Crash Landing and Capture!

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Somewhere in Mossflower Woods

Anomen scans the forest and narrows his eyes, the rats have messed with his tribe too much lately and now he wants to find them.

Snowbella stays flying with the squirrel chieftain on her back, she looks back and forth, ”No signs of the camp yet or anything, I am sorry sir”

Anomen nods “It is alright Snowbella, we will find them. They hurt Arrowbreeze and killed one of our own and before that in a fight and injured me, that will not go unpunished”

Althea is with him, a tribe healer, “But we can’t take Cotasong to this fight”

Snowbella nods “She is right, what of the child?”

Anomen nods “We leave him at the abbey, Oz can care for him till this is taken care of, if they find our camp I do not want Cotasong there”

Althea nods “Sounds like a good plan”

Snowbella nods “Then we head to the abbey, and we need to let the other tribe beasts know” She heads to the abbey.

Anomen nods “They already know Snowbella, Ekon is leading the rest that’s able to fight, they walk through the woodlands and we take the skies.”

Althea nods and waits till they near the abbey.

Snowbella slows and lets Anomen off her back.

Anomen speaks as he hands a small infant to a guard who blinks “Take him to Oz and Benar, tell them I will return after I deal with a tribal threat” He then gets back onto Snowbella “” He says.

Althea watches this and sighs “I do hope this goes well, the tribe has lost much Anomen we do not need to lose more”

Snowbella takes off and into the sky, she pays attention to flying and lets the squirrels talk.

Anomen nods “Not to worry, this is not Marek’s horde we deal with, it’s a small group of thieves and robbers, I just want Cotasong to be safe is all. We have 10 strong in the group, and you” He smiles “Well we have 11 if count Cotasong but he is but a babe and can’t fight”

Althea nods “Yes but we need the tribe to grow somehow, and I am unsure how.” She then seems to remember something, “Maybe..before you became leader and Ekon was leader, some of the tribe left. Not many..because of worry on staying in one place, maybe we can find them.”

Anomen smiles “Maybe, hmm lost tribe members, do we know how many?”

Althea shakes her head “Not for sure, a Blaze led them and, I am thinking 8-10 went with her, maybe we can join together again and be a tribe, a true tribe once again”

Anomen nods “I like that idea and it will make the tribe stronger, we stick together we are strong, we stay apart we are weaker.”

Snowbella has been keeping an eye on things, watching for movement and slows just a little to go a little lower.

Morgan has been waiting for this, He has on a forest green cloak with leaves and twigs attacks to it, and with orders from his master on who to look for. He spies the large bird and carefully aims his poison tipped arrow with his longbow, he stays silent in the tall maple tree and then fires a silent bolt of death right when the swan flies past .

Althea sighs and she looks tried “We should find a spot to rest, what do you think Snowbella?”

Anomen nods “I suppose, we have been looking a while, but we need to good area to land , that’s safe..the river maybe”

Snowbella is about to answer when the arrow hits her in her chest, it misses her heart but the poison still is in her blood now, she shakes her head and flaps trying to stay steady as she gets out “Hold…on..” She feels herself starting to grow weaker but she has to stay awake, blood drips from the wound as she crashes into a tree and then another and finally heads to a rough area of the forest floor.

Althea screams as they start crashing to the ground, she lands on a branch and holds on tight as she rights herself and looks around for the swan and Snowbella.

Anomen ’s eyes go wide as he hangs on tight to Snowbella, as she crashes he gets a good bump to his wrist and grits his teeth in pain, he holds on as she comes to a horrible landing and slides off her, “Snowbella ! Snowbella!” He checks for wounds and sees the arrow, he is quickly on his guard as he draws his blade and grits his teeth, it had to be his good wrist.

Snowbella eyes flutter as she looks to her chieftain, “Ano..Anomen….look…out…” Her eyes then close just as death mist takes over, and she dies as the poison from the arrow and her wounds from the crash landing do their dirty work.

Morgan steps from behind a tree, this time his large sword held in his paw, beside him are 4 rats. He smiles coldly “Oh..That’s where my arrow landed, it had poison on it too, so..sorrrry” No he is not sorry at all, far from it in fact.

Ebony is also here, with long thin daggers in each paw.

Althea watches from the tree and stays very quiet.

Anomen looks all around, no other tribe beasts, he looks at Snowbella and he nearly falls ot his knees “Nooo!” He glares at the wildcat, “Who are you..I demand an answer!!”

Ebony snaps her fingers and the 4 rats go to surround the squirrel. “No killing this one.” She says as she watches.

Morgan chuckles dryly, “It doesn’t matter who I am squirrel, I just don’t want crazy feather wearing, painted squirrels to interrupt me or prevent ne from robbing and stealing, maybe they will leave me alone if I have their leader!”

Althea frowns but stays put, she can’t risk being seen and needs to get help quickly.

Anomen glares and slices at a rat, one is beheaded and the other three swarm him and manage to disarm him of his sword as he struggles to get lose, his wrist is broken so holding a sword and swinging was not very likely good.

Ebony goes to help keep Anomen down and uses the handle of her sword to knock him out if able.

Morgan watches all this, he frowns as one rat loses a head and shrugs, “He was worthless anyways.”

Althea frowns still, this is not good and she may have to wait to get help.

Anomen glares, “Your PAY for this your…” His next words are lost as the handle of the blade connects and he is knocked out, he slumps forwards. He is alive but will have one bad headache when he wakes up.

Ebony smirks, “You tie him up and Morgan carry him to camp and lets be quick about this he may have friends nearby” She moves her tail to single the 3 rats still alive to follow her.

Morgan snorts and uses rope he has to tie the squirrel's paws behind his back and tie his foot paws and then he picks him up and follows his master.

Althea watches and then quietly and carefully as she can she jumps from tree to tree, once further away she goes faster, she needs to get to the abbey.

Anomen is tied up and carried off to who knows where, let’s hope Althea gets help.