On The Way To Earning the Red Leaf Charm: Has learned the basics of reading and writing.-Novice Log

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RW Abbey: Library

The library has never looked better in seasons as shelves have been

repaired and so have tables and chairs. The once empty sleeves now

have more books in them and not only that the books are in an ABC

order and arranged by subject to better find what one is looking for.

The beautifully crafted windows are well cleaned.

This gives the library plenty of light during the daylight hours. The

room has a high vaulted ceiling. The flagstones of the floor are cool

and smooth, and echoes are sometimes heard when beasts walk. Brass

lamps containing short, fat little white candles provide enough light

for reading. Some books are still being mended but being working on

getting on the shelves. The backroom is even very clean and organized

as well. Books were found in the attic and some from Ferravale were

added that the Ferravale beast had maybe two copies of something so

gave Redwall one of the copies for the Redwall library, all in all a

lot of hard work has done wonders for the library.

On an Oakwood desk is the charter laying inside a clear glass case for

all to see. The glass case keeps it safe and clean. Some other chairs

large and small, wooden and soft, have been placed in varies places

in the library and a pile of covers and blankets sit in one corner

with a few pillows as well.


[G]reat [H]all [M]ap [B]ookshelf [B]ookshelf of [W]oodland [L]ore

[B]ookbinding [R]oom [H]istory [B]ookshelf [B]ookshelf of [B]iographies

                      [P]oetry [B]ookshelf    [B]ookshelf of [S]tories


Abbey Charter

Caleb was in the library, it was a good and quiet place to do his studies and today he was hoping to get his charm for either math or the writing and reading one. He has found it its a little harder than he thought to get the white leaf, as he has failed once and has not been able to try again. Course there is chores also and free time he has spent studying here in the library.

The young mouse is not alone. The Abbey's Champion has entertained a love for books and reading for seasons, well before he had any sort of position within the Abbey, and now that he's a full member of the Abbey rather than a transient friend, it's not uncommon to find him in the library, either reading or finding books to read elsewhere. Rather than the habit of the Order proper, he's dressed simply in warm-weather clothes, a sleeveless shirt and some plain pants, with his tail curled up in his lap while he reads, perched in a soft easy-chair tucked away in the corner. The volume in question is a thick, musty-smelling tome with a faded blue binding, and despite whatever spell-binding stories lie within, the squirrel's eyelids are drooping as he drifts in and out of a doze.

Caleb looks over some notes he has written and looks over at the champion, he has so far not walked over to him but now he slowly rises from his chair and goes over to him standing politely in front of him as he clears his throat "Sir?" He asks and then waits quietly till he is spoken to. He has his novice robes on, first rank so far and he has a couple leaf charms as well.

Blinking awake, Magramba stirs up a bit, his back arching slightly into the chair as he stretches himself back into consciousness. Dark brown eyes slowly focus on the novice, at least until one squints shut while his fingers pick at the crust lodged in the corner of an eyelid before giving the mouse his full attention. "Yes, what is it? I'm, uh, how can I help?" The warrior's face contorts slightly as he locks his mouth closed despite the urge to yawn.

Caleb smiles" I was hoping to earn one of my leaf charms, either the one for writing and reading or the one dealing with math." He would like to earn both but that’s a bit too much for one day, earn one at a time and less stress to have. “I have done a lot of studying sir and feel I am ready to earn one."

"Writing, huh?" Magramba replies, still shaking the sleep from his mind as he straightens up, closing his book to stare off into the distance. The Champion blithely skips right over math, because, well, math. "Uh," he stalls, trying to think of what he's supposed to do in these situations, being relatively new to the job, before coming up with something. "I guess that means you should write something! And then read it out loud. To, uh, your peers?" That sounds right. Nodding to himself as he warms to the idea, the squirrel slips out of the chair and wanders toward the history bookshelves, muttering to no one in particular.

Caleb nods "And to an elder as well, correct sir??" He watches where the squirrel goes to; he stays where he is unless he is asked to follow. "I write very well and can also read. I read on how to cook sometimes, cooking can be fun"

"Yeah, I'll be in the audience too, that makes sense." Magramba might be making this up as he goes. He'll never tell, though. The squirrel scratches at his chin as he pores over the bookshelves thoughtfully. "You'll have to do your research. What for the topic..."

Caleb listens, it’s always best to let the elder decide as this is also a way to learn after all and he will stay alert and wait quietly, "Alright" He says as he stays standing where he is.

"Seasons ago, we were hit with a plague that devastated the Abbey. Almost everyone was affected. I want you to read up on it and write an essay about what happened, why it happened, and what you would have done to stop it." Magramba's fingers skim the backs of the books as he searches for a relevant record. "Ah, here. This is Brother Harper's, that should give you a good start." He pulls it down carefully, passing it over to the novice. "Obviously I don't need to tell you to take good care of this book. Brother Harper is a personal friend of mine." The Champion looks the young mouse seriously in the eye. "Find out what we did. I want you to include whether you think we did the right thing with what we knew at the time or not, and if not, what you would have done differently."

Caleb carefully takes the book and nods "Alright sir and how long do I have to get the report done? Like a few days I am guessing."

"Yes, as long as it takes," Magramba replies.

Caleb nods "Yes sir, I will get started right now" And he does so as he carefully carries the book to a chair and sits down as he starts to read and look for the information he needs, he has also decided maybe to interview beasts from then, if they are still around of course...well he best get started!