Aclidia Blues Part 6

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Albus leads Galyn to the alley where he 'murdered' Sibyl, but little does Glayn know that he's in for an interesting surprise ;)

The night wares on for Galyn. The stoat rubs his arms nervously as he follows the fox. Why did Korudon have to leave him behind with the fox. He thought the blood thirsty ferret would have jumped at the chance to see sibyl dead. But no, he left Galyn to d o his dirty work. The streets are lit only by lamp posts are filled with only the occasional begger or night worker. A nasty thought strikes the stoat, what if Kor hired the fox to kill him too! Galyn gulps

As said fox continues on, leading Galyn closer to the location of the 'murder' that he had described before, he had to increasingly focus his thoughts on remaining calm and not tensing up, and instead looking as though it was just another walk for him and the stoat following him. Of course, he knew Galyn was afraid of him, and he knew full well that he would have to use this to his advantage, and perhaps even pull a little bit of his...'magic'...

The stoat shakes his head clear of any such thoughts. He follows the fox but keeps his distance, only getting close to whisper, "How far it is? To S-sibyl I mean?" He looks around nervously as they continue through the endless rows of shops and poorly lit ally ways.

Albus chuckles softly, pointing to one of the many poorly lit alleyways. "She's right in there mate," He replies, looking back to give a rather pointy toothed smile. "Would you like to go first, or shall I?" He was determined to be as indimidating as possible while remaining quite 'innocent'.

The fox reminds Galyn of a shark grinning at some poor otter that strayed into his path. He swallows before replying. "I...I will let you go first...." He takes a step backwards to let the fox show him the way.

Albus shrugs as though this didn't bother him and continues on, nearing the entrance of the alleyway. "Alright, then it's just right in here," He says as he walks into the alleyway, his white fur quite apparent even in the dim light.

The Light brown stoat cautiously follows him in. His eyes are having trouble adjusting to the dark. "Where is she? I can't see her." He steps closer to the fox peeing down the ally way. He sees some boxes of trash but otherwise can not see anything lizard shaped.

Albus turns, waving the stoat closer with an almost trustworthy looking smile. "Come on, I hid her quite well, so you won't be seeing her in the dark from there."

The stoat chitters to himself and moves ever closer to the fox. Standing next to Albus the stoat peers into the darkness around him, "I'll say, you did hide her well. What did you do? Bury her in the stone work?"

A sudden slither of steel answers this question, and Albus grips the stoat's arm tightly, turning to attempt to press one of his daggers against Galyn's throat.

A wave of panic over comes the stoat with the metal pressed against his throat. He gasps in shock and very badly wants to let out an ear peircing scream. Instead he babbles almost incoherently "What are you doing!" then adds, "Oh light, Korudon sent you to kill me too didn't he?" his body shakes with fear as he tries and fails to pull away.

Albus growls, pushing the stoat back into the alley wall quite roughly, his dagger still pressed against the stoat's throat. "Korudon did not tell me to kill you." He says quietly, yet dangerously. "Now you're going to listen to me, and you will not scream or alert anybeast, or you will no longer have a throat."

Galyn responds with a low whimper and gulps. "Y-your the boss..." as he is pushed against the wall. Oh why did Kor leave him here with this monster? Did he know this would happen?

Albus gives the stoat a wide toothy grin. "Seems like you're quite a good I'd be hard pressed to kill you mate, and do you know why that is?"

Galyn is a coward but he is far from stupid, if the fox kills him then Korudon will know that he failed to kill Sibyl. Instead he answers, "B-because you n-need me alive?" Its only a small comfort thought. Years of knowing Korudon have taught the stoat that beasts don't always act in a logical mannor.

Albus chuckles softly, nodding. "You're a smart one aren't you? Yes, that's right, I do need you alive, but believe me.." He leans in close, making his muzzle with its sharp rows of teeth only inches from Galyn's face. "I won't hesitate to kill you if I need to.Do I make myself clear?"

The stoat turns his head away from the fox. His breath only part of the reason. "Wh-what do you need me to do?"

Albus pulls his head back, though he does not make any attempt to move otherwise. "All I need for you to do is to tell Korudon and anybeast such as Maffeo who asks that you saw Sibyl dead. Do you think you can do that?"

The stoat tenses at the mention of Maffeo but the reason is not entirely clear, "I...I think I can do that." The stoat is starting to see a glimer of hope that he is going to survive this.

Albus smiles. "Good...maybe I won't have to kill you then, but believe me, if I hear that you breathed a word of what happened here, I will personally find you and kill you nice and slow, how does that sound?"

Galyn nods vigorously, "Oh I got that intention loud and clear the moment Imet you sir. You tend to pick up on it like a six sense, comes from knowing assassins like Korudon for so long..."

Albus chuckles. "Good. I'm glad we have that settled." He finally releases the stoat and steps back, though his dagger is still ready if he needs to use it. "By now, you've probably figured out that Sibyl isn't dead."

Rubbing at his throat the stoat replies, "Yeah....I kind of figured that. To be honest I'm a little glad she isnt. I always kind of liked her..." he says with honesty.

Albus nods. "Aye, and she was the first to attempt to befriend me here, and I found that I couldn't kill her." To be honest, the fox is quite relieved that the stoat sees the same way he does. It makes everything that much more easy.

The stoat stops to stare at the fox like he has gone mad. Dispite all the fear he is feeling the stoat begins to chuckle then bursts out laughing, "Oh you have got to be joking! Out of all the assassins Korodun chose he picked the bleeding heart! Really?" Galyn almost doubles over in laughter

Albus raises an eyebrow at the stoat, though he can't help but smile at the irony. "Aye, that he did I suppose, though it's not exactly a normal occurence."

Galyn gradually stops himself from laughter. It is anything but joyous. He may not want to see the lizard die but...he kind of needs her to be out of the picture for a while or else... maybe he can turn this around to his own favor...somehow.

Albus sighs finally, gesturing towards the entrance of the alleyway. "Alright, now go, and remember what I've told you, and if they ask where she is, just say I blindfolded you or something of the sort, and for star's sake try to sound convincing."

The stoat forces himself to smile but inwardly his heart is racing. This whole affair is going to get him killed one way or another. With a simple nod of his head the stoat takes off down the street eager to be away from this mad beast. He doesn't even want to think about what he is going to say to Korudon...

Albus nods once to himself, walking straight out of the abbey, but more slowly and thoughtfully. Once out, he stops in the middle of the road, looking straight up at the dark sky. "What have I gotten myself into..." He wonders to himself.