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Characters: Amethyst, Flicktail, Leon and Pike

RW Great Hall

Tap. Tap. Tap. A blind rat in a green habit comes down the stairs. The habbit is a bit too big for the rat and likely was borrowed from somebeast else. Over the habit the ratwife wears a cloak decorated with bits of bone and feathers from all kinds of birds. Coming to the bottom of the stairs and gray rat slowly waves her walking stick along the floor on her way into the Great Hall. She can smell the beasts within but does not greet them.

Flicktail brightend immensely "why my bi..Sisser Amythst..ello there Marm!

Amethyst rolls her eyes at the fox's comment. "Yew know good an well Oi aint no sister in th order, Fox," she says, adknowleding the Abbey Champion.

Flicktail chuckles "yer good enough ta be one.”

Leon walks down the stairs slowly and nods to those gathered "Hi" he says and sits down in a chair nearby

"Maybe," the rat replies finding a seat near the fox. "Oi'm not ere more then a few days an beasts already wantin' me t stay on again," she says. "Was gone off for seasons upon seasons. Yer twins grown yet, Flicky?" the rat asks remembering when she'd watched the fox babes so long ago.

Flicktail says, "no not grown but gettin big..Ello leon...look who Ifound"

Amethyst nods toward the sound of the mouse's voice. "So am I more or less. Not offically exactly but used to work in there long while ago. Been helping some since I got back," she says, omiting that she hadn't been asked to help. "Wot's et been, four seasons or near that?" the rat remarks to Flicktail. "Wot's been going on about th Abbey in all thet time?" she asks the fox.

Flicktail says, "Feels like lots more....Come join us Leon"

Pike slowly wheels in, upon hearing Flicktail he stays by the doorway and just watches the group from a distance and sighs as he leans back in his chair.

Leon frowns "Too much been going on" He goes to sit closer to them, looking worried about something.

Flicktail says, "why you look so worried, i am happy to see my Friend Amy thyst"

"Anythin' important or recent?" Amy asks. "A seige had just ended last time I was ere," she says, "Can't be much worse than thet."

Leon frowns "Worried bout Dorarose she outside the abbey and that insane fox is out there..."

Pike blinks, he speaks from the doorway, "Yeah something importan'..."He goes quiet again not wishing to venture inside the room.

Flicktail says, "she's at Ferrraville again this time with the monitor dibbun" he looks to Amy "Another seige I am affraid"

Pike moves off towards the Cavern Hole..

Pike has left.

Amethyst narrows her sightless eyes at the fox. "Did somebeast say I was comin ere or wot? Course I come ere there gonna be another siege," she says as if seiges just followed her around for fun now. "Don't know no Dorarose. Wot's this Dorarose want up north for?" she questions Leon.

Leon sighs, he answers "Dorarose is...I love her and, she could get hurt by the fox, forgot his name but he is evil, and she may of been checking on some beasts at Ferravale it was recently attcked"

Flicktail says, "e's my brother"