Quinten Log 23 - 16 12 2005

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Salamandastron: Training Room

  • -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

This is the training room for the hares of the long patrol. The walls

seem to have taken a severe beating, more than likely not from stray

arrows missing the archery targets. There are several of said archery

targets lining the west wall, each with small oak stands a good distance

off to hold arrows, hang a bracer, and rest a bow on. The targets are of

simple design: a large, tightly wrapped bale of hay with a coarse paper

target on the front. A wooden mannequin, in no better shape than the

walls, is in the northeastern corner of the room. Besides that, several

wooden practice swords sit in a small pile. On the eastern side of the

room is a small, makeshift wrestling arena consisting of two mattresses

tied together. Then on the southern side of the room is a fitness area,

assembled from several pull-up bars, and a nice padded area to do push up.

Narrow, cylindrical weights (both wooden and metal) are pushed up against

the wall, along with a few straight metal bars for them to be mounted on.

  • -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*


[AFK] Tam

[DYN] Back from Redwall, it's (Rothal)!

[DYN] growing headfur, it's Sorrel!

Sorrel smiles. "ah, th' usual... limpin' 'round, punchin' things...th' like..."

The door opens and Quinten stumbles in looking slightly dazed and off focus

Rothal nods. "Sounds like a typical day for yah, then." The runner hasn't noticed Quinten as of yet, though it's only a matter of time before he does.

Sorrel turns about, smilng at the hare, before turning back to rothal. "An yerseld?

Quinten grins at you both and moves off to one side to slump on a bench

Tam walks into the training room whistling slightly and noticing the small grouping of hares, he waves as he walks over to them

Rothal shrugs. "Pretty much the usual. Worked out, got somethin' to eat, slept a little." Rothal waves to both Quinten and Tam.

Tam noticing quinten, he redirects his path and walks over to stand by him while saying to the whole group "Aft'noon all, how's it going?"

Quinten looks up at Tam and chuckles "Tam....that you sir...." he peers up at the hare trying to focus

Sorrel watches quinten curiously. "Ye okay, sure?"

Quinten peers at Sorrel and blinks "I think so......just....got hit in thr head in javelin practice"

Rothal leans against the wall, eyes closed, though his ears move slightly so that he can hear the other's speak.

Sorrel nods, leaning back more, "y' feelin' fine?

You say, "A bit dazed....and there are two of you...is that normal?""

Rothal snorts quietly again. "Probably not, mate. Unless Sorrel has a twin nobeast knew about."

Sorrel laughs, kicking rothal lightly. "shh. no one s s'posed ta nknow bout her!"

Quinten peers at you both "Wha..twins....i had a sister once....and a brother..."

Rothal mutters something under his breath, then nods. "Right, sorry about that, Sorrel."

Sorrel turns to him and winks. "Eh? ot was that?"

Quinten chuckles and shakes his head and winces "Ouch...does trainng always hurt...."

Rothal glances innocently about. "Mm? h'I didn't say nothin'. Must've been some other beast." Then an eyebrow is raised as he looks at Quinten. "Just most of the time, sometime's h'it don't."

Quinten smiles and nods "Well...if it is just seasons of training....it will be very boring"

Sorrel smiles. "ll et gets betta mate."

Quinten nods and winces again "I hope so...all i've done for three months now is run about, get shouted at by every officer i see and get hit"

Rothal closes his eyes again. "Vastly preferable to actual combat, mate. Be glad yah have only officah's to worry about, and not foebeasts."

You say, "Yes sir, i just wish i didn't have so many punishment details....but its my own fault for being not good i guess""

Sorrel frowns. "Not good? 'ell, I wish i as tough enough ta survive in th' patrol at yehr age, mate."

Quinten looks at Sorrel and smiles lopsidedly "Got no where else to go so i got to try"

Rothal chuckles quietly. "Hard to believe yah weren't."

You say, "Weren't what..""

Sorrel looks at him. "shhh" she says again, winking and whispering something in his ear

Rothal chuckles. "h'I was actually referrin' to Sorrel, mate. Still, yah'll be a good patroller. h'I was just like yah when h'I was younger. Got h'in trouble all the time."

Quinten looks at rothal and nods "Really? how old were you..when you joined?"

Sorrel blinks. "She can't imagine rothal any younger than ten seasons. She laughs as a rather odd picture comes up in his head.

Rothal shrugs. "Can't really remember, h'I'm afraid. h'I joined up back when the patrol was stationed at Redwall." While he's saying this, he elbows Sorrel. "Whatcha laughin' about?"

Quinten nods his head "Oh...well i'm just lucky to have found her"

You say, "here"

Sorrel says. Ye, I'm laughin at ye Rothal, an' aye, same wit' me. a couple seasons back, I think

Rothal nods. "Good to see yah find somethin' humorous about me, Sorrel."

Quinten smiles thinly at you both and stands up, shuffling towards the door "I'll leave you be"

Sorrel nods. "Oh, I find -lots- humerous about ye, Rothal."

Rothal waves at Quinten. "Alright, mate. Good luck with superiors... h'if yah ever need help with anythin', just ask me." That said, the runner elbows Sorrel yet again. "Unlikely."

Quinten pauses on his way to the door and smiles sadly "It won't do me much good, i'm too young to be a recruit i'm sure"

Sorrel watches him, smiling slightly. She turns slowly back to him. "It's true!"

Rothal smiles back. "Well, h'I wish yah luck, just the same." Turning to Sorrel, he nods. "Yeah, h'I bet. h'I'm not exactly a funny beast."

Quinten looks at you both then pads out the room

Zeraph enters from the passage leading to the Second Level intersection.

Zeraph has arrived.

Sorrel rolls her eyes. "I wouldn' know bout that, ate.

Rothal smiles back. "Well, h'I wish yah luck, just the same." Turning to Sorrel, he nods. "Yeah, h'I bet. h'I'm not exactly a funny beast."

( Quinten looks at you both then pads out the room )

Zeraph soon moves into the room, a paw rested upon Quinten's shoulder to keep him from taking off, ushering the recruit back inside. Nothing is stated from the buck for a moment.

Sorrel rolls her eyes. "I wouldn' know bout that, mate.

Rothal rolls his eyes as well, listing off a few of his character traits. "Heavy drinkah, prone to moodiness, sarcastic, yeah, h'I'd say h'I'm definitely one of the funnier beasts hereabouts."

Zeraph blinks at Rothal, then at Sorrel, then looks down at Quinten. "You, my sulky friend, may be the only normal one around here..."

Quinten sniffs and wipes his nose, trying to hide the fact he's been crying by shifting his ears to hang down his face

Sorrel looks as Zeraphs speaking up. her eyes flick to quinten then back up to zeraph. "Mate, what?" she asks Zeraph, ears jerking right a bit

Quinten has been crying (it's rather obvious) he stands and walks over, kneeling slightly beside the smaller hare. "What's the mattah, mate?"

Quinten shies away from Rothal and shrugs "Nothin sah..."

Zeraph shrugs at Sorrel, ears twitching backward and making a dismissive gesture, before he goes to pat Quinten on the back. "There there." Softly spoken. Then he realizes that..Roth's wave was 'not-quite-excited', and a brow is raised.

Sorrel stands up. "Well, how'd you happen 'im, mate?"

"He was outside..looking upset is all." Zeraph coughs lightly, covering it with the back of his paw.

Quinten looks down, hiding behind his ears "Nothin....just...nothin....didn't want to bother people"

Rothal nods, holding out a paw to Quinten. "Why don't yah come sit with me for a bit, we'll talk about somethin'. h'I could tell yah a few stories, mayhap."

Zeraph murmurs something behind his paw. Not understood, of course.

Sorrel sits don next ta him, "Mate, that's the least of your worries, Quint."

Quinten shuffles and looks down "maybe....just i was thinking...about hiome...after talking to you two"

Rothal nods once more. "Aye, h'I know how yah feel. h'I'm an orphan, oftentimes h'I think of mah home. Still, 'tis nothin' for a growin' young buck like yah to be cryin' ovah, h'is h'it?"

Quinten looks up and then down "Well....i...ran away see....several seasons back....and just walked and walked...then Howard and Darklett found me on the beach"

Zeraph stares back and forth between Rothal, the young hare, and Sorrel, then he murmurs something again, with a confused raise of his brow, before moving to leave the training room. Yeah....real compassionate?

Zeraph stares back and forth between Rothal, the young hare, and Sorrel, then he murmurs something again, with a confused raise of his brow, before moving to leave the training room. Yeah....real compassionate? (re)

Quinten looks up and then down "Well....i...ran away see....several seasons back....and just walked and walked...then Howard and Darklett found me on the beach."

Rothal glances at Zeraph, seeming somewhat confused as to why he is leaving. Looking back at Quinten, he nods. "Why don't we go sit on the bench, and talk about h'it? Cryin' by yahself h'isn't goin' to do any good."

Quinten nods and shuffles over to slump onto a bed

Zeraph doesn't actually leave though. He stands there for a moment with the door open, then lets it close and sits down beside it, leaning against the wall. Silence.

Rothal follows Quinten, sitting down beside him. "Now, what's botherin' yah? Are yah just homesick, or h'is h'it somethin' else?"

Quinten shakes his head "No...was thinking about...Tunten and Yinten, my brother and sister...we were all born the same day see"

Zeraph lowers his ears back, only half listening to the two.

Rothal leans back slightly, seeming quite tired. "Aye, h'I see."

Quinten sighs and leans back rubbing at his eyes with a paw "Well all that joking about twins with Sorrel, just reminded me of them...they're dead see..." he stops talking and tries to cut back a sob

Zeraph leans his head to the side, watching the two, then rests a paw against his muzzle, as if thinking about something, eyes half closed. The buck glances away from them after a while, unsure what to say anyway, but he's got nothing better to do.

Rothal gently places a paw on Quinten's shoulder. "h'It h'isn't bad to cry for the death of a loved one, mate... Nobeast here will think less of yah for h'it."

Quinten nods and sniffles some more, tears dropping off the end of hismuzzle onto his lap "Just...i just ran when i heard all the shouting see....we all did but Fren got sick in the snow then Yinten and me were in these swamps and she just went under and never came back up agian.....then i found the beach and just walked..."

Rothal wraps a friendly arm around the young hare, seeing little else that he can do. "Yah'll be fine, mate. Yah'll be fine."

Quinten sniffs "I miss them sir...they was always there....now i'm alone an emmpty and everyone keeps shouting and nothing is going good"

Zeraph flicks an ear at the 'sir' part, but otherwise is silent.

Rothal chuckles softly. "Yah can call me Rothal... h'I'm hardly a sir. Just yah average runnah. As for things not goin' well, everybeast goes through hard times. Things will get bettah, yah'll see."

Quinten sighs and sniffles "I'm sorry to be a bother Rothal...i'm just trying....i didn't even know this place existed.....maybe i was too eager to join up when i was told what it was....i needed something to distract me though...from thinking....i lost my siblings,"

You say, "but i'm always late, and in trouble and well..." he takes a deep breath and shakes his head "I'm just being stubborn aren't i?""

Zeraph has left.

Rothal continues to smile gently, trying to keep up a cheerful attitude. "What'd yah mean, stubborn?"

You say, "Everyone keeps telling me i will get better, and things will get better but.....i can't help thinking about them Rothal, i mean we were triplets and now i'm all thats left and i'm hopeless without them""

Rothal shakes his head, smiling slightly. "Nobeast h'is ever hopeless. h'I'll keep an eye on yah, h'if yah'd like. For now though, h'I need somethin' to eat. So, h'I'll see yah soon."

Quinten nods and watches Rothal leave and sighs trying to scrub the tear tracks from his muzzle fur

Tam strides into the training room, hoping to find someone there, but not really expecting it, he has a bow over his shoulder and a quiver in his paw

Quinten jumps up as Tam comes in flopping his ears over his face to hide the red puffy eyes and damp fur "Tam....exucse..." he tries to slip by to the door"

Tam puts his paw on Quinten's shoulder "What's bothering you Quinten?" he askes, his tone connoting worry

Quinten is about to brush past and run but thinks better of it, "Nothing much Tam thinking of my sister and brother, we were triplets see me and Rothal were talking about them"

Tam nods understandingly "Do you miss them?" he asks Quinten

You say, "They died tam....Fren in the snnows last winter, he got sick and just stopped moving, then Yinten....we were in those swamps down south and east....she was ahead of me and went under...there was no sign of her she never came back up....i dont know how i got to the beach and then Howard adn Darklett found me""

Tam stands still as a pillar and a tear slips down his face, unhindered as he remembers something in his past "I... I'm sorry Quinten"

Quinten nods and sighs wiping at his eyes again "Its just....i'm so alone and failing as a recruit"

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