Ah, the joys of OOC RPs.... or The rantings of the characters

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Big Bang Bar and Grille

Big Bang Bar and Grille is a very strange bar. It has a few booths and tables, but if you look around you'll notice it doesn't keep the same size. It's as though it changes with some hidden clock.

Exits: to [B]ooth [1], Exit



a bowl of (peanuts) sits on the bar

Lenore the raven (yes! she has returned!). Liam the pine marten.

Lenore is sitting at the bar, trying to figure out how to drink a cookies-and-cream milkshake from a tall glass. She has a small purple purse laying on the bartop next to her drink. The raven grasps the top of the glass with her bleak and tries to lick the top of the milkshake. And fails. Miserably.

The door opens wide to admit a wide bellied Pine marten. Liam Grey did not look too pleased by the storm cloud he had hanging over his head. Sitting down at the bar Liam causally reached up and grabbed the storm cloud. Folding it up into a ball he threw it into the nearest trash can. "Great...now I'm mad, hungry AND wet. Stupid metaphorical gag..."

Lenore eyes the mustelid suspiciously, then gives way to a strangled squawk as she realizes that she opened her mouth too far and can't let go of the glass. After a few moments of struggling, she somehow manages to get her face loose and snaps her beak shut. Making distressed noises, she waves hello at the pine marten, to embarrassed and pain-filled to say anything just yet.

The fattened Liam orders a salad. "Oh! Hi...sorry, didn't see you there. Guess I've was lost in my own thoughts. It's all I've been able to do lately." The marten begins to continue even though the bird didn't ask him too. "Blast my player! I haven't been in a scene for so long...the last real story I was in was weeks ago...and before that, nothing!" The salad and some water come quickly enough. He stabs fiercely at the veggies with his fork, "I was supposed to be a thief you know! A THIEF! A beast who lived dangerously, on the edge, with a suave personality. But did the player follow through? NO! Look at me now! I'm leading a sedentary life as a inn keeper with all the pancakes I can shovel down my gullet."The marten pauses only to gulp down a mouth full of water.

Lenore just sits there staring at the marten, debating about pecking him to get him to shut up and stop telling her facts she doesn't want to know and stinking care about. Now that her face has basically stopped hurting, she uncovers her beak and says, "Yeah, well, /my/ player killed me In Character." She preens her left wing and actually looks rather proud of the fact that she's ICly dead.

The pine marten chuffs, "At least it's a role...right?" Liam shakes his fists in the air, "I HATE PANCAKES! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU JACKWAGON PLAYER! I. HATE. PANCAKES!!!" Liam sighs and calms down. "I'm sorry, um, to hear about your icly demise." He then adds, "I hope it wasn't TOO painfull." He sighs again, "At this rate I am probibly going to die of either gluttony or health problems..."

Lenore grins wickedly as she asks for a bowl. "I got stabbed in the chest by my boss, Vladmir Stormfeather, after I betrayed him." when the bowl arrives, she looks at the pine marten and says, "If you'd like, I could come to the In Character area and haunt you....that might help...my player would enjoy it immensly...."

Liam cringes at the thought of being haunted by a bird. "Er...no thanks. I was kind of hoping of something more...actiony." He pats at his stomach, "You know, before I end up like Fargo." The pine marten laughs a bit, "You could always come back as 'another' bird named Lenore, or maybe dress up as some bird of prey and come and attack the Inn."

Lenore sniffs and gives the pine marten a disdainful look, then pours some of her milkshake into the bowl. "Your loss...mmmmm." she makes a satisfied noise as she drinks her milkshake from her bowl. "Mmmm....maybe you could get DoraRose mad at you...she was a very frightening mouse, if I do say so myself. Having the Bloodwrath and all, she does..."

Liam rubs at his chin. "Hmmm, that might be an idea...or maybe get Blisa mad at me. Life is honestly too comfortable for me right now." He get's a passionate look in his eyes that only an actor can. "There should be conflict, deadly scenes of darring do! I mean it's not much of a story if all I do is sit and eat, right? Right?" The marten has finished his salad with most haste and is almost done with his water. "At least the player stuck with one backstory this time. It could have been worse, I could have had a back story like Bandit's. Poor fox had his retconned into being just a pirate."

Lenore opens her beak to say something when her purse starts vibrating and making this very annoying chirruping noise. Pulling out a phone, the raven reads the text, then puts the phone back where it came from, loops it over her head, and grabs her milkshake in it's bowl and glass. "My player has to get to dance class now. Have a good day; I would suggest arguing with your player somemore. Watch out for ferrets!" and she flies off, with the barkeep screaming insults after her as she steals the glass and bowl.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was funny :)