Quinten Log 45 - 06 02 2006

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Salamandastron: Crater

  • -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

You are on the very top of the mountain of Salamandastron: a large, bowl-

shaped crater. The crater is not smooth, quite the contrary in fact.

Numerous boulders and large chunks of rock are strewn around randomly,

making the crater top just as craggy as any of the mountainside. The

crater provides an outstanding view of the surrounding country. The sea

sprawls off to the west as far as the eye can see, and north and south

along the endlessly rolling sand dunes. In the distant east, a tinge of

green is just visible from this height, marking the vegetation in the

foothills of the Western Mountains.

  • -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*


[IC] Gregorian

Gregorian is sat out on the edge of the crater, arms hugging his legs as he stares off somewhere, hey he's thinking, who doesn't like a view when they're thinking.

Quinten pads out of the mountain slowly, he looks about and smiles when he sees Greg then he frowns and begins to walk slowly over towards him "Greg...are you ok?"

Gregorian blinks as he gets pulled back to reality and looks round to the other hare "Oh, hey Quint I'm...fine" head resting back on his knees.

Quinten moves to sit on a rock next to Greg and smile up at him shyly, fidgeting with an ear nervously. "you sure....was worried i'd done wrong...kissing you last night"

Gregorian gives the short buck a glance, doesn't really look upset or even unhappy, though he's not exactly smiling at all, it's neutral, he shakes his head some "Nah, don't worry...I don't know...I am fine though"

Quinten reaches out with his paw to take hold of Gregs "I'm sorry...i'm making this difficult aren't i?"

Gregorian lets him take his paw and even smiles a tiny bit "Could be worse Quint, don't know 'ow yah do it but could be a lot worse"

Quinten nods and lays his head on Greg's shoulder and smiles "I like ye Greg...honest i do....but if yer not sure....maybe i should stay away fer a bit? give ye time to think about things?"

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Gregorian looks down at the other hare out the corner of his eye "I don't know, specially not if it means I'd be listenin' tah yah swoonin' ovah every 'are in the mountain again" he smirks very slightly.

Quinten blushes and flicks his ears back "heeey i don't swoon over every hare in the mountain....thats unfair"

Gregorian chuckles some and grins, finally unballing himself from his leg hugging a little to put an arm round the buck "Alright, just all the bucks then"

Quinten grins up at you and smirks softly leanin into your arm, the short buck resting agianst the larger one "this is nice Greg"

Gregorian smiles slightly and looks down at Quinten, a short glance goes back to check that no one else is in the area before he looks down again "Not entirely bad...maybe"

Quinten smiles hopefully and leans up to kiss Greg on the nose, his own swollen nose twitching causing himt to wince a bit "Aye'm glad to hear it" he murmurs sitting back and smiling

Gregorian smiles some at that, noticing the wince from Quint, he shakes his head a little and goes to give him a tiny kiss on the forehead "I so shouldn't be doin' this" he mumbles, just clinging onto that last bit of straightness, doesn't seem too bothered though, shifting his arm to hug the hare a little better "'ow's the nose?"

Quinten smiles up at him "its healin, still broken if i'm brave and touch it i can feel things moving but i've got more sense then to touch it again" he leans forwards and smiles "and shouldn't be doin wot?"

Gregorian leans back down towards the hare, going nervous as he goes to very lightly and carefully to avoid the nose give the buck a proper, if short, kiss "Tha'" he mummers afterwards.

Quinten blushes, ears standing up high tinged red inside "Oh...well....i think its ok....Zeraph said...there are lotsa bucks..an does who like other bucks an does.." he looks up and smiles tremously "an i think its kinda nice"

Gregorian smirks a little and shakes his head "I can't believe I keep doin' tha'" looking down at the other buck with a small grin on his face "Wha' is it with yah? Nevah gave a buck so much as a second glance before all this"

Quinten shifts on the rock though not moving away, still sitting with his side resting against you "well....see i don't know am just me i guess, short and brown like"

Gregorian sighs, still smiling a small amount, going to rest his head against Quinten's "I just want tah know why I'm doin' this, I like yah, I know tha' much, just don't understand it yet"

Quinten shrugs "I...don't know....just guess its that way with some bucks....i'm not sure why i like ye either.....maybe there is somebeast we kin talk to?"

Gregorian looks wary at least at that idea, looking down at Quinten rather worried like "But...well, there doesn't exactly seem anyone in the mountain with this sort of problem and it'd, well...involve tellin' beasts..."

Quinten nods and sighs "Ayee guess yer lucky, no one else...like knows bout you, seems everyones heard about me now....maybe...up in Halyard>"

Gregorian's ears fold down and he looks somewhat sorry for the other buck "Sorry Quint, not as if can look at a beast and know wha' their reaction's goin' tah be...othahs aren't treatin' yah bad about it are they?"

Quinten shakes his head "No...most bucks are a bit wary i guess but everyone seems ok about it wot, seems theres alot more bucks like me then i thought"

Gregorian nods some and squeezes his hug on the hare for a second "Tha's good tah 'ear at least...told yah they wouldn't chuck yah out"

Quinten smiles as he's hugged, hugging back and taking the oppurtunity to kiss the other buck again, got to get more practice at that after all

Gregorian blushes a fair bit, insides of his currently very straight ears going a red color and his kisses him back, practice, of course, that's the reason for it.

Quinten just sits there his own ears bright red inside, slowly moving his head back after a couple of minutes to look up at the larger buck "that...is nice Greg uhm sorry for being like pushy..."

Gregorian smiles some and looks down at him before looking down at the ground, embarrassment, he shakes his head "Don't be.." shrugs "I could push yah away easily if I wanted tah"

Quinten nods and rests his head agains thim smiling happily "Yes you could...but you haven;t...mind if i take that as a good sign?"

Gregorian smirks and looks back up from the ground to Quinten again "If yah want tah ol' chap"

Quinten siles nad noses and then unwraps his arms from around Greg and stands up "Well guess i should leave ye to yer thinking ole chum"

Gregorian smiles and removes his arm as the buck gets up, his turn to do the looking up "Alright then, if yah want to, see yah soon Quint"

Quinten smiles at greg and shuffles his foot paws "Well..i don't want to press me luck and make you uncomfortable"

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Gregorian nods some "I...get the idea" he grins a little "I probably 'ave classes I should be in somewhere"

Quinten smiles and winks "an besides...will make seein ye later more special, an yer right i got classes to get to...see you later greg...hope talkin about it helped some" and with that he starts to head for the stairs

Gregorian watches him go, looking him up and down as he walks, Greg smirks, more at his own actions than anything else "See yah Quint"

Quinten pauses at the top step and waves back, tail flicking and ears pinning back "See ya later greg, take care now" a last lingering look at the recruit still sat on the rocks and then he is gone down the steps and out of sight

End of Log