Blisa, Basilisk, Valerie, Nightbreath, and Marek RP 10-21-2015 (Because I can't come up with a good title :P)

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Outside a sign swings on a rusty creaking frame above the doorway of the tavern depicting a faded painting of what appears to be three rather rich looking skeletons slumped over a table around a black chalice, perhaps such a thing could be taken as a warning but it doesn't appear to work on the locals. The noise within on a normal day is usually heard before the door is even opened and only rises in volume when one actually steps inside.

There are the typical qualities of a tavern within, from the bar to the chairs and booths and the odd drunk who never seems to move it's the little details which encourage a patron to pay his tab if he likes his fingers. One look at some of the staff or customers might give the impression but the room is decorated to the fiercer tastes with bones, mostly skulls cropping up here and there to fill a gap on a shelf or decorating the walls above the doorways, fireplace and bar, a pair of axes joining the one over the fire with some signs that they've been yanked off to join in a fight a couple of times. Some of the comfier chairs are lined with fur and very rarely one might be found with a few pointed bits of bone to decorate the back. Despite the looks there is entertainment and fun to be had, some form of music usually played on a small stage in the corner and at least one bouncer usually tries to keep the peace while beasts gamble, drink and be merry.

A small door behind the bar leads out the back to the kitchen and cellars while one wall has been opened up in a wide arch to increase the space off into the next room where what seems to be a wooden fence with gates on either end has been set up as a fighting pit as further entertainment and something to bet over.

Exits: [UP] Stairs, [K]itchen, [F]ighting [P]it, [Out]

Marek the stoat. Blisa the cat, Valerie the vixen, and Basilisk 'Basil' the whiptail snake. Nightbreath the ermine.

Marek is making scones, he is not sure how he knows how to cook, but he knows how and making scones is something he seems to do when he is upset at something. He has made cheese ones, pumpkin ones, lemon ones, fish ones and an apple/walnut one he is just not getting out of the oven and sitting down to cool.

Blisa has followed the gossip of the townsbeasts and has come to the tavern, Valerie and Basilisk following. The cat has decided that the snake might (somehow) help with the stoat's remembering. They enter the building and starts sniffing, Basil's tongue flicking out at the yummy aromas filling the room. They go over to the bar, and the feline scrambles into a stool and calls, "Marek? Is that you cookin' back there?"

Marek turns around, well enough has called him this name so he may as well reply "I...have always known cooking, I do not know why, I have cooked here too I believe" He eyes the snake as he is uncertain of it, but at least its on the other side of the counter.

Blisa nods, then pats her pet on his neck. "Oh, this is Basil. You know each-other. He saved you from being killed once." The huge snake hisses grumpily. "I like the tasste of sssstoat, but Blisssssa won't let me eat any! Can I have sssssome of your cheesssssse bread thingiessss?" Valerie chuckles and sits down beside the cat. "Yeah, Basil likes anything with cheese on them. How are you feeling? Have any of your memories come back yet? Lily and DoraRose had to leave for the Abbey feast tomorrow, but LilyMoore told me to let you know that she'll visit again as soon as she can."

"Alright and no not as of yet, no memories sorry." He watches the snake and speaks again "Cheese is inside of the scones and he can have one or two of them and I do hope she enjoys this feast, most likely would be nice...what's it a feast for?"

While Basil begins nosing around, trying to find the cheese scones, Blisa explains by saying, "They have a feast for every season, and this time it's the Autumn feast." Valerie nods, then starts digging around in her herb satchel.

Marek nods "Well, celebrate the seasons prehaps they can do something in the village here as well, this is one main season to celebrate as there is the harvest for one"

Nightbreath walks into the taverns; some premonition or another has led him here. He drifts to a corner and hunches over there, leaning over the table with his hood up. He shouldn't have long to wait.

Blisa brightens up instantly, her face wreathed with smiles. "Oh, yes! I would LOVE for us to have a party! Do you think that you could cook for us??" Valerie pulls out a little bundle and slides it across the bartop to him. "Here. White willow bark. Make a tea out of a little strip of the bark if you ever get a headache." Basil, meanwhile, has found the cheese scones and has taken 4 of them, instead of the 2 he was allowed to take. He slithers off quickly, holding his stolen treats in his mouth as he approaches the ermine. He goes to quickly wrap the Seer in loose coils and happily eats his cheesy bread.

Marek is paying attention to the cat and healer so he doesn't see the snake get 4 instead of 2, he nods "I...could cook yes, but also it would be up to the chieftain of this village weather some sort of...what ever is to be had." He takes the willow bark and nods "I do have heachaches from time to time, maybe from that...accident" He frowns, he remembers bits and pieces of what happen, or maybe when he has a worse headche he may remember a little more.

Nightbreath stiffens briefly as the coils of the snake wrap around him. "Greetings, sir Snake," he says calmly. "I see you do, in fact, like cheese, just as Blisa said," he comments.

Basil swallows his snack and smiles, showing off his backwards-facing and very tiny (compared to the rest of him) white teeth (no fangs). "Cheesssssse makesssss me happy, Ssssseer. Blissssssa issssssmart, even though sssshe ssssometimesss annoysss me with her impossssed diet and excersssssisssse." Blisa claps her paws excitedly. "Oh, I'll definitely talk to Daddy about it, to be sure!!" Valerie smiles, but has nothing to add, so just stays silent for now.

Marek nods as he goes to get an ale for a rat, handing the ale to the rat he speaks again" Alright then do so, I am unsure the chieftain knows I am back yet, or does he?"

"It's for the best, I assume," says Nightbreath. He glances over to Marek. "I see the redeemed one has returned to the village, then."

Basil tightens his grip around the Seer; it's not enough to hurt or anything, but the ermine should notice it. "Hissssss, Marek, yessssssss. I wanna eat 'im because he can't remember anything, but Blissssssa saysssssssssssno, he'sssssssstill a friend, even if he can't remember. That moussssse, DoraRosssse, brought her daughter, Lily, and they spent almosssssst a week here, trying to help him remember. Sssssss, ssssshe hit me on the nosssse with her ssssstupid axe, sssss!!" Blisa shakes her head sadly. "No. I tried to tell Dad, but he was busy with 2 fighting merchants and he told me to tell him later, but then he had to go to bed 'cause of a headache. I haven't had a chance to tell him since then."

Marek nods "Well, I am sure it was important at the time. maybe later on. How well do me and him know one another?"

Nightbreath hears out Basil's complaints, before saying, "Even if actions are not remembered, their results are still valid. Their effects still are a part of the world and must be lived with. And I know the Warrior personally, she wouldn't have done it without a reason."

Blisa has to think for a few minutes before answering his question. "Well......I think he sees you as a friend, and he didn't seem happy that you were missing for so long, but I can't remember what he's actually said to me about you. I'm sorry." And she does indeed look very sad about how she can't remember. Basil grumbles incoherently and tightens his coils a bit more, then relaxes them again. "Ssssssssssssssstupid Ssssssssseer, agreeing with the ssssssssssstupid mousssssse. I like Lily! I wasssssn't going to hurt her! I jusssssst wanted to give her a /tiny/ hug!" Although it's questionable if he understands the difference between a tiny hug and a death squeeze. Valerie is now watching the exchange between the ermine and the reptile, nervously wondering if Blisa needs to intervene.

Marek happens to look over where the snake is and frowns, he looks at Blisa "Is the snake trying someone?" He can't hear them talking so he has no clue, for all he knows the snake is telling the ermine he is lunch.

"Of course, of course," Nightbreath says soothingly. "But suppose you don't know your own strength? Suppose you hurt her by accident? That, I think, was the warrior's concern." He's more than capable of thinking his way out of the situation if necessary--never underestimate a Seer's intentions.

Blisa quickly looks over at the little duo thing that's going on. "Um, err.......I don't /think/ so. That's our Seer, Nightbreath. I'm /pretty/ sure that he can get himself out of the situation if he feels like he's in danger." Valerie nervously slips a paw into her herb satchel. Basil pauses in mid-hiss as the ermine's observation gets through to him. ".....ssssss, I never thought of that, ssssss. I wouldn't want to hurt Lily, sssssssssshe'ssssss nicessssssss...."

Marek looks uncertain "Are you sure?"

Nightbreath closes his eyes serenely, breathing, "Exactly. That was the intention behind DoraRose's action." He seems quite at peace.

"Hssssss, well, I ssssssssuposssssssssse you're right, hsssss...." Basil rests his head on the tabletop and starts trying to pet the ermine's head with the tip of his scaly tail. Blisa relaxes visibly. "Yes, I am. He sometimes pets me and my guards like that. Nightbreath is just fine." Valerie sighs in relief and pulls her empty paw out of her bag.

Marek nods again "I may need to speak to this seer, maybe a seer can help me regain some of my memories and maybe a clue , or more clues, to what has happen since I left here, and why I left here"

Nightbreath's ears perk up, even as Basil pets him. "You have need of my services?" he calls to Marek. Carefully, he extracts himself from the coils of Basil, giving the snake a quick pat on the snout, and strides over to Marek.

Blisa sighs as the ermine manages to get away from the snake's embrace. Basil follows him over to the bar and wraps the feline in his coils; she looks oddly at home there. Valerie turns to the Seer. "I don't know of any herbs to give him that might help. I had been hoping that seeing Lily again would help, but it didn't seem to as much as I had hoped."

Marek nods "A seer may be able to help where others have not been able to, I am unsure. I only know bits and pieces of a fight or something, by a waterfall and afterwards I know I recovered some with the help of a bat and squirrel and decided to make my way south or rather here"

"I know a few herbs that may help," Nightbreath says after listening to Marek and Valerie. "I assume you haven't tried a Dethwort concoction?"

"Bingo." Valerie nods. "Never even heard of it. But then again, my village wasn't very......supportive of Seers, so I am unaware of any little-known remedies." Blisa yawns and rests her head on her pet's coil, and he rearranges himself to be a bit more comfortable for her.

Nightbreath nods. "It's a rare herb, only found in small quantities. I've used it before, with an ancient recipe, to restore the memory of the Chieftain of Ferravale...It's known by other names, but there are few who know of its effectiveness as a healing tool, and thus most think it useless."

Marek listens and frowns "What?" He shakes his head "I have tried nothing and the two who found me by the falls had no clue who I was, they only tended to my wounds and had food and drink"

Marek starts to say something else to the seer when his eyes go wide and he rushes off to the kichens,a sigh of releive is heard as he has indeed saved his other batch of cheese scones, just in time too it would seem.

"I suppose that's for the best; some in this region would most likely kill..." Then Marek heads off, leaving Nightbreath's statement unfinished.

Valerie nods slowly. "Well, educate me about it. Perhaps you should go visit DoraRose's grandmother, Angela. She is a very skilled healer, and actually is Master Healer of Redwall when Leon is away. Perhaps she has heard of it."

Blisa watches the stoat go through half-closed eyes.

"I will do so," Nightbreath says, in regards to visiting Angela. "Dethwort is a plant known since olden times by my people. Other than its memory-restorative properties, it has no real uses, which is another reason it's so rare--few keep it or maintain it, and it only grows in certain conditions..."

"Like what?" Valerie has pulled out a notebook and charcoal pencil and has started taking notes, eager to learn about anything that has to do with healing. Blisa's eyes close, and she sighs contentedly. Basil checks on her with a concerned look on his face, but for now says nothing.

"Warm, moist, swamp-like areas, almost rancid. It grows in foulness, 'tis said. And if not prepared correctly or boiled, the results can be lethal. As there aren't many bogs in Mossflower, it's hard to find nearby."

Nightbreath explains after a moment.

Valerie nods and writes all of this down, then asks, "What does it look like? Please give me the most detailed description you can."

"Small, dark leaves...a spicy scent, almost burning the nostrils if you inhale it, or so it feels like. Leaves are triangular and jagged-looking, but are not sharp of course," Nightbreath details.

Valerie nods, then draws a quick sketch that looks exactly like how he described. "Like this?" Basilisk interrupts by trying to nudge both of them. "Ssss, I don't think Blisssssa issss feeling well....." The vixen quickly turns around and stares, aghast, at the petite cat, who is zonked out in her little throne of snake coils. The Healer checks her little charge's forehead, her brow furrowing. "Oh, she has a fever. I wonder how long she's had that? She didn't tell me that she was feeling lousy."

Nightbreath nods. "Approximately." Then he glances over to Blisa. "Shall we send for somebeast?" he asks Valerie.

He looks at the kitten with concern, and slips behind the counter, retrieves cold water, and brings it back, damping a cloth with it and going to put it on Blisa's forehead.

Blisa is asleep, and so can't help but accept the cool, wet cloth. Valerie, meanwhile, gives the Seer a LOOK. "I AM a healer, Mr. Ermine. I will ask that you would please keep that in mind." Basil rearranges himself slightly. "Issssssssssssshe gonna be okay??"

"Apologies," Nightbreath says quickly. "Depending on what's causing the fever, Basil, she should be fine. If it's just a cold and fever, it'll be okay...if it's something else, we'll wait and see." He shrugs. "There isn't much more we can do."

Basil whimpers slightly. Valerie nods slightly at the ermine's apology, then calmly begins checking over the sleeping cat, listening to her breathing and checking the insides of her ears. "She doesn't sound congested, and her ears seem clear...."

Nightbreath nods. "...I doubt she's been poisoned...any other symptoms you can see?" He's concerned despite his nonchalant manner.

"POISSSSSONED??!" "Hush, Basil, you'll wake her up." Valerie continues to check the cat, then stands back as Blisa begins to stir. "Not right now. Maybe she'll tell me how she's feeling when she wakes up fully."

Nightbreath stands up. "I have something to attend to. I will leave you to it. Best of luck." He gives a last, sad look to Blisa's inert form and departs. "Safe travels, little one," he whispers to himself.

Valerie and Basil then take Blisa home, where she is checked over upon awakening. It turns out that she has a mild cold with no chest congestion. But don't worry, she'll be just fine here in a few days :) Thanks for reading!