Lorimis Log: A Lot to do before the Winter Feast

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--The abbot speaks with Leon and Zork---

RW Abbey: Abbot's Chambers
The Abbot's chambers are a warm cozy set of rooms on the ground floor of the Abbey. The main chamber has large airy lead-lined windows that look out over the Open Ground of the abbey and beyond that the fields were they grow their crops.
The furniture in this initial chamber consists of a large desk and two bookcases by the windows. There are a pair of comfortable arm-chairs set up before the snug fire-place and a couple of chests tucked beneath an expansive side-board.
There are two doors off this central chamber, one leads into the Abbot's simple yet comfortable bed-chamber. Large well-made wooden bed, wardrobe, pegs for hanging items on and a small chair positioned by a small fireplace with a wash-stand in one corner. The other door is always kept locked and the Abbot likes to keep it a mystery as to what is in there.
Exits: [Hall]way

Lorimis is at his desk writing down some notes and double checking others as he adds them to a stack of papers. He adjusts his glasses to better see the writing and sighs deeply muttering something about age and its bothering ways.

Leon knocks on the doorway and waits on a reply quietly.

Lorimis looks up and offers a smile "Brother Leon, what brings you here" He coughs a couple times and sniffs, he seems to have somewhat of a cold.

Leon frowns at the cough, "A cough is not good at your age, well any age but yours for sure father abbot, I was here to give you the list of herbs and supplies from the infirm, we are doing well with the supplies, just low on mint and some sage but nothing that can't be gotten at the market, maybe in Ferravale" He walks closer to take Lorimis pulse, yeah he doesn’t ask he just does it.

Lorimis nods as he takes the note and frowns. He allows the pulse to be taken and yanks the paw away, "I am..fine Brother Leon, no worries" His pulse is slightly fast, and his breathing is just slightly off normal, he has some congestion most likely but nothing life threatening yet. He then speaks "You can go to Ferravale and get them and any others you feel we may need before say...oh spring?"

Leon sighs, "Father Lorimis, I would feel better if you took something for the cough before it got worse, also it concerns me your pulse is a little high this morning, have you been feeling ok? "

Lorimis folds his arms over his chest and then gives a defeated sigh, "Fine..I will take something for the cough, as for my pulse rate I do not know I have done little so far today. Paper work and a bit of a walk around the abbey, which I admit did tire me some but there is a feast to get ready for and I wanted Friar Lacota to have a couple things for the Winter Feast." He leans back in his chair, "I am fine....well almost my joints hurt more today, most likely going to be a cold day."

Leon nods, he exits long enough to get some warm water that he mixes some herbs for cough and congestion in and seems to decide to add just a little slight bit of willow bark and hands it to Lorimis, after adding a little mint for flavor, "Here for your cough and I added one other thing to help as well, just in case."

Lorimis does drink the mixture and asks, "For what?" He coughs once and lays a paw on his chest, the cough seems to have hurt a little more as he frowns, he is quiet and looks back to Leon as he stands slowly and wobbles a little, “I need to speak to Elder Benar on some things..." He walks a few feet using the desk as something to keep upright and shakes his head," Too much to do..always before a feast."

Leon stands and looks serious as he watches the abbot, he lays a paw on his shoulder, "How about you take a nap, some bed rest, Please..it may be best not to do too much right now I have a feeling you feel worse than you’re letting on"

Lorimis eyes meet Leon's as he frowns, "A bit of a stopped up nose and some chest pain when I cough, not too much.." He coughs, but not as bad." And it seems to have passed." He does feel tried and shakes his head "I have paper work and need to make sure of lists for decorations and supplies, whats needed r not needed for the feast, what needs got or not got..who will make sure lists are taken to those they need taken too and how long do I need to take some rest?" He does look willing to have at least a small nap.

Leon is unsure on finishing lists and hmms "I can ask..well someone, wait I know who isn’t busy and maybe could help check on things and report back or even tell Benar for you and Benar can tell you later...Brother Zork be happy to help I bet " Hey it’s the first name that came to mind, weather that’s good or bad.

Zork knocks on the door, and peeks inside. He is sitting in his wheelchair now as he rolls inside a little ways, "Umm I do…umm wot?"

Lorimis allows himself to sit back down and look over at Zork, "To get a couple lists to beasts helping with the Winter Feast and see how things are going and tell either myself or Elder Benar, the feast is in a short few days"

Leon waves to Zork and shrugs mouthing a sorry about volunteering him, he couldn’t think of anyone else not busy and able to do it as he just wants Lorimis to rest, he looks at the elderly mouse, "As for rest..least till dinner time or just late afternoon, a novice could bring up lunch for you Father Lorimis and rest will help the herbs you took take effect and help better, will you please rest?"

Zork looks at Leon, "SO just ask beast if they be..doing ok with feast readiness...I could do that, tis be me honor ta. I also promised I help Zinnia with something too but yes I can get updates on feast preparations, give lists of wot be needed and such. Also I wanted ta let ya know of me..stepdown as full time Blacksmith, de forge be in good workin' order not a worry Abbot Lorimis just..Novice Silverstorm will be taking over..errr and I still be thar for anything she be needin' help with but de lass knows her stuff and does very well. Now de forge won’t have really any..work being done at it, but it will be check once a week ta make sure it stays in good working condition."

Lorimis smiles and nods "Alright Brother Zork can get some reports back to me from the others..or maybe tell Benar as he will tell me when we have tea this afternoon." He makes his way to his bed chambers slowly, wobbling once but he does have his cane, "A little nap will do me some good I think, I also think once this cold weather is over I will be better off my old bones hate the cold more and more lately."

Leon nods and will help Lorimis to his bed if needed, "Rest is always good and thank you for listening to me." After he is laid down he does a quick check up on the abbot, which will help Leon have less stress, least he hopes.

Zork nods and wheels over to the desk and takes the lists, he flips through them and nods again, "Ok, I will take these ta de ones helping for de Winter Feast and get some reports on how things be goin' and will talk ta ya later." He heads off now, well least he won’t be bored today and maybe he can talk Friar Lacota into making his fried cheery scone recipe for the winter feast, hey can't hurt to ask anyways.

Lorimis pulse is a lot better now that he has laid down and his breathing is better as well, he allows the checkup..most likely cause the Master Healer would just bug him till he agreed to it, he yawns and allows himself to get 2-3 hour nap, sleep seems a welcome thing during the cold weather months and he seems to debate sleeping in on some days.

Leon smiles as he is glad, he had been worried as he walks slowly to the door and shuts it a little, he still seems a little concern but maybe he is just over worrying and if it was something to be concern about he would know by now right? He thinks and decides to just monitor Lorimis for the next few weeks, looks like the abbot will get a checkup more often than he probably wants one as the Master Healer heads off to get a few herbs, but first he needs to let his mate know he will be away for maybe a day and a half.

Lorimis takes his nap and sleeps a little past lunch time as he sits up in bed and stands slowly. He frowns at the fact he barely missed lunch and decides to go ahead and slowly make his way to talk to Friar Lacota on something for a light lunch, and maybe blueberry scones for the afternoon tea, the Friar can even come as well to the tea to join in as the abbot and Elder Benar discuss final preparations for the Winter Feast.