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Characters: Byronn, Kentar, Will, Sinway

Location: Redwall Abbey


Byronn enters the room holding a flower and looks around and sighs " fae left?" and places the flower on a small table and hops up on a chair

"Easy now, don't hurt yourself." a healer says to a stoat who's starting to slowly walk around with a cane. He winces a few times, bandages fresh off his paws. "Yeah yeah, I know, I'm not dumb." Kentar mutters to the healer before hearing a voice. He turns slowly towards the mouse before nodding. "Aye, she did." he nod

Byronn lowers his head "oh... The champion's cottage is nice" and smiles a little

Kentar takes a few wobbly steps away from the mouse then a few towards. "Haven't been there yet." He says a bit quietly, a healer frowning as he attempts to get the stoat to walk properly with the cane, but just gets a growl and a frown. "Cane's aren't just for walking you know

Byronn giggles and puts his flower in a jar of water playing with the petals

Kentar leans on his cane before slowly looking to Byronn. "Heh, having fun with the petals?" he chuckles

Byronn looks to kentar and notices the burnt side of his face "w-what happened?"

Kentar sits down on a bed and sets the cane aside. "Hrm? Oh. That. I er..." he thinks for a few moments. "Had a bad run in with someone with a hot iron." he says.

Byronn asks, "an iron that would leave a unique mark like that?"

Byronn smiles still thinking "im byronn" and holds out his paw

Kentar reaches forward and gently takes the paw. "Nice to meet you Byronn." he smiles.

Kentar sighs. "I really don't think I should be telling you such things. Not at your age anyways."

Byronn nods his head "ok" he hates when the grown ups never tell him about the going ons on around him.

Kentar slowly reaches over gives the mouse a pat on the shoulder. "I was taken up to the top of a ditch. They were talking about pushing me off, but Mayeul pushed the fox instead. So I crawled to the road and was found.."

Byronn says, "is anba hor...dead?"

Kentar shakes his head. "Not that I know."

Byronn says, "oh, ok"

Byronn smiles and walks off

Kentar tilts his head and chuckles. "What an odd mouse."

Will peeks in the infirmary, Aikuen has been busy going over wedding plans with Fira all day and the rat was bored. Smiles and waves at Kentar as he comes in, "Hi, see yurr walkin now ... kinda."

Kentar looks over and smiles. "Yeah. I am." he smiles, standing. He takes the cane and limps about a bit. "Hurts though."

Will nods, "You said somethin about a mouse? Was Zen in here again?" He'd completely missed Byronn, who'd gone outside.

Kentar shakes his head. "Was Byronn." he says. "Still a nice mouse."

Will ohs,"Haven't seen him in a while. He's probably with Flicky. He's one of Flicky's dibbuns and my cousin ... guess maybe yours too now.

Kentar chuckles and nods slowly. "I guess." he smiles. "So how are you doing today bro?" he asks, smiling.

Will shrugs, "I'm fine. Pa an Fira have been busy talkin an tryin t figure out what all they got t do fore th wedding this summer. Another reason I don't live here ... there's nothing to do."

Kentar chuckles and nods. "Well. Healers said I could go for a walk now. You want to go for a walk?" he asks.

The rat shrugs again, "I guess so, nothing else t do." He blinks a bit, "Wait, how ya gonna get down th stairs?"

Kentar shrugs. "I'll manage." he smiles. "Lets go outside, it seems nice out." he nods as he goes towards the stairs that descend into the open grounds.

Will says, "Ok, if ya think ya can make it."

Open Ground

Kentar carefully hobbles down the stairs, taking a few deep breaths as he makes it outside, using his cane a bit sloppily. "See? Told you I'd make it."

Will follows Kentar down the stairs and out to the open ground. "Ok, ok. You made it. Now where to?" he asks.

Kentar smiles and shrugs, pointing towards a tree. "Maybe there? I need to sit down after the trip." He sighs.

Will shrugs, "Ok." and walks over toward the tree the stoat pointed to.

Kentar follows behind slowly and then slowly lowers himself down onto the ground, leaning on the tree trunk. "The healers want me to stay in the infirmary another day. Then we can go home if Aikuen is up for it."

Will nods, "When I see him again and he's /not/ busy I'll ask him how his leg's doing and we'll figure out when we can go home, though before too long it'll be summer an he'll marry Fira .... If we're lucky she'll be willing t do th cooking so Pa won't ... I know he did fine on th trip but last time he tried t cook somethin at home .... well he didn't want to try an eat it and I wasn't eating it if he wasn't. That's why I asked some th cooks here t show me how t cook soup. But nice as soup is ... it'd be nice t have other stuff too. Well, I guess we'd have had fish more if we'd ever been home long enough for Pa t get around t fishing for some ... th Moss River is right next t my ... Moledeep an Camp Willow's down stream a short ways but it's a long trail to get there and th guards aren't that friendly t /some beasts/ right off ... I /think/ I'm still allow in there ... doesn't matter though only reason t go there was for sword training an t see Kip but I know how t use a sword now an Kip is stupid."

Kentar chuckles a bit. "I'll cook so Aikuen wont have to if Fira wont." He chuckles, smiling. "Who's Kip?" The stoat asks, tilting his head and slowly looking to the sky before looking back to Will.

The rat nods, "Well least I won't have to as much." He either doesn't catch the stoat's question or needs to think about it because he doesn't answer.

Kentar watches and then takes that to be as an 'I don't want to answer' type thing. So he changes the subject. "Right...yeah." he then yawns. "So. How close to the river moss is moledeep?" he asks.

Will says, "Not very far, just a short walk and not much farther t Camp Willow, Kip an me used t go back an forth all th time before ... if anyone goes from home t Camp Willow or from there t Moledeep they must have some beast with them ... lest til that fox is dead.

Will looks over at Kentar and sees he's fallen asleep. "Hope you get better soon big brother," he whispers leaning close to the stoat before wandering off to alert the healers so they don't worry. Once that's done he wanders off looking for something to do.

The rat wanders through the gardens and vineyard and into the kitchen yard to work at the kiln.


"Oh bug off will you? I'm going back to my bed..." Kentar says as he climbs the stairs into the infirmary. He hobbles to a bed and lays down, wincing a bit before laying his cane aside.

Sinway sighs "just as bad temper as ever, this is a free place, i happen to be looking for some one."

Kentar blinks and looks towards Sinway. "I wasn't talking to you..." he points to a healer who makes it up the stares a few moments later. "I stayed out a little later then I was told I could."

Sinway nods "ohh sorry." he says looking over to the healer as she leaves "ya the abbey healers are by the book, i should know."

Kentar chuckles. "Yeah, they are." he chuckles. "They are quite annoying too. Worry too much."

Sinway looks Kentar over "well in your case i could see why." he says finding a spot to sit

Kentar chuckles. "At least my paws are finished with the bandages." he smiles before thinking. "Who are you looking for?

Sinway sighs "a old novice buddy, he is a blind fox by the name of Sharpclaw, while he was novice level 2 i saw him hang out a lot in here, so i thought since he is a brother now, he went into the area of healing, so i was hoping to run into him again before i leave the abbey, but no such luck."

Kentar tilts his head and thinks. "Err. Never met a novice Sharpclaw. Sorry." he says. "Would probably check with Brother Harper or somebeast in the order."

Kentar nods and chuckles. "Well, hope you find the beast your looking for." He smiles. "So. How are you today then?"

Sinway yawns "hurting, my scars are acting up today, it might rain soon."

Kentar nods slowly and chuckles a bit. "I know the feeling Sinway." he says with a bit of a yawn.

Will comes into the infirmary. "Heard you were back in here," he says walking over to Kentar and sitting down in a chair next to him. "You still doing alright." He glances over at Sinway, "Hello."

Kentar's ear perks up and he looks over to Will. "Hey...yeah...I'm doing fine still, thanks." he smiles.

Sinway opens one eye "good evening." he says before closing it again.

Will leans back in his chair lifting its front legs off the floor, "Still haven't had a chance t talk t Pa, so it may be a few days still before we can go home, sides we'd still need t pack some stuff anyway."

Kentar nods slowly. "Right, bro...We'll get home soon though." he nods before yawning. "Mmhm...Sorry."

The rat nods, "We don't need t be in a hurry except it needs t be fixed up a lot an Pa'll want that done before he gets married an Fira comes t live there with us."

Kentar nods and chuckles. "Right right. I just want to get out of here and away from those annoying healers."

Sinway yawns a little having no idea what the they are talking about, he chooses not to say any thing

Will chew his lip, "Well, if you're well enough maybe you could stay in Pa's room instead of in here. If his leg were better he'd probably stay in there himself."

Kentar laughs and nods. "Haha, I'm not sure he'd let me. I snore. Would bother him if I slept on the floor or something." he grins

Sinway still chooses not to say any thing he wonders if they forgot he was even there

Will grins, "Well, I don't think he's in there now and sides I doubt he could hear ya over his own snoring anyways."

Kentar laughs. "Yeah, He does snore pretty bad." he smirks before looking to Sinway. "What about you? You snore?"

Sinway opens a eye and smirks "well when ever im awake to hear me sleep ill let ya know."

Kentar grins and nods. "Aye. Unless your like the other otters I know. They snore." he smirks.

Sinway smirks a little "i hope you don't have problems with otters, we can be very jolly bunch, just don't get on are bad sides." he smiles playfully.

Kentar chuckles. "I don't have a problem with otters. Ya see, two of me best friends are otters."

The rat keeps quiet.

Sinway nods a little "thats good." is all he says "so whats all of that you was talking about just a few moments ago?"

Kentar shrugs. "We were talking about when we were going to go home." he says.

Sinway nods a little "ohh sounds fun. i wonder where i should live, hmmm not the abbey would be to weird."

Will shrugs, "You could check Camp Willow, they're all otters over there. And if you don't want t live there maybe you can ask em where a good place is or something."

Sinway thinks for a moment "nah not the camp, not a place i could stand to live, for, well personal reasons. but thanks any ways."

Kentar nods slowly. "I mind..." he looks to Will, chewing his lip a bit before shrugging.

Will chew his lip out of habit, not noticing that he seems to be copying the stoat, "There's some houses by th meadow but it's near th grasslands ... not sure where a good place would be really. I suppose you could make a house somewhere in th woods or wherever." He shrugs, he'd gotten lucky when he'd found his home.

Sinway smiles a little " building not a good idea, no worries i know a nice little cave underwater, but see skuld is a cat, and well i just hope she doesn't mind getting wet, i hear she's in the abbey again, so i know she safe, just got to find her."

Kentar looks to the rat again and hrms a bit. He leans over to Will, whispering so that Sinway can not hear. "Why don't we invite him to stay with us? I really could use the help with getting around and I don't want to bother Aikuen or Fira..." he says extremely quiet.

The rat chews on his lip deep in thought he isn't sure about this idea.

Kentar Shrugs a bit. "Its up to you.." he whispers before laying back.

Will chew on his lip some more, "My big brother here would like to invite you and Skuld to stay with us. However, th rules say that no one is allowed in without permission from th owner or to be more exact th 'Finder of Moledeep' and that's me. I don't know if it'd be a good idea or not but we do have a lot of work t do and could use all th help we could get .... Don't know what Pa'd think of it ... hmmm. /If/ I said you could stay with us, would you even want to?"

Kentar smiles a bit and chuckles. "It was just an idea is all." he says, yawning slightly.

Sinway yawns a little "i don't really see any thing wrong with that, it be better then living in the woods, tell me is moledeep a safe place?" he asks

Will chews his lip again, "I like to think so, but we /have/ been attacked once, but tha's cause they were looking for my pa, Aikuen but they won't be doing that again. And th fox has been near th River Moss that's near there once ... Most beasts don't even know it's there cause Mossflower Woods had all but swallowed it up, before I found it anyway. Racky's there an has been over a season maybe or at least close to that an is just fine except for his sleeping all th time. I'd say it's safe an Pa usually sleeps outside guarding everything. Yeah, we've been attacked but th beasts attacking where th ones that got hurt not us."

Sinway smiles "ill take you up on your offer, but now i must get going, see ya later." he gets up and walks to the door "thanks." he says before leaving

Kentar yawns and rolls onto his side. "I think its a great idea. You could help me out with my movement." he chuckles a bit. "I'm going to sleep. Good night."

Will nods as the otter leaves. "I didn't say 'yes'," he sighs closing his eye.