Dirt Road Ambush

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          • My first log with my new rat thief, Ebony. This takes place south on the dirt road.*****

Ebony walked along the road, her small band down to 5 now cause of some trouble from outsiders, yeah they will pay later for sure, she looks at a possible new member as she speaks “Well child, ready to learn…I can offer you a great deal”

Thorn just looks glad to be out of the camp and shrugs “I..I don’t know Miss Ebony, what of the hedgehog?”

Ebony hmmphs, “What OF her? She will be fine provided you mind me, she seems your friend in a way, we can’t have woodlanders as friends dear it’s very un becoming.”

Patchfur has made his way out of the abbey, they didn’t seem to need him and so he was let go, hey the only ones who knew were the couple who brought him there and they were not around so the wounded guest getting back to family worked, well sort of family.

Thorn sighs “Yes Miss Ebony.” She sees Patchfur and rolls her eyes.

Taran is on his way to his boat, a knapsack over his back as he heads up a trail, he is alone but it doesn’t mean he is totally helpless.

Ebony smirks as she moves her tail and the 5 rats go to her, “Patchfur and Thorn dear..come here, we have some work to do”

Patchfur already looks bored, but he obeys and walks over “Yeah?”

Taran doesn’t see the rats and so unknowingly gets closer and closer to them, he does have a short sword visible now but it’s at his side and not drawn right now and he looks tried and stressed somewhat so he is not 100% alert right now.

Thorn eyes go wide “But…he probably doesn’t have anything and I refuse to hurt a beast and I sure won’t kill one”

Ebony frowns, “That’s sad and right now you have to listen to me.”

Patchfur nods, “Yeah to Ebony”

Thorn looks lost now on what to do or say and looks down at the ground.

Ebony nods to the 5 rats and Patchfur and Thorn, “Attack…rob, kill if needed.” The single is given and they go do their leader’s biding.

Taran eyes go wide when he is suddenly surrounded by 5 rats and draws his sword to attack as he gets into a fighting state.

Patchfur quickly uses his throwing daggers and flicks one towards Taran, his arm as it is a less vital place.

The five rats close in, one slicing at an arm, another leg, another goes to punch him in the face and chest, while the other goes to try and remove the pack with a long sword.

Ebony watches and smirks, she stays close by and alert.

Thorn stays off to the side and just watches, “Miss Ebony…..why?”

Taran feels the dagger and slash to the arm and barely misses a cut to the leg. He grits his teeth as he is punched in the chest and falls backwards, he swings his sword at a close rat and the rat gets a nasty cut to the chest.

Patchfur uses his quick footwork, or best he can as he trips once and decides to back off a short while.

Thorn frowns “Your hurting him, All I ever did was knock a beast out not try to kill them Miss Ebony!”

Ebony frowns at Thorn, “Dear…if a beast lives they go and tell others of you, which reminds me there is still that badger and his swan and odd squirrel friend isn’t there” he nods to the four rats as a fifth dies from the chest wound, “Finish this” The rats go to slam the mouse into a tree and more punches and slices of daggers.

Taran groans as he feels the impact of the tree and slides down clearly knocked out cold, at the angle he lies it’s unclear if he is ok or not. A slice shows up on his leg and paw, not deep ones but still a cut and his sword falls beside him to the ground.

Patchfur gets the blade and grabs the backpack the mouse had and backs up again looking to Ebony.

Ebony nods as the four rats left take the cloak and any coins or valuables the mouse has, they then go to her, “We should go.” She walks off.

Thorn frowns and looks at the mouse with a worried look but is too afraid to not obey Ebony so she follows her.

Patchfur nods and follows her as well.

Taran groans, he had some copper, silver and a few gold coins. The pack full of food and some cutting tools and a flute, he also had a rare jeweled hair piece, now gone..he most likely will wake in a couple hours very sore and weak, but will live.

Ebony heads back to camp, she makes sure the other rats and Thorn follow her as she doesn’t mess around, she looks at Thorn “We will do better next time right dear?”

Thorn nods “I..yes Miss Ebony”

Ebony nods, “Good my dear…good and now let us get back to camp.”