A Fight Ends Badly

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Dirt Road

Mossflower - Dirt Road -------------------------

Simple, and ever-lasting, the dirt road travels on, to the north and south,

as a highway for all beasts, shining in the sunlight and warm with

the summer's heat. Grasslands surround the road, gently swaying in an

unseen breeze, golden stalks, like beams of sunlight captured on their

journey from the heavens to the earth. To the south, a single structure

emerges out of the sea of grass. The building, seemingly abandoned, is

only the singed framework of what looks to have once been a church. Now,

though, it offers only scanty shelter. Though the road is slightly

rutted, it's condition is certainly acceptable for most beasts to walk

upon, and by the pawprints marking its surface, it appears to be often


Exits: [M]eadow, [S]trange [C]learing, [G]rasslands, [S]outh, [N]orth

Ebony looks back and forth on the dirt road, for travelers and any sign of beasts she needs to find. Beside her is a group of 5 rats, and a couple other ones “Catch up Patchfur and Thorn”

Thorn sighs but catches up to the group at a fair pace; she has a long thin dagger now at her side.

Patchfur walks along beside Thorn as he talks with her “Ya know she wouldn’t of locked you up had you just listened.”

Morgan stays in the rear of the group, always alert and always one to look for a fight.

Taran has made the mistake of coming out, he has a borrowed short sword with him and has one thing on his mind, get back at least part of his stuff. He hears voices and ducks behind a bit of weeds and a large berry bush and soon spots the rats.

Ebony shakes her head, “I only punish when needed dear, only then now let us find something of use or value poor lonely travers seem to have.

Also out today is Barley, he has decided to stay in the area a little while, just a short while, and gather some herbs not normally found along the sea coast and he has always wanted to visit the abbey and after much pleading he got some time off.

Patchfur adjusts his daggers on his tunic belt and keeps alert; he has yet to spot the hare or mouse.

Thorn blinks as she does spot Taran out of the corner of her eye but she doesn’t say anything but takes a mental note on where he is hiding.

Taran eyes narrow as he sees the rat group and goes to lay a paw on his sword as he slowly draws it and readies to sneak behind the rats the first chance he gets.

Morgan catches movement and shakes his head; “Woodlanders” He mutters and stops as he heads towards the mouse and goes to quickly make a grab for him.

Taran gasps as he is pulled up and swings his blade at the wildcat in hopes of injuring him.

Ebony stops and watches Taran and Morgan start to fight; she keeps all the rats behind her.

Barley is not much a fighter, he is a better healer but a one on one fight is easy enough as he gets his saber and speaks as he advances on the wildcat “How about ya jolly well put the mouse down wot?”

Thorn frowns as she looks over at the hare as he arrives, “This can’t be good, I seen hares fight they are very good”

Patchfur shrugs “So, not interesting to me and seems its Morgan’s fight”

Morgan turns slowly around to face the hare and grins coldly “A long ear huh” He studies the outfitted hare up and down and goes to punch Taran in the face to knock him out and then drop him, drop him either way and draws his large sword out, “Ya die” He then slices at an angled pose and goes forwards aiming for the chest.

Taran has no way to defend himself and so is easily knocked out and slumps to the ground, alive but now unconscious.

Barley barely has time to move sideways and he misses the blade to the chest but gets a nasty cut along the right arm which he instantly holds to slow some bleeding as he glares at the wildcat “Be lucky I am not with a patrol, you jolly well be in trouble then”

Thorn frowns, “Please..Morgan don’t hurt the hare, he just wanted to help the mouse..”

Patchfur rolls his eyes “Hare’s fault for interrupting I say lass, sides this is fun to watch a good old fight”

Ebony says nothing, she is not one to get involved in fights the wildcat has.

Morgan glares over at Thorn and Patchfur as he once more swings at the hare, this time the side and he uses his other paw to pull out a dagger.

Barley looks to where Taran lies and tries to one again sidestep the blade, he watches the dagger paw and gasps in pain when the sword cuts into his side causing him to stumble and roll a couple feet to the side of the road.

Thorn frowns, ”This is not funny Patch. I dislike this we usually just rob a beast not kill them.”

Patchfur shrugs, “Hey I care less.”

Ebony looks to them both, “Stop arguing…” She nods and snaps her fingers at the five rats, “ Take valuables and whatever else may be useful to us”

The rats obey and quickly go to take any coins or whatever the hare has and if need be knock him out.

Morgan steps back and chuckles coldly, he wipes the blood off his blade onto some tall grass and puts it away as he keeps the dagger out.

Barley has copper and gold coins, a good amount of coins as its about 15 gold and a lot of copper. He has food to last a normal beast 2 weeks, him probably would have been 3 days. He also some healing herbs he was collecting. He groans as he tries to get up and then feels a kick in the side and a punch to the chin, he coughs a little as his uniform is ripped some.

Thorn frowns, “Morgan, he’s real bad hurt and “ She frowns “I don’t like your idea of humor”

Patchfur goes to pull the rat maid back “Now now…that’s enough Thorn”

Ebony calls back her rats and starts to head to the camp, she sends a warning glare at Thorn.

Morgan grins “I guess my sense of humor is different from yours, like this….” He goes to coat the dagger in a thick yellowish liquid and then goes to lay it against the hare’s throat and makes a quick move across it and steps back.

Barley is weak enough with some other blood loss and barely has time to react to this, the dagger goes across his throat and he kicks some as blood flows freely, some pain and then it’s gone. If the blood loss doesn’t finish him the poison did as his chest rises and falls one last time and he goes limp.

Thorn eyes go wide and she places a paw to her mouth, she has witnessed death.

Patchfur gulps at this and looks away, pulling Thorn away.

Morgan smirks “See..I find that funny” He laughs coldly and leaves the dead hare behind, but first he lifts up the unconcious Taran and heads to the camp “Come..we can’t stay here now.”

Ebony seems to have no reaction but she does make sure the rats follow her, including Patchfur and Thorn.

Thorn gets tears down her face and shivers some, but follows out of fear.

Patchfur follows and stays beside Thorn.

Ebony takes a final look around to make sure all is clear and leaves the area before beasts come into the area and find the dead hare and signs of battle.