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FV:Chieftain's Home:Main Room

The inside of the home is large, a door leads to the sleeping quarters and another to a kitchen area. This room has a large window looking outside with nice navy blue curtains on it. The floor is wooden and a large fireplace keeps the room warm in those cold months.Above the fireplace is a large painting of the Chieftain and his mate.In the room also is a table and a few chairs to sit in.A large bookcase is by a far wall with many books of all kinds on it.

Exits: [Bed]room, [K]itchen, [B]ack

Oakenpaw the hare. Blisa the cat.

Oakenpaw knocks on the door to the Chieftians home

Blisa groans and stands, leaving her drawing supplies in her overstuffed chair. Opening the door, she stares at the hare with her soft-yet-grumpy green eyes. "Hi." She stands in the middle of the doorway, so there's no way for him to enter the house.

Oakenpaw smiles to her "Hullo Blissa, I came by to visit you an Ferdy, is this a good time wot?"

Blisa sighs, then steps aside to let the hare pass through. "Yeah, I guess so. I was just drawing, and Ferdinand's doing something in the kitchen. He'll be out in a few minutes. But don't go in there," she adds. "He gets very testy if you interrupt him when he's cooking."

Oakenpaw asks, "I promise not to go in there" he walks in and looks around "Wot ya drawin? and where is your loverly Snake wot? I love that Snake"

Blisa stares a little at the hare, silently wondering if his brain is a little addled, then shrugs and closes the door. "I dunno. He can't fit through the front door, so he's probably in the cellar." She sits down and picks up her art supplies again. "Oh, just stuff from the battle to take back Redwall. I like DoraRose's grandmother, Angela. She's smart and nice, but she knows what she's doing and wont' stand anyone getting in her way. She is a little intimidating," she adds under her breath.

Oakenpaw smiles "I think you will be just like her" he smiles and sits down "is there anything i can do to make yer day a bit brighter?"

Blisa shrugs again, then her ears perk as she looks up, an idea suddenly coming to her. "You could find my box of red pastels. It's a small box, and I lost it in the chair you're sitting on. I looked, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can find it, since you're a grown-up."

Oakenpaw considers and cocks his head, his soft nose wiggling "lost it in this chair wot?" he gets up and moves the chair...nope, not under it, then looks about, spying the corner of a box under some straw. he walks over, apparently when the box was set down a stray breeze blew some stuff over it He picks it up "this it?"

Blisa claps her paws and then holds them out eagerly. "Thank you so much! That explains why I couldn't find them. Thank you!"

Oakenpaw smiles "can I have a hug as a thank you?"

Blisa hesitates, then jumps up, hugs the hare (showing him how tall she's gotten, compared to how tall she'd been a season ago; she's still short for her 6 seasons of age) and grabs the box of pastels. Giving him another hug, she bounces back into her chair and begins to colour in the blood on a battleaxe head. How pleasant.

Oakenpaw smiles "my word you have grown big Blissa....you're gonna be taller then me wi' my ears up

Blisa flushes slightly. "Oh, I doubt that. I think I'm always going to be small. And I'm okay with that." She finishes colouring in the picture, then holds it up for the hare to see. "Whaddaya think?" It is an almost expert drawing of a fox weilding a bloody double-headed battleaxe.

Oakenpaw considers it cocking his head and one ear going up..gently rubbing his chin "hmmm..maybe just a touch more red on teh axe, beyond that that is a REALLY good drawing...You really ave a talent Blissa, you can charm snakes, you can paint pictures.is there anything you can't do/ wot?

Blisa sighs, turns the page and starts to draw another picture. "I can't make friends with others my own age. I tried at Redwall, but nobeast seemed to like me."

Oakenpaw frowns "that doesn't seem roight...wot do you think the problem is?"

Blisa shrugs. "I'm a freak." she says simply, making big swerving lines on the paper.

Oakenpaw says, "that's not true. I am a Freak expert and you don't fit the bill, wot"

Blisa smiles wanly. "But....I don't have a Momma, and I've seen so much bloodshed and death. And I'm so cynical and moody. What makes me not a freak?"

Oakenpaw sits down "well your talented, your smart, your a leader...and you can change and not be cynical or moody if you really WANT ta change"

Blisa looks down at her drawing. "But I don't want to. It's the only way I've found for grown-ups to take me seriously." She starts to draw again, and the vague form of a mouse in a cloak begins to take shape.

Oakenpaw says, "Well you should always do wot ya WANT...but I am an adult and have I not always taken you seriously?"

Blisa nods a tiny bit. "Yeah, I geuss you always have...or, at least, enough to ignore the tiny few times when you haven't."

Oakenpaw says, "Well sometimes I just like to 'ave fun and be treated like a dibbun meself"

Blisa shakes her head as she starts to add in some details to her drawing. "I hate being treated like a Dibbun....that usually equates to being treated like an idiot with most creatures."

Oakenpaw says, "well it is up to you to show them you like fun but you're not an idiot"

Blisa glances up at the hare healer. "How am I supposed to do that?" she asks incredulously.

Oakenpaw says, "well have fun but when around Older beasts...talk to them on their level...I know ya can"

Blisa thinks about this for a few minutes, then nods and flashes a grin. "Thanks, Oakey. I feel better now."

Oakenpaw smiles "I lobe you Blissa" he says sincerely "I will leave you to yer art"

Blisa smiles and waves. "Bye! Thanks for the help!" She gets up and hugs the hare, feeling to awkward too say 'I love you, too', but hoping her hug communicates that. When he's gone, she goes back to her drawing, feeling happier than she has in a long time. She would've shared her concerns with Ferdinand earlier, but he has too much to worry about, being her bodyguard and all...

Thanks for reading! :)