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- Julia (NPC - Felicity)
- Julia (NPC - Felicity)
- Grace
=== Resident Redwall Hare ===
=== Resident Redwall Hare ===

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Each Long Patrol hare fills an important role in the greater scheme of the Patrol and the mountain.

In addition to their rank, active duty Patrollers each have a specialty. This is chosen at the completion of recruit training, when a Patroller is promoted to Private. At that point, they have already received a general academic education, as well as basic exposure to a variety of weapons and tactics to assist in this decision. The specialty is the lifelong focus of their training and defines their function within their appointed patrol division and any combat situation. There are three major specialties: fighter, healer, and runner.

There are also a handful of supplementary positions that contribute to the overall community and functionality of Salamandastron. Some of these are filled by non-Patrol residents, and some are filled by active, retired, or off-duty Patrollers.

In the interest of keeping this page as up to date as possible, if a position is inhabited by a character that has gone idle, their name is not listed - but should they return to activity, and the position remains open, they will be re-added to the page!



This is the most common specialty for a Patroller. The Fighter role is the backbone of the entire organization. These are the hares that specialize in combat, whether it be boxing, dueling, or at range. The saber is the typical weapon of a Fighter, though they are trained in a variety of weapon types and can use whatever they have available to them effectively. Fighters are marked by black shoulderboards with a single silver bar.

- Dominik

- Monty

- Jinora

- Alpine

- Terrence


This is the next most common specialty for a Patroller, the essential Runner. These hares travel light, and their speed makes them ideal carriers of messages and scouts for the Patrol. All Long Patrol hares are trained to fight, but Runners favor speed and agility over brute strength. It's more common to see runners carrying lighter weapons, as a result. For this reason, long knives, rapiers, light sabers, and bows are more typical among Runners. Runners are marked by black shoulderboards with a silver square.

- Felicity

- Adrian

- Zolomon

- Riley

- Sersi


This is the least common specialty for a Patroller, with generally only one of any rank in a given Patrol. The Healer is the supplemental force that keeps the Patrol stitched together. They receive expansive fight training as part of the Patrol, but their primary purpose is to provide medical treatment, and therefore their training and equipment favors this. Healers carry their supplies with them, and often choose smaller weapons to compensate for the weight. Long knives, throwing knives, rapiers, and light sabers are popular choices amongst them. Healers are marked by a black armband with a silver cross.


Other Positions


The Recorder is the caretaker of the Mountain's records. They seldom go on patrol, spending most of their time interviewing those who do and creating a history of the Patrol, as well as maintaining those that already exist. They bear the honorary rank of General, with a special insignia: the normal silver sunbursts overlaid with a quill.

- Quinten


The cook is an enlisted position, but not without a certain prestige among a group as famous for their appetites as the Long Patrol. This individual is responsible for creating the various dishes served at the Mountain itself, as well as maintaining the stores through the farming effort on the rich volcanic soil and through trade.

Head Chef:



The bartender shares much of the same notoriety among the troops as the Cook. This individual (or several; historically this position is spoofed) is responsible for keeping the Recreation Room stocked with the Mountain's favorite libations and serving them up to the troops whenever they stop by after duty hours.


The mountain is famous for its forge, and the expert smiths who work there. They design, create, and repair weapons and armor in service of the Patrol, and the most experienced smiths eventually take apprentices in order to pass on their craft.

Master Smith: Gregorian


There are dibbuns at the Mountain, the leverets being raised by their Patroller parents. However, when Mum and Da are out on patrol, this individual(s) watches over them.


These are usually the offspring of Patrollers, or sometimes young hares that have otherwise ended up within the care of the mountain community. They are being groomed to join the Patrol one day themselves, but are not yet old enough to begin recruit training.

- Julia (NPC - Felicity)

- Grace

Resident Redwall Hare

This is a position, usually filled by only one beast, that keeps an eye on the safety and status of the greater Mossflower and Redwall area. The obligation to the Long Patrol is minimal beyond an occasional report of 'all clear' or 'help needed' to the Mountain.



This is the previous generation of Patrollers, grown a bit old or crotchety for being out on the march. These are the famous legends of the Patrol who managed to survive their careers. They retain their rank, and the respect afforded it, but generally have no functional capacity other than an inspirational role. Sometimes they may contribute in the role of instructors or consultants.

- Old Major Pete (NPC)