Big Brown Eyes and Razor Sharp Teeth

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Characters: Kentar, Will, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Kentar and Chris had spent most of the day together. Kentar told Chris about last night and that he's got two little sisters. He'll explain the crazy relation to the otter's dibbuns when he's much older and when it won't hurt his brain as much. Chris seems quite happy, but doesn't quite understand why he can't go meet them yet. Even though his father explained that Fira and Aik should have some time alone with their newborns.

Kentar smiles at Chris and then Will. "Hey Will." he smiles. "How's it feel to be a big brother, huh!?" He smiles widely. Chris waves frantically at Will and giggles a little

Will smiles, "It's really nice. Right now they're a lot like Racky but that won't last too long."

Kentar laughs and nods slowly. "Yeah." he smiles slowly. "Glad your happy though. I wasn't expecting it." he laughs. "I'm thinking of taking Chris to go see them if you want to come too." he nods.

Will shrugs, "Sure."

Kentar smiles a little and nods before standing. "Come on Chris! Lets go see the new otters!" The stoat smiles and takes Chris's paw, leading him along to the sleeping hall. He's walking but with Kentar's help.

Will chuckles a little, "I just sat down and now I have t get up again," he soon follows the stoats into the infirmary.

Moledeep: Infirmary

Kentar comes in, holding Chris's paw. Chris, is stumbling along by his father's side, but he's walking! Mostly. With Kentar's help. The stoat leads him slowly across the room to the otter family. "Hey parents!" he smiles.

Aikuen looks up and nods with a smile, "Hey Kentar!" he chuckles, and nods toward, "Oh no! You taught the little bugger to walk!" he laughs, "Aye... Parents..." he grins and erks, still very crazy!

Kentar grins and sets Chris on a bed where he can see easily. "Actually, he taught himself! I'm teaching him to stay up when he walks." he laughs. "In a few seasons, I'm sure he'll be bigger then I am!" he laughs with a grin. "How are the new additions?" he asks. Chris sits up and looks as best as he can to see the new otters.

Aikuen laughs and nods, "I'm sure he will!...And they're... they're just wonderful... They seem to be perfectly healthy..." Fira smirks at him, as they have been discussing that for a bit. Aik grins, "Ella likes to move her paws and grab things. Venei doesn't move much, but she like to gurgle.... And they should open their eyes any time soon... See the world for the first time!" Its all very exciting!

Kentar awws a little and smiles, nodding slowly. "Great, Aik." He smiles, giving them a little look over with a nod. "Yeah. They're beautiful. I'm sure they'll grow up to be fine beasts. Just like their mother." he laughs.

Aikuen eyes Kentar, and holds Ella closer, whispering, "Hear that? That was Kentar... He is a big meanie head, and you should bite him... every time you meet him!" he kisses the little one on the head. Fira snorts with laughter.

Kentar laughs at Aikuen and grins with a nod. "Haha. I'm just fooling with you Aikuen! They'll grow up to be fine beasts like their mother...and father." he smiles before sitting on the bed next to Christopher.

A Few Days Later

Kentar is taking Chris out and about again tonight, the little stoat walking on his own now, but still tripping every now and then. They wander into the infirmary and peek around, seeing whatever there is to see.

Aikuen and Fira are still in the Infirm. No duh! But they have gone from intensive care, to just resting. They are on yet again another bed. The largest in the room. Probably for badgers at one point. They did this so the whole family can be sitting on one bed comfortably. The little otters are out of their bundles and into little smocks. Aik has Ella again and Fira has Venei. Aik grunts, "OW! She is bitting me again!" he laughs. He looks up and waves, "Ahoy stoats!" he laughs. His other claw is still locked in the jaws of his daughter.

"Ahoy Aikuen and others!" Kentar chuckles, laughing a little more as Chris rushes to the beside to peek at the new little otters. "Hi!" the little stoat says with a slow nod. He's joined quickly by his father who now sits on the edge of the bed where there's no one there. "How are you beasts doing, hrm?"

Aikuen smiles at Chris, "Heyo Chris... Wave hi to Ella!" he yanks his claw out of her mouth, and turns her so Chris can get a better look. Ella's eyes have opened, and big brown eyes stare back at both stoats, "She opened her eyes yesterday... Venei is still a little slow. But to be expected with twins!" he laughs, "Were doing great..." he nods slowly, "Still getting used to it and stuff. But loving it!" he chuckles.

Kentar yawns slightly and smiles, looking down to Chris to see his reaction to the twins. "Elloh?" he asks, tilting his head before trying again. "Ellah." he nods once with a bright smile, reaching out to poke the young otter a little on the nose, like Aik and Kentar some times to do him. Kentar chuckles then nods to Aik. "Good to hear. Glad everyone's doing great." he smiles.

Aikuen smiles, "Heh! Yah everyone is doing great. Just... Just still getting used to the fact we had twins girls. Its wonderful..." he grins. Ella blinks and crosses her eyes at the little stoats claw, as she gets poked. She grrs quietly and tires to bite it with her razer sharp teeth. But Aik was expecting this, and pulls her away, "No! No biting our friends..." he places his claw in front of her, and she grabs it with both her paws, and proceed to chomp on it. Aik winces.

Chris meeps and pulls his paw away, hiding it under the covers of the bed. "Um. Hi!" he giggles a little bit before looking towards the other, non-biting otter girl. Chris just points and smiles.

Aikuen chuckles slightly, and bounces the bitey otter. Fira tilts her head and smiles at Chris, going to show Venei, to the little stoat "This is Venei, she cant see so..." she shrugs. Venei is sill 'blind' and holds her paws out in front of her, trying to grab something.

Chris reaches out so that Venei can take his paw if she wants to, the stoat smiling a little. "They're beautiful Aik. Still." Kentar says with a soft smile. "I'm so happy for you. Happy that everything went fine."

Aikuen smiles, "Thank you Kentar. Just like their mother... You and me both... That everything went alright... Hopefully it will all be good..." he nods, still things to check, still things to worry about. But the biggest part is over "I... cant... stand it..." he kisses the otter he is holding, "They are just... wonderful..." Venei, feels the little stoats paw and then immediately grabs it with both paws, and grips as tight as she possibly can. She gurgles and smiles.

Chris smiles widely when Venei takes his paw, the stoat giggling a little bit and moves his arm back and forth slowly. "Hi." he says with a bright smile. Seems happy with them. "Yeah." Kentar nods. "I know how you feel. Although you were more nervous with them then I was before Chris was born."

Aikuen glances back to Fira. She is too busy smiling and laughing at Venei and Chris. Moving the little babe back and forth, and the little one is gurgling and and moving her paws up and down. Aikuen sighs, "Well... Do you remember... a long time ago... I told you how my.... first wife died... I'm glad she didn't..." he nods, "Plus... its been 12 seasons since the last birth of a kit of my own... So... I expected it!" he grins.

Kentar nods slowly. "Yeah, I remember you saying." he sighs a little bit. "Which is why I got nervous when Fira had more contractions before we realized they were twins. Thought something was going wrong." he says. "Heh. We've both been married twice. The second time so far has been a complete and total success."

Aikuen nods slowly, "Me too... i thought i was going to lose her again... and don't think i could have handle that.. twice that would have happened... Good thing for twins!" he laughs, "Yep... I'm just glad to be happy again.. have someone to care for again..." he grins and pokes Ella in the nose.

Kentar laughs a little bit and nods slowly, smiling. "Yeah. I know how you feel. If I ever lost Garnet. I really would leave. Go somewhere where there were no beasts. And live alone." he nods. "But I'll never lose her!" he smiles. Chris just continues playing round with the otter babe, giggling wildly.

Aikuen snorts and nods, "Oh come on... and leave Chris to us? He will grow up to be an otter!... Which is not... bad... per say..." he laughs, "You better not mate..." he eyes him and chuckles. Venei chuckles, baby chuckle, and shows her razer teeth, pulling on the stoats paws toward herself.

Chris sees the teeth and then goes to pull his paw away, or at least force it so that she can't bite him but so that they can still play. He's strong for his age, and should be able to keep his paw away, but he's not sure and every so often, the otter gets his paw nice and close to that set of teeth. Kentar doesn't notice. "Aha. No, I wont." he says with a nod.

Fira does notice what Venei is doing, and is keeping an eye on her, but continue to let them play. Venei giggles, she likes this game. Pulling the stoats paw closer, and then laughs when its pulled away. Still not letting go for all her worth. Trying to pull it to her mouth

Chris giggles but awws as Kentar pulls him away gently. "Alright Chris. Time for bed." Kentar smiles. "Awww." But, like a good stoat, Chris doesn't argue. "We'll see you tomorrow Aik. Fira. Dibbuns." he laughs and starts off for their room

Venei frowns and grabs at air when the stoat is removed. She continues to grab, and starts to cry. Fira holds her close and pats her on the back. She slowly quiets down, and hmms to herself, as she noms on her shoulder. Aik waves at the stoats, "Night you guys! Thanks for stopping by! Come visit anytime. They will enjoy it." he chuckles, and lets Ella bite his claw. Bitey otters. They get that from their mother... Okay, and also from their father. He leans over and plants a small one on Fira, "Hey mum!" he grins

Will comes into the infirmary not having seen anyone out of it in a while. "Hi," he says pulling up a chair to sit with the otters. "How're they doing?" he asks mostly meaning his new sisters but also Fira to a degree.

Aikuen says, "Oi Will!" he shows Ella to him, "Her eyes have opened. Wave to her!" he laughs. Ella blinks at Will, with her orbs of eyes "They are all just fine and healthy. Biting anything that they can get in their mouth... but that's little otters for yah!" he grins, "It's just... all wonderful..."

Will chuckles and waves his good paw in front of the little otter's face, "Hey there, pretty girlie. Are you giving Mum an Pa a lot of trouble?"

Ella watches the paw move back and forth, moving her whole head with it. She grrs quietly reaching out and making biting motions. Aik laughs, "Little pike, they are!"

Will grins, "Uh oh," and pulls his paw back and out of the way of the bitey babe. "No you don't Ella. I'm not for eating or chewing on. Try th stoats."

Ella blinks and frowns, still grring quietly. Aikuen puts his claw in front of her. She grabs it and starts to chew on it, "Ow... Heh... She wanted to take a bite out of Chris. So did Venei. Both little biters!" he grins, "Though she will get you eventually..." and he starts to bounce her.

"Maybe," Will smirks at the little one, "If she can catch me. Hopefully they'll stop that before they start walking too much."

Aikuen shrugs, "Usually they stop biting once they draw blood for the first time. Usually. They may never get over it. And bite you, when you least expect it! Isn't that right... Darling!" he grins at her. She sticks her tongue out at him and smirks. Aik laughs, "I don't expect them to be mobile too soon. They will learn to swim first..." he nods

Will hmms, "Would fish blood count?"

Aikuen thinks about and nods, "Aye... Fish blood would work, I think... It makes sense all the same..." he hmms, "Probably how i quit the habit. I'm not sure, i wasn't told." he shrugs.

Will shrugs, "Makes some sense anyway. They're otters maybe they want t catch fishies already." He waves his paw in front of Ella again, keeping it out of reach. "You don't even know what fish are yet, huh? You'll like em, they taste good."

Ella continues to watch the paw, not reaching for it, or biting. Just watching and grring. Aik nods, "You think I should know these things. That makes sense though! Wont be long till she is able to fish all by herself..." he grins, "She is my daughter! Course she'll like em! Probably love Hardtack as well eh?" he chuckles.

"Maybe, probably like lot of things. They're Fira's daughters too. They might like stuff she likes instead or completely different stuff neither of you like," Will laughs picturing it in his mind.

Aikuen sticks his tongue out at him, "I can dream, cant I!" he holds her up, "You like Hardtack right?" she blinks, giggles and hmms. Aik grins, "I'll take that as a yes!" he laughs and licks the top of her head, "My daughter... daughters!" he looks over to Venei. Fira supports her, as it seems the little one feel asleep. Fira smiles and slowly rocks her.

"And my sisters," Will reminds the otter. The rat waves a claw in front of Ella's face, "No biting me." He taps her nose lightly, "Cause I'm bigger than you and I could kill you very easily .... if you weren't my sister. I'm, your big brother. And you're not to bite me. Understand?"

Ella watches the paw and tries to bite it as it come near. She grrs loudly and reaches for it. Aikuen frowns, "As much as that is true... I don't want you talking to them like that... until they are much older... they don't know any better. They think they are playing. They don't know it hurts. That's why blood makes them stop... Anyway, promise me you wont talk like that in front of them..." that's the big thing.

Will sighs, "Alright. Not til they're older. Others learn not t bite cause th ones they bite run away and then they're all by themselves. And they get hit a lot for it." He shrugs and walks back off toward the hall. "I'll see you all later," he says with a yawn.

Aikuen nods, "Thank you Will... See yah..." he then tilts his head at the last part. He was never hit for biting when he was younger. Hit for other things. But not for that. He leans in and licks her head once more, before letting her rest in his arms, "I will never hit you guys... no matter what... or else your mum is going to behead me..." he looks over to her, and she nods resolutely.