with two healers...so put up with it, kay"

Silver pulls of one of the sacks off his vest " well at leat take this... well I say what is there to dislike about a hansome young hare with a idea on how to heal others"

Silver walks up behind the badger

Oz shakes his head.."Sorry..to disapoint you..I" he backs up and holds his head, he frowns.."Stop...spinning..boy" He then passes out....hmmms hope he doesnt smash the hare.

Silver smiles and puts his sword down " I am glad I did not have to hit him in the head with this it might have hurt"

Maxtor walks over to Oz...is he okay. He checks his pulse..he is still alive and proceeds to attempt to pick up Oz and take him to the infirmary. "Can you help me Silver, I can't pick up a badger myself."

.....With some help from another hare they do get Oz up the stairs to the Infirm