Ferravale Looking For Members! Let's See If We Help The Group Grow!

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Thu, 10/02/2014 - 08:49

Ferravale Looking for more members and a couple Important Jobs are Open!! I would like to see Ferravale once more grow if it can. I would like to see some role play in Ferravale again and maybe even have the Fighting Pits open, and someone in charge of the Fighting Pits

Master Healer



Tavern Bouncer

Someone In Charge of Fighting Pit

Tavern workers

Inn Helpers

Shop Keepers( Seamtress, Shoe Maker, Baker , Potter, other ideas welcome)





Bounty Hunters/Assissins/Thiefs- Yes they can he in Ferravale as it is a vermin town, but any word of harming a Redwall beasts get the wrath of the Chieftain

Bee Keeper, yes even a vermin village needs a Bee Keeper for honey and bees wax!

Dibbuns..yes even dibbuns


Birds can be:




Other bird like jobs also welcome, page #mail Scioto

Other ideas welcomed as well for any species, Ferravale is mainly vermin with very very few woodlanders and those woodlanders who do live there do so at their own risk. Birds are welcome also and we could have frogs,lizards, maybe toads you will just need a way to keep warm when that bothersome winter comes :P

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