A Much Needed Talk

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Taran and Leon finally Talk after both have had some time to think----

Flicktail comes down into Cavern Hole actually following the mouse named Leon, whom he saw come down here

Leon has been down here a while, so if he was followed then it wasn’t right away, he sits in a chair sipping some cordial.

Flicktail walks over "Leon....May I have some of your time? I have a problem and I need a friend to talk to

Leon looks up and nods "Well I can try and help sir, well try my best. I have been really busy in the infirm but Mr. Angelo volunteered to help and I welcomed it, I am also thinking on asking Lorimis to advance a Novice to Brother rank maybe"

Flicktail nod nods "this is important to me Leon, so I really could use your help, not getting called away. I really want you to consider this problem with me

Leon says, "Well I am taking a couple days off from the infirm, if it involves that I rather not really, I need to rest and...well spend time with my family."

Flicktail says, "Well, it does not involve the infirmary but it do involve your family"

Leon frowns "Flicktail, this is no times for jokes..Dorarose and the dibbuns are fine and please don’t say they aren’t as I don’t need the stress." He manages a smile "Like I said just some rest at my home, not bothered unless it’s important and Angelo is a great healer as well as Dorarose's grandma, they can handle the infirm a couple days"

Flicktail says, "this is not a Joke Leon....I spoke to Taran.....and I want to talk about it with you.....I feel it important"

Leon frowns at the name, "Oh..you meet my father, I am sorry I can ask him to leave but it’s probably best to have Lorimis ask him, not me"

Flicktail says, "I have asked him to stay, he was in tears Leon, and told me he feels terrible for what he did to you....I know how he feels....Leon, I have decided to make him my friend too, I did foolish things too so we have that in common, him and I"

Leon says, "When I spoke to him, or rather he to me, he said he wished he didn’t set footpaw in this abbey cause I was here, that he wanted to avoid me"

Flicktail says, "well I don't know what happened, but he has told me he now feels otherwise, but doesn’t think you want to hear his apology, that he can't forgive himself, I told him I would help how I could, but I am not real good at it”

Leon shakes his head "Not what he told me, looked right at me said a past event was all my fault and he didn’t want anything to do with me or my family..that was a few days ago"

Flicktail asks, "if he came and told you he was sorry, would you listen and give him a chance?"

Leon answers "I..I don't know, guess it would be how he acted, did he mean it , was in just temporary cause someone told him to say it or what?"

Flicktail says, "I told him the same, that he had to earn forgiveness just like I had to for what I did wrong"

Leon nods slowly "I have heard your story before, I remember when I first meet you in fact by the pond"

Flicktail nod nods "If he betrays me I will never trust him either, but the beast was pretty convincing to me, or else I would not risk upsetting you, or calling him a friend”

Leon says, "I was not there when he spoke to you and I am surprised he spoke to you, he could of easily tried to harm you also. He never liked vermin species near the village...I didn’t trust you when I first came here, then again I was..different then"

Flicktail nod nods "Well the Abbey does things to a beast, as for hurting me, I can take care of meself when I need ta”

Leon says, "When I first came here I..didn’t really care about anything, I saved a dibbun from the pond I remember..and meet another beast that same day"

Flicktail nod nods "I really want to help your Father, Leon”

Leon says, "Well, not sure he can be helped"

Flicktail says, "Well nothing worth doing is ever easy....but the beast seemed sincere ta me"

Leon says, "Well why hasn’t he spoken to me or seeked me out all these seasons"

Flicktail says, "Well he was a fool, and now I think he cannot forgive himself, so he assumes you cannot forgive him either"

Leon is listening "I..do not know, he..he basically threw me out of my home..I was barley 6 seasons and had to fend for myself"

Flicktail says, "Aye he told me"

---Later in the Herb Garden---

Leon has come here to check on the herbs, some grow here and have been left alone and others he gets from the woods. He will also plant some once in a while at different times of the year. Today he is just finishing up weeding the herb garden and picking a couple herbs for the infirm.

Taran walks over slowly and stops a few feet from Leon and seems to find the courage to speak. His footpaw is feeling better so no more limping is being done, "Son?" He then waits on a response.

Leon turns to the sound of Taran's voice and stands after placing the couple herbs in a pouch and picking up the basket of weeds to toss, "What do you want?" His voice is calm as he speaks "I was making sure all was well in the herb garden."

Taran nods and says "Your, doing a fine job with that. Look I didn’t come here to..to say weather your doing a good job or not it was too...well." He is silent then speaks "What I did to you, when you left..well I made you leave, was wrong and I know that now"

Leon stands there and he listens, he frowns "You banished me, you didn't even let me see my sister, or say anything or explain anything it was just to go right then and there. It made me not want to care about anything or anyone...least at the time."

Leon says, "Coming here helped me..the beasts here and Dorarose helped me a lot as well, if it wasn’t for her I never would of learned to care again, she save me that day and we fell in love and I married her and now we have two dibbuns"

Taran manages a smile as he listens "I am..happy for you, I am and I am glad of this Dorarose." He then adds "I am sorry for any pain or suffering I caused you Leon, I was a fool that day, I wasn't thinking..."He stops and looks near tears.

Leon stays silent as he listens to Taran speak, he watches Taran it seems and at first looks like he will walk away till he suddenly goes up to him and hugs Taran and lets tears flood down his own face.

Taran gasps, this causing his own tears and he hugs his son back and smiles “I missed you so much."

Leon speaks after several moments, still hugging Taran, "I missed you also father. I love you"

Taran smiles "I love you as well son"

Leon smiles, "You need to meet your Grandchildren..come on to my home..." He then makes sure he is followed as he heads to his home.

Taran smiles and follows Leon. “Sounds good son"

Leon smiles as they head on other to the house to see Dorarose, Lillymoore and Caleb.