At the Silent Blades Camp

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  • A very short role play but, Its still a role play :)*

Ebony had just about had enough of this brat, she glares at Thorn, “Thorn..dear we need to have a serious chat on where you’re to stay and what you’re to do”

Thorn glares right back, “And why should I listen to you, you kidnapped me and you have a friend tied up.”

May looks up from where she is and frowns, she has been a fairly quiet captive.

“Can’t really kidnap those who already belong here, now can we dear?” Ebony states.

Thorn folds her arms over her chest “I don’t belong here”

May speaks now “She is right, she belongs at the Abbey and you beasts will be very much taken care of if you don’t release us”

Ebony glares at the hedgehog,” I wonder if they still will pay gold for a dead abbey beast”

Thorn frowns and walks over “Please Miss Ebony, don’t hurt Sister May, let her go. The abbey doesn’t have gold or…well anything like that, what would they offer you? Look I will stay if you release her, I will blindfold her and..or something”

May looks over at Thorn and frowns, “Thorn you can’t stay here child”

Ebony smirks, “She can and she will..” She gives a single and a sleeping dart or two is aimed and fired at the hedgehog.

May is hit and groans softly as she passes out, sleeping for most likely a while.

Thorn gasps and rushes forwards taking a pulse, she sighs in relief seeing as it’s just a sleeping dart and looks at Ebony as she stands slowly.

Ebony watches the child and says, “Morgan…place her in the room for thinking.”

Morgan nods and goes to carry out his duty, going to grab the dibbun by her arm.

Thorn starts to panic, ”No..NOOO!”

Ebony nods to the others, “And take the hedgehog to the abbey” They nod and do so, they will leave her near the gates and leave, a small lie will be given that she was found, passed out from the heat and they will then leave.

May is carried away by the rats.

Morgan tightens his grip and places Thorn in a room, only a small crack under a windowless door, so air can come in. No windows are in this room and it’s very small, he locks the door and stands guard outside.

Thorn panics more and beats on the door, her fear of closed in spaces are real as she screams and sobs and beats on the door, finally slowing as she slumps to the floor in tears and curls up hugging her knees as she falls asleep after a while.

Ebony sits back down in her chair and shakes her head “Yes me and the child needs serious talking…a child should obey her…mother after all” She leans back in her chair to think on plans for the Silent Blades.