Three Sillies

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Characters: William, Amethyst, Ella, Aikuen, Fira

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

William is sitting in one of the armchairs in Mole Hall with Amy sitting on his lap. Apparently the rats both wanted to sit in the same chair. Amy had been in it first but when she had gotten up Will had taken it.

Of course she couldn't just find another chair and so she'd proceeded to sit in the chair weather it was occupied or not. And Will hadn't taken the hint to vacate in it her favor. In fact he had wrapping his arms around her so she would be trapped and to add insult to injury had even swiped a large portion of the pastie Amy'd brought in with her from the kitchen.

There is the sound of loud giggling then the sound of pads against dirt. You know what that means! One of the little otters has escaped. But which one is it today? She giggles as she peaks around with her brown eyes. She stops giggling as she walks toward the rats, "Hewoos..." she nods going over to an empty chair. But without her partner in crime. She cant get up. Without jumping a few times at least!

Amethyst has resigned herself to being trapped by a pastie theif for the time being. She waves toward the sounds of little otter, "Hello yourself. What are you doing out here?"

William smiles as he munches on warm tasty pastie. He nods a little at Ella when he sees her.

Amethyst nods at this revelation, "Must run in the family. Your big brother here's being silly too. He took my chair and at least half my pastie." She pokes at Will as she playfully accuses him.

William finishes the pastie and grins over at Ella, "She got up and I just happened to sit in this chair and then Amy came back and sat on me. That wasn't very nice of her." He hugs Amy a little tighter and kisses her cheek. "Think this room's full of silly beasts. What do you think Ella?" he asks as he tries to sneak a lemon tart off Amy's plate.

Ella tilts her head at them, "I like pastys... Daddies says i is a sillies... And so does mommies... says i gets it from daddies... I dont knows what that means..." she continues to pick her toe. Showing her webbed feet. Normal among otters. But a big no-no in the social world, "I tink your both sillies..." She puts her arms in the air, "Sillies!" and she falls on her back, giggling.

Amethyst feels around her now empty plate and elbows Will a bit, "A beast'd think you're part hare with the way you scoff. Hardily left me anything, just some gravy."

William wipes some crumbs off his whiskers and fakes a scowl, "How insulting. I scoff like a hare? Really now! Well just for that I wont accept any more food you have to offer. If you can't share nicely then I'll fed myself!" Will doesn't try too hard to look stern as Amy can't see him. He smiles and winks at Ella as if she his coconspirator in this joke.

Ella tilts her head at the wink, "Why you is do that?" she pulls on her ear and bounces her footpads again, "Ive ...uhhh... erds... of hares... what are they? Da is like bunnies... " she nods as she has seen a picture before. The little otter yawns lightly and climbs off the chair. Finding something else to do, while she is escaped. Cant do much without her cohort though.

Amethyst tries to explain in a dibbun friendly manner, "Hare are like big bunnies but they don't like being called bunnies and they eat a lot. A lot a lot. More than all of us put together! I was just teasing Billy case he ate up my food. He's a silly rat. ... and I need to watch my plate closer."

William copies Ella tilting his head when she tilts hers, "Cause I wanted to. Now where are you going Pikefish? You can't leave. We need our Pikefish to stay here. We'll be sad if you go away," he says tilting his head back the other way as his sister starts to wander off.

William copies Ella tilting his head when she tilts hers, "Cause I wanted to. Now where are you going Pikefish? You can't leave. We need our Pikefish to stay here. We'll be sad if you go away," he says tilting his head back the other way as his sister starts to wander off.

Ella stops running around the hall to look at the rats, "Billies? What a Billies?" Oh goody! A new word for her to discover. Then she turns to Will, getting on all fours slowly crawling toward them. Stalking, "I is goings nowwheres... Dont be sads..." She puts her ears back and gets close to the ground. Trying to be a flat otter doormat. Her rudder flicks from side to side, "Im huntings..." she grrs quietly.

William frowns, "You didn't hear that. You heard nothing. She said nothing understand?" He doesn't need either twin picking up on more nicknames from the others to use in place of his name. "... What are you hunting Ella?" Will asks not sure if he wants to know as he did hear what happened to Robin.

Billies will be forever implanted in her mind. It's too late. But maybe she will forget. Hopefully. Ella scoots forward, inch by inch. Growling softly as she imagines, "I is huntings... Ratties..." she scoots in the direction of an empty armchair, obviously hunting some imaginary rats, other than the real ones. When she is close enough, she sticks her bum in the air and growls loudly, "Rawr!" She jumps and lands on top of the seat, grabbing her rudder and biting it. Snarling and growling. Imagination is a powerful thing.

William had scooted Amy off his lap and squished her up beside himself at Ella's announcement but he relaxes when she goes after pretend rats instead. "... Good job Ella," he says when she attacks the chair, "Remember don't hunt any of th family. That would be very bad."

Amethyst had tucked her footpaws up when Ella'd said she was 'huntings Ratties'. Being moved doesn't help matters but as she isn't feeling sharp little otter fangs anywhere and Will is commending Ella's behavior, the maid presumes the little otter's fond a different target after all. "... and where are the other otters while she's out here I wonder," the blind rat mutters leaning against Will.

Ella stops biting her rudder and she stands up on the chair, looking at the rats, "I gots them... they is trouble us'es no mores..." she grins and giggles, and then her head turns toward the door.

A mixture of grunting and yelling can be heard, "There... I did my chores Robin... Go shove it, to Kentar now..." Aik grunts as he dusts off a collection of snow. Leaving Robin to continue his work outside. Aik shivers loudly as he enters the mainhall, "Hello..." doesn't seem to pleased. Ella giggles and jumps off the chair, "Daddies!" she runs up and jumps on him. Aik grunts as he catches her, "Whoh... Argh... my joints..." he grits. Ella hms and begins to nibble on his habit, "Yous colds... noms..."

William turns his head and seeing Aikuen he chuckles, "Here's your answer Ames. Hellgates must have froze over Pa was outside, though I doubt willingly!"

Amethyst smiles, "You got them? That must have been a sight to see." The maid is slightly distracked from the little otter as Aik is heard coming in and then Will's talking to her. "You escaped. Ella was just telling us how she got rid of you and the other otters," Amy calls over toward the entry since the otter had to have come in from there and she doesn't think he's moved yet.

Aikuen grits his teeth, "Kentar was buggin me to do my chores... and i did them. Problem is... Is that... they are all outside... I think my whiskers broke off..." He would try and feel, but his joints have locked up and its very hard to move, "This is more painful than it looks... " He looks to Ella who is giggling and trying to devour Aik habit, "Ah, she must have lulled the others into a false sense of security..." he grits and winces. Not moving from this spot.

"How long were you out there?" Will asks as the otter seems in pain though he doesn't seem overly blue. The rat hauls himself out of his chair letting Amy have it to herself for the moment, "Ella, don't eat him. We like him not eaten. I'll get ya a blanket and some soup Pa you must of been out there a while ... or something." Will heads off to do just as he's said he may even ask Garnet to pour out some tea for the old otter as well.

Amethyst is pleased to have the chair to herself again and is making the most of it. "This is why I don't go outside in the cold. ... Maybe you could ask your son to take over your chores for the rest of the winter? He'd probably enjoy it he's crazy and likes the horrible cold."

Aikuen is still having a hard time moving, "Since dawn... Thought it get warmer as i worked... Oh how i was wrong..." he shakes his head. He looks to his son, "Thanks... And could you get Fira for me... when you get finished. She knows how to... well... fix me." he nods slowly and sighs, "Maybe I will Amy. Fira was doing the 'well checking' for me. She doesn't mind that too much...." he grits and slowly makes for the table and sits down, "Ow... That hurt like a..." he was about to say something, when the nomming little otter changes him mind, "Umm... Well it hurt." he grunts.

Amethyst says, "I don't doubt it. ... Why don't you tell your daddy what you've been doing today Ella? It'll make him feel better."

Aikuen looks down to his daughter, "Oh... What have you been doing... ung... my rudderkin?"

Ella lets her teeth off the habit, "Daddies... I coaughted some bad ratties..."

Aik glances toward the rat, but gets the impression she was just imagining some other rats, "Really?"

"Ayes... De were ova there" she points to the empty chair, "I was all snakey... Didnt sees it comings..." she grins and giggles.

William returns after a while with a tray and Fira in tow carrying a few blankets. Will holds the tray upon which sits a bowl of soup and a teacup and the tea kettle. "Do you want t eat in here or would you rather I put this in your room and you an Mum can do whatever you need to t get you feeling better," he asks.

Aik smiles at her, "My little hunter..." he hears them both coming and he smiles. Cant help it, "Thanks a bunch Will..." Fira walks over and puts a paw on his shoulder, "Broke?" she smirks. Aik frowns, "Aye... And Aye Will... Please help me get it to the room. Its warmer in there..." Fira sighs and helps the old otter up. Who is still carrying the little one. Aik says, "If i can still move later... See yah... Amy..." he grunts as he is lead into the sleeping hall.


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