Chat in the orchard....and plots of revenge by the kitten

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RW Abbey: First Orchard

You stand in a sort of verdant sanctuary where the sun is filtered through leaves and thus comes out to be a much softer light, one that's a little more manageable. At least, more manageable than the comparatively harsh light of the more open entryway and a pond area almost completely devoid of large, shade-giving plants that this orchard has in careless abundance. A soft covering of moss and grass finds itself beneath the trees, only serving to add to the quiet comfort of the whole scene.

The stately flora has come alive with youthful blossoms. Flowers of all shades of pastel line the trees, bushes, and ground. Poking around the pink and yellow petals, some fruit has begun to form, peppering the orchard with green apricots and plums and unripe pears and peaches. The air is full of pollen that tickles the nose and dirties clean habits. After a rain, rivulets of water trickle around tree trunks, irrigating the flore before draining into the pond.

Exits: [F]ire [P]it, [S]econd [O]rchard, [D]umble's [L]og, [A]bbey [P]ond


3 Skeps

Oz the badger. Garrett the ferret. Blisa the cat and Ferdinand the ferret.

Blisa is still in a rotten mood, though it's not quite as bad as it was yesterday. She and Ferdinand are walking through the orchards, enjoying on of their last few days at Redwall before returning to Ferravale. The little kitten has an orange leaf that she found, and her ferret bodyguard is munching on a windfall apple he found.

Oz is sitting in the orchards, dibbuns playing nearby, and a ferret is close to him as well. The day is cool, but not cold yet, he looks over as they near and nods "Greetings."

Garrett has gone back to paceing and stops when he sees the kitten and Ferdiand and waves and then back to paceing "I can't stand this..and music wont help the mood is worry"

Ferdinand waves back, but his little charge is too busy thinking and messing with her leaf to notice. Tossing aside his apple core, the ferret nods, saying, "Good day. I am Ferdinand, and thith ith Blitha." Stupid lisp.

Oz waves "Blisa..Ferdinard greetings I hope you are well and..Garrett stop paceing please, it hurts my vision"

Garrett stops and looks curious "How does paceing affect ones vision good chap? And I just want ta know if Cera is ok, I mean I do hope so amd all."

Blisa now looks up. "Cera? What heppened to her? Is she alright?" Ferdinand also looks worried and guids his little charge over to the others. "Indeed, what happened?" he asks, carefully choosing his words to try and hide his lisp.

Oz answers, "She will be fine, she was eatting a scone and it had some nuts in it she had an allergy to. luckly she didnt shallow too much of it, a healer came to her aid and she is now resting in the infirm for the rest of the day"

Garrett moves to sit by a tree, "And I choose to be silly and not serious at the time, didnt know she was having trouble but I did get the healer here in time"

Ferdinand frowns and gently pushes Blisa, who got distracted by her leaf almost getting away, into a sitting position. "An allergy to nutth? Oh, dear. But I'm thure the'll be fine. Thome of the betht healerth in the world are here."

Oz nods "Yes they are, and she had not ate much, she spit it out as soon as she knew what was in it"

Blisa looks back up and randomly changes the subject...which is a good indicator that she wasn't paying any attention whatsoever. "Are you /sure/ that revenge is wrong?" Ferdinand groans and covers his eyes. Seriously? You've got to be kidding.

Oz frowns deeply "Blisa, revenge is always wrong do clear it from your mind please"

Ferdinand glares down at the kitten. "Yeth, forget about it." Before he can continue, however, Blisa inturrupts, hollering, "But Martin and Sunflash and Cregga Rose Eyes and Rakkety Tam MacBurl and all them sought revenge! Why can't I?!"

Oz frowns and sits down "Revenge leads to pain and it never goes away, they all suffered for revenge, it makes one not see clearly and your not thinking correctly"

Blisa stomps her little foot. "Oh, yeah? How did they suffer for it? Ho wdoes it make beasts not see clearly? Hmm?"

Oz tries to explain "Cause your not seeing where they are aiming to slice you or stab you and your hurt alot more easily and it would be honorable to forgive Ragg, he has changed and is good now you just need to see that"

Blisa grits her teeth and howls, "Why is every beast trying to get me to do the honorable thing?! Why do I have to learn how to be a leader?!"

Oz sighs "Cause there may..there WILL come a time when your chieftain of Ferravale, probablly not any time soon, but you need to be a wise ruler and do whats right"

Blisa is shocked into temporary silence. "Daddy...Daddy can't die. Mother died, and so did Maxx. He...He can't!" She looks like she's going to cry, and Ferdinand shoots Oz a thankful look while he gently lays a paw on the kitten's shoulder.

Oz frowns "Yes he can, all beasts die one day and sadly so will he but lets hope its many seasons from now Blisa"

Blisa does indeed start to cry and covers her eyes with her paws and leaf. Ferdinand squats beside her and gives her a gentle hug.

Oz lays a gentle paw on Blisa's shoulder.

Blisa jerks away from the both of them and dashes to the edge of the pond, where she sits down and buries her face in her lap. Ferdinand sighs heavily. "What thould I do?" he asks mournfully.

Oz frowns "I am unsure, she is most likely just upset she may think her father would never die, but he will just hopfully not soon as I dont think she could handle it if its soon"

Ferdinand nods. "Yeah. Um, I altho meant about her wanting revenge. I don't know what to do. The jutht ignoreth me when I talk about it."

Oz says, "Maybe speak with Benar or Lorimis"

Ferdinand nods. "I think I might. Thank you." Blisa picks up a rock and skips it across the pond.

Oz nods "That would be wise I am sure Benar be happy to speak with her"

Ferdinand frowns. "I don't know if that would help, but it'th worth a try."

Oz says, "Anything is worth a try I must go and make sure the dibbuns wash up for dinner excuse me"

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