Meeting in a Garden And Rue part Two

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Characters: Lorcan, Amethyst, Scioto, Rue, Daisy(spoof)

Location: Redwall

Garden of the Late Rose

Taking a tranquil stroll through the garden, with the intention of calming his nerves, the faux grey hare thought back over his encounter with a certain weasel. Remembering the rather brutish way he'd reacted and cringing out of guilt. To go so far over a rumor... and one that he might have helped start, to boot! He felt so foolish. So busy wallowing in his own mistake that he completely failed to notice the prescence of his nemesis nearby - the old she-rat who'd started his misadventure here in the abbey.

Amethyst has retreated from the infirmary to the rose garden for the millionth time since coming to the Abbey. The blind rat wears her bone and feather decorated cloak to keep warm in the chilly evening air. She sits plucking at her lute with a gull feather, a lighting making little difference in her playing. Her ears perk up at the sound of a beast coming into the garden. The resident dibbuns rarely allow her much peace so she is not suprised some beast is walking about when she'd rather they weren't.

Scioto walks into the garden slowly and is thinking, on plans and on what may or may not happen and...a tear on his cheek.

Lorcan turns his head, noticing the lute playing in the background for the first time after hearing the pitch change. His eyes widen as he quite suddenly finds himself in the same area as the yet-unnamed rodent who'd given him the bruise on his left arm. Has she seen him yet!? Wait, of course she hasn't, she's blind! He can still just leave now, walk away and never- BUMP he goes right into the chief. Ah, wonderful. Another person with reason to be mad at him... wait, is he crying? "Eh, sah? Are you alright?" And now, he's spoken aloud. So much for escaping the ratwife's attention.

Amethyst reconizes the hare's voice all too well. She assumes the beast he's talking to is the chieftain of Ferravale from the way he addressed the other set of pawsteps. Amy holds her tongue for the moment and keeps practicing her music as if the pair weren't there in the vain hope they may wander off or at least do something interesting.

Scioto wipes at his eye and nods to the hare "Greetings sir hare" He looks as if just noticeing he is in the garden, " Ahhh..intresting rose garden"

Lorcan prepares himself for the inevitable scolding... which never comes? He holds back a sigh of relief. If the wildcat has things on his mind other than the mix-up the other day involving his argument with Ragg, then he's certainly not about to remind him. "Yeah... I ain't seen it before, but it's kinda relaxin'." Well, perhaps aside from the damaged sections... but all the same, it was still a nice, serene spot for privacy. Such a shame then that all three of them had chosen to seek solitude in the /same place/ at the /same time/.

Amethyst doesn't say what she'd like to say, for once. Shame nobeast that cares is around to record this wonderful event. "Garden should think about expanding th place," she says hinting at the crowdedness. "Wot brings yew ere, Scioto?" she asks addressing the chieftian and pointedly ignoring the hare.

Scioto sighs "Its quiet here and had needed some peace, guess worried and yes a leader can worry. That moster has my daughter and I want her back safe and sound, and I am not normally at the abbey this long, dont always get along with some here, Ferravale has a peace treaty with the abbey and we are willing to help, even with supplies once this is over, crops in ferravale was mainly untouched and we had alot more than we thought, will give some to the abbey and not expect anything back, abbey needs the exra more than we do."

Lorcan once again sees the cat distracting the old rat... who, if she could read minds, would likely give him another hard smack for implying that she was elderly again. He finds himself terrified of her, but mostly because of the fact that he'd confirmed her speculations, and felt like a failure for having done so. The chieftain seems to be keeping her distracted for now though... perhaps he can slip away? "Scuse' me sah..." he mumbles, making for the exit, and praying to whomever might be listening that Ragg and the old rat never got back to talking.

Amethyst isn't sure if she ought to be glad the hare is leaving to not. "Where yew off to?" he calls after him. "Don't yew know we got a nice 'gift' of yer kin dump on th abbey's doorstep a short while ago and one one in th infirm. Yew want t add t thet number?" She almost sounds conserned about him, almost.

Lorcan bites his lip. "Yeah, I heard summat about tha'." Long Patrol members being ambushed, nearly all of them dead, but some captured... it was all very hauntingly familiar. He'd seen one other hare around the abbey so far, but even that reunion had been all too brief. "I hope the rescue goes well sah... but I was thinkin' of what to do bout' it."

Scioto says, "only one captured and one brought here that was still alive." Scioto sighs and starts to head off. "I need sleep to think better, we can talk more on this later." he walks off to sleep.

Amethyst nods a bit at Scioto's words and waves a paw as the cat leaves. "I never said hare's were cannibals," she replies, "Too rabbity for such things. Also told 'im otters were stupid an not too good t be around either." The rat smiles a bit to herself at the thought of anybeast thinking any sort of woodlander was a cannibal. "If I 'appen t see 'im I'll tell 'im yew ain't a cannibal. Don't know where 'e'd get thet idea anyhow. 'ardly ever been any woodlander wot et up other beasts."

Lorcan was glad, in a way, that the old- no, that the ratwife couldn't see his face! Ratwife... just the ratwife. If he kept thinking of her like that, it was bound to slip out of his mouth and land him in more mess. "See, tha' be the thing ma'am..." Trailing off with the tone of a man condemned, or perhaps more like a dibbun confessing to an elder, he swallowed back his sense of pride. "You was right. When he said tha', after me hearin' all about how hares were short in number... I overreacted ma'am. Threatened him til' he told me it was you an'... an' I saw how silly I was." Expecting another whack at any moment, at this point, he hardly felt like he wouldn't deserve one. "We cleared things up after, like. But the point is you was right. So I guess wha' I wanna do is apologize fer insultin' you, when you was right all along."

Amethyst paused in her playing. She narrowed her eyes and seemed to peer at the hare with her filmy eyes. "One th sisters get ahold of yew an force some manners on yew?" she asks catching the 'ma'am' bit before letting the rest roll around in her mind a bit. "I heard 'e's close t thet seer wot come with Scioto. Best not t threaten any beast close t a seer, no good kin come of et." Of course she's right about whatever it is the hare is going on about, she's not sure what she's right about, but garsh darn it she's right! "Alroight, yew owned up t et, now wot?" she asks him.

Lorcan blinks. Manners? Perhaps as a survival reflex he might have picked them up, but nothing more than that! Reaching up and rubbing along the back of his ears, he found his other arm resting behind his back... only just now realising that he was standing at attention. "Naw, me an' Ragg is fine now, methinks. But there's lotta things I ain't never owned up to before." Feeling himself under the sightless stare of the ratwife was certainly getting to him... but there hadn't been any sudden movements with her staff yet, which was encouraging. "Look. I know you ain't got time for all me problems an' life story. But strikes me tha' you, bein' the wise type, hears a lotta things round' ere'." Like about the hares... he'd met one roaming around the abbey, but he still hadn't dared face the one in the infirmary yet. What if he was recognised...? "Wot can you tell bout' wot happened to the other Long patrol hares?"

Amethyst coughs to help choke back a chuckle. Her wise? She's been called many things in her time, but most prefer stuborn or bold to wise. "Eh, I may stuck ere a while still so I may have th time. Yer intitled t keep some thin's t yerself same as anybeast. I do spend a good part o my time in th infirm, healin's a bit useful 'round ere. About th hares? Best I kin tell they was out sittin' 'round a fire doin' wotever yew lot do t pass time an load a birds came down on em out th blue. Only two ain't dead. One's ere an th others hid someplace I think. Th one in th infirm don't like thinkin' on wot 'appened too much. Best not t make 'im live it over an give 'im longer t recover, if 'e does recover. Some don't. Birds I'm guessin' dropped a lot o th hared in front th Abbey. Abbeybeasts didn't much care fer thet as yew know. Not much else t tell," the lutenist explains. "Wot yew so kin on knowin' fer," she asks the hare, "yew got kin out someplace yew worried after or wot?"

Lorcan listens with obvious disgust at the story told by the she-rat, his mind conjuring the images of his kind falling to their deaths from on high in far too much detail for his liking. The possibility that some of them might've escaped or hid would have been encouraging, at least, if it didn't bring back such strong memories. Best not to live it over again... he couldn't agree more. "I had... er, a friend, in the Long Patrol once." Yes... a friend. An entirely imaginary one, which he was using as a substitute for himself in this scenario. "But he didn't do so well ma'rm. Felt guilty over it, the whole rest of his life... got to the point where he was so used to bein' guilty he couldn't even remember not feelin' that way before." His stomach twisting into a knot as he said the words, it was all he could do to keep his voice level. One crack, and his ruse would be obvious. "I... I wouldn't wanna be like him, not ever. So I was thinkin' of lookin' into that rescue that's bein' planned."

Lorcan paused, trying to make amends to his story on the fly as he went along with it, tempering the truth with make-believe. "Well... I was actually in the Patrol myself, once. Not wot even long after I was a dibbun..." Yes, that was true. He remembered it being every young hare's dream to join up with the patrol hares, himself and two of his closest chums included. "So I ave' got trainin', though it been a while." Training, yes. Plenty of training they'd gone through, but training alone wasn't anything compared to what a battlefield was really like. During training? Everything was pretend, and planned out beforehand. Battlefields were... chaotic, and bloody, and... "I only got to talk to him late on miss, after... after he deserted."

"Were yew? Thought as much. Yew act like yew were in somethin' way yew always greet Scioto an all," the rat says. "Yew 'ave a name?" she asks. "They only were taking a small group an they may 'ave already decided wot beasts will be in it by now fer all I know,” the rat says.

Heh, this whole time, and he hadn't even given his name? Then again, neither had she. "Ach, sorry there ma'am. Lorcan Gallagher. An' you are...?" he asked, making sure to keep his tone contrite.

Amethyst is quiet for a good while as she thinks of which name to give him or if she should make up another new name. "Lorcan Gallagher?" she asks at last, "Now is that yer real name or just one yew made up so I could 'ave somethin' t call yew?" she asks the hare.

Lorcan quirks an eyebrow, a little caught off-guard by the odd reaction, but then... maybe she meant it as a joke, a jibe, and nothing more? "I assure you ma'am, that's my name, true enough." Folding his arms sternly, he leans in a little bit closer, growing a bit more bold. "An' now what bout' yours then?"

"Which one?" she asks seriously. "I've collected a few in my /many/ seasons," she says mocking her own age now since he hasn't been. She didn't mind verbal sparing and aside from the occasional stoat she rarely hit any beast hard enough to knock them out .... anymore.


Whatever beasts may be sleeping here, whatever sick may be suffering, whatever healers may be tending to, Rue doesn't seem to be paying them any heed. She makes a dramatic entrance, /kicking/ the door open and uttering a stream of swears under her breath. Her sword is safely locked away in the gatehouse, much to her chagrin, and her coat is over her shoulder. And...her left eye is absolutely pouring blood, the actual wound kept from sight by her paw. She looks around franticly, cringing all the while, and after a pause begins to race towards the healer's desk.

Amethyst is up in the infirmary again. First she's in the rose garden now the infirm, must be those stairs outside that lead stright up here that makes her seem to move around so fast. The blind rat is once again in a oversized borrowed habit with her healer's bag around her waist. The ratwife had been tending to a sick otter when the old hare came in cursing up a storm. Sister Daisy looked up from her desk and upon seeing the squirrel motioned for her to sit down on the one of the empty beds. "What happened?" the hedgehog asked Rue as she grabbed some rags to catch the blood coming from the hare's covered eye. "Here now, let me see that," the sister instructed as she reached for Rue's paw to move it away from her injured eye.

Sitting in relative silence in one corner of the infirmary, lying in wait for Feanor, the only other member of the Long Patrol around the abbey to his knowing- Lorcan jumps at the sound of the door being kicked open, his hand instinctively moving down to grasp at his sabre... only to remember that he doesn't have it. Standing up, nostrils flaring, the sight he is greeted with defies his worst expectations. "Bloody 'ell!" he cries in alarm, rearing back in horror from the grisly sight. Another hare... /another/ damn hare injured! Although the nurse goes to meet the new patient, he quickly dashes over to the elderly ratwife regardless, grabbing her shoulder and shaking her frantically. "Old ma'rm! Please, you've gotta' get helpin'! There's a hare in 'ere!" Naturally, his bias would be towards his own species anway... but with the current mortality rate so high? His sense of self-preservation in that regard has increased tenfold.

Rue whirls about as the hedgehog starts getting all pawsy. "Oi, dinnae touch me or I'll...!" She cuts herself off midsentance when she sees that this beast is no threat, but far from looking relieved, she groans. She stays put though. Her ears twist about at the young buck's commotion, but she has more important things to attend to. Namely her /bleeding eye./ When Daisy starts to tug at her paw, she makes noises like her arm is being twisted and tries to pull away. "Bloody sparra dropped a bloody rock on it!" She spits. She /had/ been meaning to attend to her own wound, she can take care of herself, you know. And now here she is creating a scene...there's nothing else that could happen to make this worse, she's pretty sure.

"Hollerin' not gonna fix et," Amy calls over, as she hadn't moved to aid Rue since Daisy had already taken charge of the hare. "Sit down an tend t et or let th 'edgepig look at et," the rat suggets. Daisy grunts having long since given up trying to glare at the blind rat for name calling. "Please sit down, Miz," the hedgehog tried again putting her paws down to give Rue time to calm down. "It's running a great deal and it would help if I could look at see how bad it is," the healer says hoping the haremaid can be reasonable dispite all evidence to the contrary. Amethyst swatted at Lorcan when he yanked on her arm. "Shove off. She's beenin' seen to. Yew don't need t make a fuss," she scolded the younger hare.

Lorcan keeps turning his head back and forth, looking between the injured hare who stormed her way into the infirmary and the ratwife, literally for any lack of a better alternative. Don't make a fuss, she says? DON'T MAKE A FUSS? "You 'eartless old crone, takin' this so lightly!" he spat, moving away from her. "Don' lecture me 'bout what I can fuss over!" Pah! She couldn't even /see/ the injury! For all the old rat knew, someone could come walking into the infirmary with a missing arm, and she'd still say all was fine so long as they were being attended by someone else. Turning around in a huff, he was resolute not to be helpless in this matter... even though beyond his bravado, truth be told, he had absolutely /no/ idea how he could help. But gosh darn it all! He'd figure out... well... something!

Lorcan keeps turning his head back and forth, looking between the injured hare who stormed her way into the infirmary and the ratwife, literally for any lack of a better alternative. Don't make a fuss, she says? DON'T MAKE A FUSS? "You 'eartless old crone, takin' this so lightly!" he spat, moving away from her. "Don' lecture me 'bout what I can fuss over!" Pah! She couldn't even /see/ the injury! For all the old rat knew, someone could come walking into the infirmary with a missing arm, and she'd still say all was fine so long as they were being attended by someone else. Turning around in a huff, he was resolute not to be helpless in this matter... even though beyond his bravado, truth be told, he had absolutely /no/ idea how he could help. But gosh darn it all! He'd figure out... well... something!

Rue is still more or less oblivious to Lorcan's tantrums, as would be expected at this point. She does as told, albeit reluctantly, flopping down on a nearby cot with all the attitude of a teenage girl that's just been grounded. Her coat is flung down next to her, and her left paw is lowered. Even the seasoned healer gasps, ever so slightly. "...Oh my..." The wound is /bad./ The eye has swollen almost completely shut, and blood courses from the inside corner, smearing the fur on her face a rust red. It's hard to see amongst all that, but the corner of something gray peaks out between her eyeball and her tearduct. The sparrow didn't drop a rock on her eye, it dropped a rock /in/ her eye.

Amethyst didn't know how hurt the hare was when she first came in, but Rue had just said it was her eye that was hurt and she'd clearly walked in without aid so she couldn't be too badly off by the rat's estamation since so many others had to be carried or wheeled in. "Yer friend there," Amy says to Lorcan using the term 'friend' loosely. "Walked in on 'er own an jus said 'er eye was hurt. An even if she was kin t yew, if yew keep on like yew are yer gonna go sit in th hall an stay out th way." The blind rat is no eye surgion and leaves the hurt hare to the more experianced sighted healer.

Amethyst frowns in the younger hare's general direction, but hearing he's been put to work doesn't sound too bad. "Fetchin' an passing things doesn't require much skill. 'egepig's jus trying t keep th lad busy so 'e don't get underfoot. 'E's worried fer yew, fer some reason." Amy taps her claws along the top of the table near her and wonder just how badly the Abbey healers would take it if she did give Rue a spoon. "I'd get yew one, but th Abbey beasts wouldn't like et none," she says. "That would only make it worse," Daisy says to Rue, "You could do yourself much worse damage than if you let me take it out for you." The hedgehog gently reaches out to try and push the hare back down for her own safety as much as everyone else's.

Lorcan turns around, wasting no time in moving according to the healer's demands. For once, his mind is racing... acting on orders was what he was always trained to do, and now that he has them, he immediately feels much more secure and confident. Tweezers and clean rags could be found here in the infirmary, easily enough. But heating up a frash batch of water would take too long. The kitchens though - they always keep hot water around for something, and large enough bowls too! Racing off down the corridor, he isn't gone longer more than two minutes before he returns at a much slower, steady pace holding onto a bowl filled with steaming water... and a few other supplies. Setting it down on the table close to Daisy in silence, he also sets down a bottle of dandelion wine, liberated from the cellars. "Thought it might 'elp with the pain." he mumbles, before doing a quick inventory check, assuming that in the time he'd been gone the hedgehog would have gathered the rags and tweezers herself.

Daisy nods her thanks to the hare and sets the bowl of water to one side for cleaning along with the pile of rags. She holds the business end of the tweasers in the water to clean them and lays out another empty bowl to put the rock in once it's out. With a free paw she offers the haremaid the wine. "You'll need to hold still while I take that stone out, so don't drink too much of that," she cautions Rue.

"I could hold onto it if she doesn't want it .... an spare somebeast a trip t th cellar," Amy offers catching on to what the hare is being offered for her pain. Since when do patents get wine, isnt' fisick good enough for them anymore? The rat will just have to take that nasty wine bottle away from them later and dispose of it, if the hare leaves her anything to dispose of. If not she may need to raid the cellar, keep the cellarkeeper's skills up and all that, yep.

Rue? Not want the wine? Please. The doe forces the bottle from Lorcan's grip almost before he finishes his sentence. She uncorks it with her teeth and down it goes, into her gullet! A practiced drinker this one. The bottle is half empty before she resurfaces for breath. Daisy takes her chance and grabs at the bottle at this point, wresting it from Rue's grip only after some struggle. "You help!" Finally she yanks the bottle from the hare's fist and brandishes it at the buck. Then she holds the stick out. "Bite, and lie down on the cot." She orders. It appears she'll have to use tough love. And it works! Rue follows orders just as well as Lorcan. Tweezers at the ready now...

Lorcan quickly snatches back the bottle after Daisy is finished using strongarm tactics to prize it out of the injured doe's grip, backing away slowly and setting it down on a different table... not even noticing the rat nearby, or how close he has just placed the bottle to her. Fishing his hands into his pocket, he also draws out a little something extra... a pasty, a slightly smushed slice of tart, some biscuits... somehow, it seems as if he was able to smuggle a good deal of the pantry with him on his way out of the kitchen. Another old habit he picked up from his former medic - never let a patient go hungry, especially when said patient happens to be a hare! Having done all he can to be of service, he simply stands watch, keeping guard over the food until the healers are done.

Amethyst sneakily slips the bottle off the table and down between the table and bed where the other beasts are unlikely to notice it. She may be blind, but she's very aware others can see things if they aren't properly hidden. The rat's nose and whiskers twitches at the smells of pasties other eatables coming from Lorcan. "Think that will be enough fer yer friend there?" she asks him, "Larder's not as full as it used t be, but Abbey's very giving most th time. Don't usually get too many hares ere though ...." Daisy looks Rue's eye over and carefully tries to open it so she can see what she's working with. Tweasers at the ready she slowly begins to work the pebble and any other bits of debris out of the hare's injured eye.

Rue is thankful now, /very/ thankful for that wooden stick. Her impressive incisors cut into it as Daisy begins her work, struggled, strangled sounds emenating from her throat. She beings to squirm and thrash her limbs, so much so that the hedgmaid has to take a step back. "Hold her arms down, will you? There's good lad." She waits patiently until the doe is restrained, and then again goes at the eye. The pebble is approximately the size of an almond, and it isn't budging. Not until daisy wiggles it back and forth a bit. Rue's cries increase in volume.

Lorcan steps forward immediately, a little alarmed, but still reacting promptly. Adjusting his positioning carefully... needing to make sure that his lanky frame doesn't interfere with the surgery, but also having to choose a position where he'd still be able to hold her down effectively, he eventually finds a compromise. His fingers tucking around the doe's elbows and holding on tightly while he crouches down as close to the floor as he can get. "Got her, miss..." he says through gritted teeth. Bloody hell... for an injured person, she's putting a lot of healthy beasts he knows to shame in terms of how much she can struggle!

Amethyst hurries over to help hold the hare as well since it's something she can do without risking blinding or disfiguring Rue. The rat is strong than she looks having lived with a number of dibbuns of varying species, namely some rather large otter twins that were a great deal of trouble and more recently her own youngsters. Daisy slowly eases the rock out and it clinks into the empty bowl. The hedgehog picks out bits of rock from the hare's damaged eye and uses a warm wet rag to clean it out. "That will have to come out, Miss. Or else it'll get infected," she says softly. "Hold her," she instructs the other two and she looks about for the knife she'd laid out. Amy opens her kit and lays her own knife on the table just in case the hedgehog needs it. It's a bit large for such a delicate job, but it's better than a spoon at least.

Once a patrolbeast, always a patrolbeast. Rue knows how to fight. "Oh thank you, yes. Thank you," Daisy breathes. The supplies are all here but in a jumbled pile, as hasty as they were, and she's not about to stick a paw in a handful of rags and come out with a knife stuck in her palm. She snatches Amethyst's instead. "Hold still, please," the healer repeats, making sure Rue can't see the blade. "I've got to cut the muscle, okay?" The doe is crying and still struggling, she can't help it, but she manages a shaky nod. "Right." Daisy takes a deep breath to calm herself, and begins the task, tracing the outline of the hare's eye socket. If she was thrashing badly before...

Amethyst holds onto Rue for all she’s worth. A thrashing hare isn't much worse than an unrully giant otter dibbun. "It'll be over soon, lass," she says trying not to laugh at calling the older hare 'lass'. "Hold on, Lorcan. Th 'edgepig'll be done soon," she tells the other hare. "The ‘hedgepig’, has a name," Daisy snaps at the rat, finally done patching up the doe. She cleans Rue's face one last time before as she helps her sit up and then washes her paws again in the lukewarm brown water. "It'll take you a while to get used to seeing with just one eye, but you got off easy, sparrows can be nasty birds," the healer says as she cleans and puts away her insturments of healing and gives Amy back her knife. "Yeah, yeah. I know yer got a name," the rat grumbles as she lets the hare go and puts her knife back in her kit where it will be safe.

Lorcan didn't expect reassurance from the ratwife, knowing damn well that he probably didn't deserve it after snapping at her, but he appreciates it all the same. Making a mental note to make it up to her later... none the wiser about what became of that bottle of wine he brought along. Releasing his grip, he slackens and stands up, his haunches a little shaky and his expression strained... but all the same, feeling better for having done something. He doesn't turn to walk away just yet though, instead staying close to the bedside, hovering out of concern for the other hare. "Is that everythin' then?" he asks tentatively, daring perhaps to smile a little, with the possibility of relief.

Rue lurches to a sitting position. Her paw touches her now hollow socket, her chest, her stomach, leaving a trail of bloody pawprints. She certainly looks inebriated, all glassy eyed. Speaking of which...The doe does indeed try to get used to this single perspective she now has, turning this way and that, and catching sight of the eye in the dish. Oh no. She quickly turns in the other direction, her head coming into contact with Lorcan's stomach. "S'not better." She manages to splutter before she retches. All over the poor buck.

"It'll take some gettin' used t'. Yew get used to turnin' yer head a lot t see thin's. Thet what I'm told anyways," the blind rat says comfortingly as she leans just close enough to lightly pat at the doe's back with an outstreached paw, keeping the ill hare at arms length so as not to incure the wrath of which ever beast it is she's borrowed her habbit from this time. "Just take it easy. Rest a while. Make eat a little once you're feeling better again," Daisy says as she moves the bowl with it's unpleasent contents away from the bed, planning to toss both out in a soiled rag soon as she can.

Lorcan was optimistic enough to think that, initially, the grateful doe was leaning in forwards to /hug/ him! "Eh, please now, there's no need fer-" Immediately, the bashful voice dies in his throat. He stands there... staring off into space, feeling... feeling sensations he doesn't care to identify as his coat and nearly everything below his waistline is abruptly defiled. Reaching an arm around behind the doe, he gives her a pat on the back, trying to make sure that she's... that she's /done/ with doing what she is doing. A hare never would travel on an empty stomach, it figures... how sad for him. Stepping away, he takes a look down at himself, all over his front. "... well then. M'glad to be of assistance, miss." His voice hollow and flat, the hare slowly turns and begins walking crabwise across the infirmary, making for the pond outside... and ardently wishing he had more than just one coat.

"Mmnnguh." Is all rue can offer in response. Her head dips downward when Lorcan is no longer there to support its weight, and she turns the motion into a wobbly nod, acquiescing to the healers without fuss for once. Her paws clutch the edge of the cot, knuckles embossed beneath her fur, as she strains to pull her upper body back onto the cot. She gropes around feebly for a moment until her fingers find the corner of her coat and she pulls feebly at it, wadding it up and tucking it under her head as a pillow. Her newly solitary eye is squeezed shut as she rolls herself onto her back, not knowing if the eviscerated eyeball is still there, and not particularly wanting to find out. Besides, if it looks like she's fallen asleep, maybe beasts will stop fussing over her.

Amethyst brushes wisps of loose hair from the doe's bun out of Rue’s face as Daisy cleans the hare off before going to clean herself up. Amy informs one of the other healers about the hare's condition before discreatly corking the now flat wine and smuggling it into her healer's kit. The hare doesn't need it right now and the rat has had a rather long day herself. The rat excuses herself as one of the older abbey healers comes on duty letting the rat escape down the back stairs to possibly run into Lorcan by the pond if she doesn't take one of the side halls to somewhere else.