Fortified Camp (Long Patrol)

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The Fortified Camp of the Long Patrol

Basic Camp Layout

The camp is the base of operations for the Long Patrol in the field. A properly set up camp contains all of the necessities for a battalion of the Patrol to function, including kitchen tents, smithing tents, storage tents, command tent, and of course barrack tents. The camp is to be set up in a large square on a grid system with two main 'roads' separating the camp into equal quarters. Surrounding this are earthwork defenses usually consisting of at least a deep ditch and earth mound, with a wooden palisade wall built when there are ample enough trees in the area.

Sentries are to be posted in pairs by each entrance to the camp, and thee must always be a minimum of at least sixteen hares on sentry duty at all times (two hares for each quarter of the camp, two hares for each main entrance) when Patrol numbers allow.

The requirements for smaller camps, such as for a single patrol, are not as strict though are still encouraged to set up what defenses they can and always have at least four hares on sentry duty at all times.