Kluner Meets Aikuen and Garnet

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Characters: Kentar, Garnet, Amy, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Kentar is sitting in the infirmary, Garnet sitting next to him. The two are talking and chuckling to themselves. Her paw is on her belly, and their tail's are swinging slowly. "So. How about....5 days?" he asks. Garnet nods and smiles.

Amethyst had left Will asleep in the study and after finding something to eat she'd gone exploring in the seemingly empty tunnel. As she drew near the far wall of the sleeping hall she heard voices coming from the infirmary. Curious and relived to find the others were still around she walks into the room, staff held out in front to guide her. "Hello?" she asks not sure what she may be interrupting.

Kentar looks up to see Amy. "Hey Amy." The stoat smiles. "How are you this fine day?" he asks. Garnet just leans on him and yawns quietly.

Amethyst frowns,"I'm good. From the sound of things Aikuen's in a lot of trouble." She pushes that thought out of her mind and grinning asks, "... How are you two today? Or should I say three?"

Kentar chuckles and then grins. "Yeah. I heard." he chuckles before grinning more. "Well. The three of us...are great." he grins. "Me and Garnet have also picked a day for our wedding." he smiles. "You want to come?"

Amethyst grins more, "Do I have a choice?" she moves to try and lightly shove the stoat, "Of course I want to. Even if you said I couldn't I'd find a way to attend anyhow."

Kentar laughs and is shoved. "Yeah. You've got a choice. Heheheh." he laughs with a grin. "Great Amy! Thanks." he smiles before nodding. "Then we've sort of got something else to ask you."

Amethyst shakes her head still grinning, "You never stop asking me things do you? Alright, what is it now?"

Kentar laughs. "haha! No, I don't stop asking, do I?" he smirks. "Well. Garnet want's to say it." Garnet slaps him gently then laughs. "Well Amy." she starts. "We wanted to you to be the maid of honor at our wedding. You want to?" She asks.

Amethyst loses the grin on her face and blinks, "Uh, me? ... wouldn't you rather have Fira for something like that?"

Kentar smiles and shakes his head slowly. "No. We wanted you. We both agreed." he smiles wide.

"Um, ok. What do I have to do?" the rat-maid asks cautiously.

Kentar Yawns a bit. "Well. I'm not sure yet. I'll tell you tomorrow sometime." he smiles. "I want Will to be best beast too. And Aikuen to do the speaking but..." he sighs a little.

Amethyst says, "... he's in trouble, yeah. May have t wait a while t ask him."

Kentar nods some. "Hrm. I don't know then. I will ask Aik when I see him. I suppose."

Amethyst says, "Good luck with that. Far as I know they've just stayed in their room yelling at each other, sounded like yelling anyway."

Kentar nods a little. "Yeah. I know." he sighs. "Hope she doesn't leave him. I'd really like him to be sane for the speaking." The stoat chuckles.

Amethyst nods, "That would be bad. If she does you'd have to tied him up again. But didn't she travel with all of you for a long time before he asked her to marry him? Didn't she already know what she was getting into?"

Kentar nods. "Yeah. I know. Probably why she married him. Cause she likes him for who he is rather then what he's like." he nods. "I'm sure she wont leave him, but I'm also not entirely sure." he sighs.

Amethyst sits down on an empty cot, "That made little to no sense, what you said. But I hope they patch things up and stay together too, it would be better for all of us."

Kentar laughs loudly and then nods. "Yeah! I know. Better for themselves more though." he nods. "Anyways." he yawns. "We're going to head to bed early tonight. We've been up since real early. Watched the sun rise. Now, I think it's time for bed." He chuckles as they both stand and head for the door. "C'ya later Amy."

Amethyst nods, "See ya. ... Thanks for asking me about th wedding thing. Night."

Moledeep: Rose Garden

It's now been two days since Fira and Aik had started talking in their room. They had been arguing mostly on all the things that have been happening lately. Just not only on why Aik hit Amy, or why he wanted to leave. But everything that they had pushed behind them, finally came out in the open. At first they were just talking... then there was some yelling... then they were silent. This continued on and off for two straight days, without sleep and with only two food runs. Finally, Aik comes out of the room and wipes a paw across his eyes and sighs, walking toward the Rose Garden. Fira said she would not leave... and she still loves him. But she does not forgive him for what he did, nor does she want to see him for quite awhile... Aik has taken this a little hard, but he is too tired and too down to do anything about it. He enters the garden and shakes his head slowly. As if mocking him, most of the roses are beginning to wilt. He sighs and goes to get a bucket to start watering the roses.

He sniffs a bit as he works, trying to feel better about himself. He misses her already.

Will and Amy had been curled up amid the roses but when they'd heard somebeast coming they were quick to separate in case it was Kentar, not wanting to give him anymore fuel for his teasing after he'd been pestering Will so much. The younger rat had noticed that the stoat didn't tease him as much when he was with Amy but he figured it was no reason to tempt fate.

Amethyst sits up having her 'pillow' removed so abruptly and goes to tuning her lute as Will tries to look innocent.

Kentar has been out and about with Garnet today, and now they wonder into the garden. "Good day all!" he smiles, looking around at them. Garnet just waves and smiles.

Aikuen hadn't noticed the rats until they moved, and the stoats were just glanced over. He looks to Amy, then to Will, then to the stoats, and says very quietly, "Hey... Amy... Will... Garnet... Kentar" as he goes back to watering. After he hit Amy, he now feels closer to her like she was already part of the family. Will on the other hand, gets to be second now. Because while talking to Fira, Aik was going to show what his sword had engraved on it... when he realizes that he wasn't wearing it. That blacked out memory then came back to him, and he know knows that his sword is plunged into the tree by the pond. And Will wanted to get rid of his sword... He never asked if Will was still gonna do it. And also, when he came outside he saw that the rules were smashed... That was also something that he didn't like... He still continues to water on, trying to block out everything until Monday.

Kentar looks at Aikuen and then sends Garnet to go sit with the rats. Kentar slowly goes over to Aik and places his paw on the otter's shoulder. "How'd it go?" he asks. "

Will looks up at the new arrivals, "Hi, Pa. Kentar. Garnet." He hopes Kentar is done teasing him for a while and more importantly that Aikuen will be back to is usual self again soon.

Aikuen looks to Kentar with very bloodshot eyes, and smiles a little bit, before looking down at the ground "She is not gonna leave... She still loves me... And the rest..." he shakes his head, pouring the rest of the water on a rose bush. He looks to Will and nods at him. You're not gonna make him talk much, he can't talk much anymore

Kentar Watches the otter for a moment before smiling softly. "That's good Aikuen. That's very good." he smiles. "So...how are you feeling now?"

Amethyst waves a little at the others, "Stoats. Aik. ... Fira isn't leaving and still loves you and yet there's still a problem? Nothing's easy and simple around here is it?" She doesn't expect an answer and starts strumming a melancholy tune on her lute, my they're depressing.

Aikuen shrugs and says, "...Sad... Lonely... I miss her... She doesn't want to see me..." he sniffs a bit and goes to pick one of the wilted Roses, and rubs it in his paws. He then he hears Amy and chuckles, "No, I guess there isn't... heh..." he then starts to slowly to walk around.

Kentar sighs and follows the otter. He attempts to give him a tight hug. "Don't worry Aikuen. It's all fine. She'll forgive you after a while." he smiles softly.

Will worries at his lip, "Is there anything we can do t make things better again, Pa?" What the otter's done so far hasn't quite fixed things all the way so the dibbun thinks it's worth a try to help out if he or the others can.

Aikuen can feel the start of a hug, so he turns around and returns it, as he starts to sob lightly, "She said she will...but... but...It hurts... Why does it hurt so much..." he doesn't let go, he needs this at the moment. He looks to Will and shakes his head, "No... just give her some space... that's what she said... Thanks, all the same..." he sniffs again.

Will says, "Uh, ok." He chews on his lip some more, "Ya gonna be alright, Pa?" he asks not liking to see his father like this.

Kentar doesn't let the hug go either. "It hurts when people are mad at you. Don't worry. It will be fine soon enough, I promise you. Okay?" he sighs quietly. Garnet just watches.

Aikuen lets go of Kentar and smiles, "I hope so... Thanks..." He takes a wet piece of cloth from his pants and wipes his eyes. He then goes to stand up straight and takes a very deep breath, and looks to Will, "I'll... I'll be alright..." He looks like he is about to breakdown again, but he takes another deep breath and smiles. Obvious, that it is still troubling him somewhat.

Will smiles a bit seeing the otter's smile, "Good you're smiling again. Ya don't want it t rain do ya?" Not the same words but it's close to what the otter'd said to him, such a long time ago now. He sometimes hated remembering such things so well. That was back when he'd made that wax mouse for ... Zen. He closes his eye pushing back the memories as he mutters to himself quietly, "... sometimes wonder if I've lived too long. Out lived my best friend that was littler than me and almost no beasts I know any more at th Abbey ... I got th rottenest luck sometimes." He's talking to himself and doesn't realizes he's spoken out loud.

Kentar smiles at the otter then grins a little. "Aikuen. Will do you me a favor?" he asks. "Stop being sad? Please?" he tries to look like a desperate dibbun but fails. He smiles before going to sit down next to Garnet

Aikuen looks to Kentar and tilts his head before laughing, "Okay mate... I'll try! I should feel better... But it's hard... Been so long since I felt these type of emotions... It's like there brand new again..." he hmms as he goes over to the to the others sitting next to Will, on the other side of Amy, "Will... Sometimes we all do, that when we look to the things that we do have... Something I should have been doing... but I'm an idiot, and only thought of the bad... I mean you still have us!" he gives a one arm hug to the rattling. He is feeling a lot better now.

Will wonders when Aikuen started reading minds still not realizing he'd spoken his thought out loud. He hugs the otter back anyway, "I still miss Zen. We told him not t go ... You an me were gonna teach him how t swim in th Abbey pond this Summer, remember? ... wish beasts didn't have t die."

Amethyst has long since stopped playing her lute but she's staying out of this for now.

Aikuen nods, "Aye I miss him too..." Then when Will said the thing about the swimming, he tilts his head. He totally forgot that he said that... It was the second day he was at the abbey and the third day, he finally talked to a beast that wasn't from the Island. That seems so long ago... "I remember... he seemed so excited... But... But maybe he isn't dead..." he sighs and starts to play with the dead rose, "A once wise rattling once told me that... Everybeast eventually dies... or something like that... Anyway... I wish beasts didn't die either... but it's best to remember them... if they do..." he hmms again.

Will nods, "Yeah ... I remember some beast saying that long time ago ... that was a little different ..." He pause a little before asking, "You sure you an Stepmum 'll be alright? If there's anything I can do t help fix it I will. My father once said if I 'see someone hurting another beast, by all means do what you have to do... to help them," he says the quote slowly and haltingly as he tries to remember just how the otter had said it. "You sure I can't do anything t help?" he asks again just to be sure.

Aikuen smiles to Will and passes him a quick wink, "We will be alright... may take some time to mend what was broken... but we will get through..." he looks off into the distance, before letting the rose fly off with the summer wind. He looks back to Will and laughs "That must have been some wise beast at the time... And yes there is something... When Fira is around, you two" he points at the two rats "... just act like friends okay... That was one of the things we argued about... Was your wedding in the spring... she is still not keen on it... and I don't think she will be for awhile..." he sighs again, "I never seen her yell before... Um... it wasn't for that, er, you two... it was... another thing we talked about..."

Will smiles a little, "Good. We're a better family when we're not all mad at each other." He watches the rose fly off in the wind, "He was, still is sometimes when he's not being stupid. He wasn't stupid at all at th sea side ... course you were out in th sea with Stepmum most of the time then so if you did stupid stuff I must not have noticed too much." He's quiet a while when Aikuen mentions him and Amy, " ... We are friends ... kinda. We're not getting married /right now/. It's more like that word I can't say right ... like you an Fira were before you got married or something like that, but we'll try t be really good when she's around." He hopes Amy will either agree or keep her mouth shut, he's not sure which would be better in this situation.

Amethyst puts her lute away and with staff in paw starts back toward the tunnel entrance. "I'm going inside for a while ... all suggestions have been noted for future reference." Now she has another beast to watch out for. Well at least this one will be less likely to ask her questions .... hopefully.

Aikuen nods, "You are engaged? Is that what you mean? And I... and she knows you're not getting married now... Just don't be all..." He leans down and whispers into Will ears, "All lovey-dovey... you know that type of thing... it reminds her that you will eventually... don't act like 'companions' if you know what I mean... er sorry Will... I wasn't teasing you..." he leans out and smiles to Amy as she leaves, "Thank you Amy!" he chuckles lightly, "Well, when I was at the sea shore... Nevermind..." he gives a quick hug to Will, before getting up, taking the bucket back to the Well.

Kentar is still sitting in the garden with Garnet, right next to her, they are talking quietly to each other about their upcoming wedding

Aikuen returns with another bucket of water, and starts pouring it over the dry area of the garden. He also brought with him a small pair of sheers, which he drops on the ground until he needs them. He seems happier then he seemed quite awhile ago. But little do they know he is only doing this to keep his mind off things.

Will nods to himself a bit thinking over what Aikuen had said. As far as the rat could tell 'engaged' did fit his and Amy's relationship. He watches the otter watering the roses again and is glad his father seems happier and it makes him feel good to have maybe helped some after all. He tries to listen to the stoats' conversation but many of the words and suggestions are unfamiliar to him so he abandons that idea and just relaxes under the bushes, to keep out of the sun.

Kentar looks up to Aikuen and then grins. Garnet gives the other stoat a nod. "Aikuen. There's something we want to ask you, now that you're not being yelled at anymore." he smiles.

Aikuen stops and looks to the stoats, placing the bucket down next to him. Knowing them, this is gonna be good news, and he doesn't want flying water going everywhere, "Well I'm not being yelled at... at the moment, so go right ahead... What is it?" and he braces himself.

Will knows but stays quiet, the otter won't get any hints from this rat.

Kentar grins and stands. "Well. We want you to do the speaking at our wedding." he smiles widely. "If, you know, you're up for it."

Aikuen crosses his arms, and laughs, "Of course mates! I'd love to! I was wondering when you were going to ask?" he laughs a little bit more before going to water the roses again, "So when is it... so I can prepare for it" as he pours.

Kentar grins wide. "We're thinking in four or five days." he smiles. "Yeah...Oh! Will! We've got something to ask you too!" he smiles, looking at him.

Amy had told Will that stoat's had wanted him to do something in their wedding but he didn't know much about it. "What do you want?" he asks half knowing what they may be about to ask.

Aikuen nods and then it hits him, he drops the bucket and it almost lands on his footpaw. He blinks a few times and looks to them again, "Well I guess I gave you less time... when I told you... alright... just tell me the exact day is... I should be prepared by then..." Since he has nothing else better to do until Fira is on speaking terms again.

Kentar chuckles a little. "I'd have told you three days ago but three days ago you were trying to kill yourself." he looks over his shoulder and grins before looking back to the rat. "I want you to be best beast at our wedding. More or less, you just stand there with Amy." he smiles. "If, you want to I mean. You could stand by Garnet." he laughs.

Will is sure there's more to this than what the stoat's telling him. Standing and watching is what he'd be doing at their wedding anyway. "I just stand there? Is that all I got t do?" he asks. Best to make sure the stoat isn't being tricky.

Kentar grins. "Actually, you get to hand me the ring I give to Garnet. Amy will get to hand Garnet the ring that she will give to me.

Aikuen listens to the rat and the stoat, as he goes to pick of the sheers and start pruning some of the dead off of the bush. Now why didn't he think of that at their wedding, oh well... it was good anyway.

Will is confused. Of course he only remembers seeing one wedding all the way through and that /was/ Aikuen's and Fira's so he's not sure where the stoat got this idea from. Oh well, Kentar had said there were many different ways to have a wedding. After a moment to think it over Will says, "O.K. I'll do it. I'll stand wherever ya want me to, when th time comes."

Kentar smiles and nods. "Thank you Will! And thank you Aikuen." he smiles at the otter before sitting down next to Garnet, who'd drifted off to sleep."

Aikuen now has two piles of dead things. Of Stuff that can be used, like dried roses... and stuff that can only be used as compost, like stems. He looks to the stoat and waves a paw in the air, "Glad to do it... Least I could do since you did ours..." he then gives a passing wink to Will, before he returns to pruning, and the piles.

Will says, "Uh, welcome." He hopes that after the stoats' wedding things will get back to normal.

Kentar Smiles and looks around before thinking. "Has anyone seen Kluna lately?" he asks.

Will shrugs, "Last I saw him he was with Racky in th dibbun hole, but that was a few days ago. I told him you wanted him. He didn't say nothin' though."

Aikuen sits down in front of the piles and starts working on something with them in his paws, "Er... yesterday... when I went to get some food... I thought I saw him in the kitchen... but as soon as I asked who it was... there was some crashing, and then nothing... and it was empty... I think that might have been him... or Racky... He is still probably still scared of me and Fira" he hmms, hopefully the little weasel is alright.

Kentar smacks himself in the forehead. "I should never have just left him." he sighs. "I'm such an idiot."

Kentar rubs his face and stands. "I'm going to go look for him. I can't stand him not being around much." the stoat sighs and goes off to find his son.

Aikuen shrugs, "Yes, yes you are... Good luck! I would try places with hiding parts in them..." he waves at the stoat, before going back to work on his wreath of dried roses.

Will wonders once again if stoats can fit in the dibbun hole or not. "What ya doin' Pa?" he asks the otter looking at the wreath he's making.

Aikuen sighs and holds it up for Will to see, "Its a head wreath... Most of the maids on my island wear them all the time, changing the flowers for every season... Guys wear that funny hat I was wearing when we were digging the pond... I thought roses would be nice for summer." as he continues to weave it in his paws.

Will ohs, "It looks nice. I'm sure Stepmum'll like it." While roses usually make him think of Amy, he assumes it's for Fira since he can't think of any other lady Aikuen would make it for unless it's for Garnet's to wear at her wedding but he doubts it.

Aikuen holds it up and spins it in his paws, "I'm actually making it for Amy... but she already got a rose for herself, from you... so if she wants it or not, here it is... Fira has already got one, made from flowers she picked out... and I'll make one for Garnet soon enough..." he continues to work on it, "I wanted to make something For Amy... something special... since she might be my daughter through marriage soon enough" he doesn't laugh, he is not teasing.

Will ohs, "Oops. I jus- never mind. I'm sure she'll like it. She likes roses a lot. You like Amy now?" Amy isn't the most likable maid at times, doesn't hurt to ask.

Aikuen shrugs a little bit, "Yah, I guess I do... When I... Ahem... well... for some reason, I like her... like she is family... it's crazy.."

Will grins, "Crazy? Nah, it's just Amy. She's like that." Of course for him it's a bit different but the meaning gets across loud and clear.

Aikuen laughs a little bit, and holds out the wreath for a final check, "Looks pretty good to me... When I meet her again, I'll give it too her..." he places the wreath in his lap, and sighs, "She never really gave a definite answer when I asked if she forgave me... sounded like it though... Did she say anything about it?" yes he is bringing it up, he needs to know at least something.

Will says, "I don't know if she said it but she does forgive you and I do an Kentar does an everybest except Fira and I don't know why she's still mad if Amy an I aren't."

Aikuen winces a little bit, but smiles all the same, "Amy does!... thanks... I'm glad..." He than takes a deep breath and says, "Fira does not forgive me...not only, for hitting Amy... though the was a big topic... It was the fact I was leaving because of that... I told her that I was doing it... to protect everyone from me... That was my fault... She doesn't like that... and now that I've had time to think about it... it was quite dumb on my part..." he sighs, as if wondering why else she is mad at him... oh yeah... but he cant tell Will that... not yet at least...

Will nods, "Yeah that was dumb," he shrugs, "I'm almost used t ya doing stupid stuff ... don't like it, but can't stop you either ... so just gotta get used to it."

Aikuen scruffs Wills headfur, "I just... just can't help it! I just gatta make sure... that my next stupid act doesn't get me in this much trouble again..." he laughs a little bit, "But I should be better now... that I got rid of all my anger again... You notice that most of my stupid stuff... comes from anger... But with Fira around... it seems to go down..." he closes his eyes, and mumbles, "She has been yelling at me for two days... and all I can think about... is seeing her again..." he chuckles.

Will nods a little, "... or doesn't get you killed. Once she's not mad at you anymore it'll be better. ..." He's ears move toward the familiar sound of a certain beast approaching. "T-things'll work out." he says distracted by the sounds.

Moledeep: Kitchen

"Kluna!? Kluna, where are you!?" Comes Kentar's voice from the hall as he looks around for the weasel. "I'm so sorry Kluna! Please come out..."

Kluner is in the kitchen, trying to get some more food, before scurrying off to the Dibbun hole with the Fox, who he has grown attached too. He hears Kentar's voice, and he crashes into a cabinet, and falls to the floor spilling the soup and breaking his nose. He doesn't want to see the stoat... the stoat left him without telling him... left them here with these beasts... and the waterdogs. He tries to get up, but remains on the kitchen floor wiping the fresh flow of blood off himself.

Kentar hears a crash. And then he quickly moves into the kitchen. He sees Kluna then smiles before frowning at the blood. "Kluna...are you okay?" he asks, going over quickly and kneeling down, ignoring the soup for now. He takes out a clean cloth and goes to dry the blood.

Kluner scoots away from the stoat, and his cloth, "No'es!" he places his paw on his nose and pop it back into place, "Goes aways... Tent-Tars... Mmmm" he scoots farther away from him.

Amethyst walks into the kitchen hearing beasts and smelling blood as she enters. "Hello. Problems?" she greets the others as she goes to look for a snack.

Kentar sighs and sets the cloth down, tears forming in his eyes. "Kluna. I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean to just leave. I'm so sorry!" he sighs. "Please, don't be like this...I still love you." he looks up to Amy. "No problems." he then looks back to Kluna.

Kluner begins to tear up too, but scoots even farther away, "No'es! Yous Lefts Kluna... heres all by hisself... you promiseses..." and he lightly sobs, he sees the other rat, and scoots away from her also, "Lefts me with Thems..."

Amethyst nods, "Must not be bleeding too much then. How are you Kluna? I haven't heard from you in a long time. You like it here?" She feels around for a ladle to get herself some left over stew, she tries not to think too hard about how old it might be. It's food and that's good enough for her.

Kentar lets one tear fall and wipes away the rest. "I'm sorry Kluna. I left you here with them because I had to go find somebeast and bring her back. Kluna. Please, forgive me. They're not bad beasts. I know they'd have taken care of you. I am so sorry. I promised that I'd always be here. Look. I'm here..." he looks to Amy. "If you need h-help, let me know."

Kluner stops scooting away and curls up in a little ball, wrapping his tail around himself, "Yous... promiseses... You is heres... but your werents... Promiseses..." he sniffs a little bit in his furry tail.

Amethyst manages to find the ladle without burning herself and gets herself a nice hot bowl of stew. She sets the bowl on the table and stands there to eat it. She's too lazy to hunt for a chair right now. "Kluna, no matter how hard a beast tries they can't always keep all their promises even if they want to. Kentar had to make a very hard choice. He could stay here with you and keep his promise to you or he could go help his friend Garnet and keep another promise that way. Will and I and even Aikuen did not want him to leave you there and if he ever tries to again he'll be in big trouble, but he couldn't let bad things happen to Garnet and he knew you'd be save here. So he did go and he rescued Garnet from a very bad mean fox and now she's back again and everyone else is happy that she's back. It was not right for him to leave you here but if he couldn't take you with him because the bad fox would hurt you and him and Garnet and that would be much worse then just leaving you here with us. We haven't done an

Amy continues, "We haven't done anything to hurt you or tried to hurt you and it's probably a good think Racky sleeps so much or this would have happened a lot sooner and more often from what I've heard. Anyway, Kentar is not evil and he's sorry for leaving you. Did I leave anything out?"

Kluner looks out form his tail-tent, and turns to the stoat, "Yous... Yous was lookins for Garnets?.... From da bads foxses?" he didn't know that. "Fajer?... is dats true?"

Kentar nods and smiles a little. "Yes! Yes its true! And we both came back. We're both here. She's in the garden's with Aikuen and Will now if you want to meet her." he smiles.

Amethyst smirks a bit, she did good. "Are you telling him the good news about her and you or shall I?" she asks the stoat between bites of stew.

Kluner unravels himself from the ball and stands up a little to walk over to Kentar. Blood mixed with tears, is still smeared across his face, "Wills she liked me? Whats goods news?" he asks, waiting to be cleaned or picked up... both work for him.

Kentar takes a deep breath and smiles, taking out the cloth he had and starts to clean off the weasel. "I'll tell him." he smiles. "Well. Garnet and I are going to get married in a few days which means then she'll be your mother." he smiles. "And soon. Your going to have a little brother or sister."

Amethyst finishes her stew, "Of course she'll like you how could she not? And soon you'll be a big brother and can help her with the baby, what mother wouldn't love that?"

Kluner tilts his head at the stoat, "I'll have a Mujer! And Kluna be a bigs brothers!" he falls to the ground and faints.

Kentar smiles and looks to Amy. "I'm sure Garnet will love that! I--" he hears the thud then looks at Kluner with a loud laugh.

Amethyst shakes her head with a smile, "Does my 'nephew' go thud a lot? Or just when excited? Good thing the floor's just dirt and nothing harder." She puts her bowl in the sink to be cleaned later. "When he wakes up why don't you bring him outside. I'm heading that way as it is, think everyone's out there ... except Mrs. Taran but that may be for the best as things are."

Kentar laughs. "Yeah. He does a lot." he smiles. "Just when excited, but he gets excited easy." he laughs before nodding. "Right. Well. I'll be out soon." he smiles.

Amethyst nods, "See ya outside then." The blind rat-maid makes her way out into the hall, around the table and out the red door of the entrance.

Kluner is still out, but his tail oddly twitches from left to right, and taps the stoat when he is in range.

Kentar looks at Kluner and smiles, picking the weasel up and setting him in a chair, now properly cleaning him off before cleaning up the soup.

Kluner wakes up slowly as he is cleaned, but remains unmoving for a bit before saying, "Ows... Klunas bonked his head..." he rubs the back of his noggin, as he watches the stoat cleaning. He wraps his tail around the chair leg, "Sorries abouts that... I thoughts you is was that waterdogs... froms yesturdays..." he kicks his feet in front of him.

Kentar chuckles and looks up once he's done the cleaning. "You really don't ever need to be afraid of Aikuen or Fira." he smiles. "They both saved my life a few times. They'd never do anything to hurt you. Ever"

Kluner nods a little bit and chews on his tail, "You saids thats... Okaies... But I'm stills scared... there boths so talls!! and one of em is huges!" he hides behind his tail, and chuckles a little bit.

Kentar chuckles and then goes to pick the weasel up, and set him on his shoulders. "Yeah. Aikuen is huge. But really. He's just a big baby." the stoat laughs. "Want to go out and meet him?"

Kluner chews on his tail for a few minutes before slowly nodding, "...Okays... Buts..." He gets up and walks over to Kentar, "You is protects Klunas... Justs in cases..." he chews on his tail a little bit more.

Kentar laughs and smiles with a big nod. "Sure." he smiles before trying to place the weasel on his shoulders with a grin. "You ready Kluna?

Kluner is about to shake his head, but then nods, "Alrights... WHOH!" he laughs as he is set on the stoats shoulder. He wraps his tail around the stoats head. He taps on Kentar's head, "Lets goes!" he then shakes his head, before grabbing hold on his head, ready to move if the stoat decides too.

Kentar grins and spins around a few times before heading out of the kitchen. "I am sorry for leaving like I did Kluna. You forgive me right?" he asks along the way.

Kluner holds on, and eeps as he his spun. Its a lot more noticeable being on his shoulder. He gives a squeeze with his tail, "Yeses... If you is nevers leaves Kluna... Evers Agains!" he chuckles lightly, as they start on their journey.

Kentar chuckles and smiles more as he heads for the gardens. "I promise you, I will never, ever, ever leave you again." he smiles.

Moledeep: Rose Garden

Amethyst walks out to the rose garden, following her nose as much as anything and plops down next to Will. "Hello again," says as she sits down and pulls out her lute and starts to tune it.

Aikuen looks to Will and tilts his head. He also looks to the sound and hides a laugh, "Hiya Amy!" he doesn't have to hide the wreath for obvious reasons, and just twirls it in his paws, waiting for a good moment to give it to her.

Will grins, "Hi," he reaches over and squeezes her free paw, "Where'd ya go off to?"

Amethyst says, "Inside. Got hungry an got something from th kitchen. Yes, I know you could have done that for me but I did it myself anyway. It's fine. And how are you Aikuen?"

Will blinks, "I- uh.. fine. You see Kluna in there? Er ... you know what I mean. Kentar's lookin for him."

Aikuen chuckles a little bit, "Please call me Aik...Anyways! Besides the fact I can't see my wife for a few days... I'm doing just great..." Then in a sing-song voice, "Hey Amy! I made a little gift for you!" he smiles evilly, as he wields the wreath.

Amethyst quirks a brow, "Oh, this should be interesting. Yes I met Kentar and Kluna in the kitchen they're talking and I helped explain things to Kluna and you know what? It worked! Now, is this gift a nice gift or a 'Whoops. /Forgot/ to tell you it was poisonous' or something gift?"

Will pokes Amy, "It's a nice gift. I watched him make it. You'll like it."

Amethyst starts playing softly on her lute, "We'll see."

Aikuen frowns at Amy, "I promise it won't hurt you, unless I throw it at you." a light chuckle, and smiles "I think it looks nice. Back on my island, Maids used to wear them all the time... so I made one for you! Hope you like it!" he scoots in closer to her and carefully places it on her lap, because her paws are full "It's a head wreath I made from dried roses from the garden. It may not last as long as the one Will made for you, but it'll smell nice while it lasts" he laughs and sighs

Amethyst rests her lute on her lap and runs her paws over the wreath that now lays on top of it. "... Thanks," she says laying it aside to take up her lute again. "It's nice. Thank you," she smiles a little at the otter as she begins to pluck at her lute again.

Aikuen smiles back, "You are quite welcome... " he stands up wiping the dust from his pants, "Amy... If you ever need anything... And Will is not around, Go ahead and ask me... I would most likely be glad to do it!" he chuckles a little bit, as he goes to pick up the bucket and start to water the last of the roses.

Will is quiet as he watches the other two and listens to Amy's playing.

Amethyst nods some, "I'll hold you to it, should I ever need to ask you for something."

Aikuen dumps the last bit of water on the last of the roses, "Sure! As long as it doesn't make any other beast mad, or kill anybeast... or something like that... Ill be glad to do it!" he chuckles and starts to walk back to the Well.

Amethyst smiles, "Should have said that sooner, though I'm sure I could find a way around that /if/ I needed to."

Will sighs, "You're talking again."

Aikuen stops and turns to face the Rats, "Eh? Why? What do you want done? That could make beasts mad... or make them dead?" he asks curiously.

Amethyst says, "Didn't say I wanted anything now but I may sometime later. I can't tell the future but it's always nice to have those options should I need them."

Aikuen blinks a few times. This might be one of those, 'Just nod and walk away' type of moments, but this is Aik were talking about! "Alright, What do you want in the future, in which you would need help... In that sort of way?"

Amethyst smirks, "Didn't I just say I couldn't see the future? I think I did? Yes, yes I did. I don't know at this time but you'll keep pestering me about it won't you?"

Will stand up to head back inside but waits for Aikuen's response before helping Amy to her feet as well. He's not leaving these two alone together anymore if he can help it.

Aikuen smiles and nods, "Yes I will!" he laughs, "So...you can't tell the future... But you're cooking up something... I can feel it in my rudder!" he chuckles and slams his tail on the ground for emphasis, "What are you scheming? I knew you two were conspiring against me!" he mock gasps, "Oh no!" he laughs a little bit more. Right now he is just playing around

Amethyst lets Will help her up and leans on her staff, "Believe what you like, Aik. But if we were, do you think we'd tell you?" She follows Will back toward the tunnel.

Aikuen sticks his tongue out at the pair, "I'll figure it out! Just wait and See! JUST WAIT AND SEE!" He laughs to himself as he goes to walk around the garden again, giving it another once over. He sees Garnet up ahead, all by her lonesome and shakes his head, "Eh... better not wake her... Kentar might get mad!" He laughs to himself once again as he stumbles through the rest of the gardens before also heading to the pond for a night swim, "I've only been away for about a day... And I miss her so much already... Fira... Fi..." he rubs at his ring, and smiles.

Kluner smiles, "Ohs'K... You betters Nots" he growls a little bit as they enter the Garden. He looks around for a little bit, "I donts see the huges waterdogs... er... a'chooen... other the others ones...er, Fera" It would be the first thing he looks for. As much as Kentar sugar coats it, he is still afraid of them.

Kentar looks around as they enter the gardens, the stoat chuckling a little. "I don't either. Hrm. Wonder where that big lump of fur got to." he grins to himself.

Aikuen is swimming in the pond, as much as he can in the small space. He comes up for air and can see the stoat, with the weasel on his shoulder. He smiles, good that he found the little weasel. He was about to go back to swimming, when he hears himself being called 'Big lump of fur'. He frowns as he jumps out of the pond, and shakes the excess water from him. He then walks toward the two, "Hello Kentar, You big lump of stoat... Hiya ...er, Kluna" almost forgot his name there for a second. He knows that the little weasel is scared of him, so he tries not to look intimidating, as much as he can.

Kentar looks at Aikuen then grins. "See Kluna. Just a big lump of fur..." he goes over to the otter slowly and smiles. "See? Nothing to be afraid of. "Told you he's just a big baby."

Aikuen sticks his tongue at the Stoat, "I am not a big baby... Rude!" he laughs and looks to Kluner, "How are you doing Kluna, glad to see you out an about!" he tilts his head at 'A'chooen', guessing that's how the weasel says his name.

Kentar smiles and looks to the otter then to Kluner, as best as he can anyways. "Yes, I'm sure." He chuckles. "Aikuen won't hurt you. Will you Aikuen? And if you do, well. I'd have to do something big and mean." he grins.

Kluner comes out from the protection of the stoats head, to answer the waterdog "Fines..." he then goes back. Then Kentar said that, and he come out again, "He wonts... He wonts hurt Kluna..." Mostly to himself. He now sits on the stoats shoulder like normal, and looks Aikuen up and down, "You is huges!" he says out loud. He epps and hides behind the stoat again.

Aikuen looks to Kentar and nods, before looking to the weasel, "Aye, I wont hurt yah... or else your father is going to do something... 'Big and mean' to me. I've already know what it is... and I don't want it to happened again!" he chuckles and smiles. Then the weasel hides again, "Eh... I'm sorry? I can't help that..." he then slouches and bends his knees, he is now shorter then both of them, "There, your taller then me now! You sure did grow fast!" he laughs.

Kentar grins and chuckles at the otter. "See Kluna! Now you is huges!" he smiles and bounces the weasel on his shoulder a little with a quiet chuckle.

Kluner looks out from his shield, of the stoats head. He blinks a few times as the otter seemed to got shorter. He looks around for a few minutes not getting it... until he does. He laughs and lightly hits the stoat on the head, "Kluna is nots... The waterdogs is just shorters nows..." now that he sees the otter is friendly, and didn't try to kill him, he feels better about being around him... he just now feels a little anxious about the other otter.

Aikuen laughs along with Kluna, and he seems to be in a lull, he stands back up again. The 'waterdog' is pushed aside for now, something to be discussed with later with Kentar. He just remains all smiles, "Smart little thing arent yah!" he laughs again, "Kluna you can call me Aik, and if ever need anything, and Kentar is not around, just ask me... I'll be happy to do it. Oh and Ask Fira..." he stops and blinks a few times before going back to a smile, "Ask Fira too, if you need anything..."

Kentar smiles and then gently kneels down, setting the young weasel on the ground. "See? He's the nicest beast you'll ever ever meet." he nods.

Kluner is placed on the ground. He just stands there and looks at the otter. He then slowly walks forward and touches Aikuen's fur. He then steps back suddenly. Seeing that the otter didn't do anything, he walks forward again and slowly starts to rub the otter's leg, "It's wets... and softests..." never have touched an otters fur before, he laughs a little bit as it tickles him, "Hehe, Ikes all fuzzies!" he continues to rub his paw over the otter's leg fur.

Aikuen looks down at the weasel as it draws near, "Yep niceest, Just like a big baby apparently..." and the weasel starts to rub his leg. He laughs a little bit, as it tickles him back, "Ack, that tickles!... Kluna, that tickles!" he continues to laughs and sits down, and rubs the top of Kluner's head, "Your all 'fuzzies' too!" then he looks in mock horror to the stoat, "Help me Kentar! He is going to Tickle me to death!" he laughs as he lets the weasel continue to rub him.

Kentar grins and goes to pick the weasel up without much warning. "I'll save you Aikuen!" he grins, moving his son through the air as if he was flying before landing him right on Aikuen's shoulders. And since Aik is about a head taller then he is, it should be quite different."

Kluner laughs at the otter, "Yous sillies! Kluna nots ticklings you!... Ack!" he is now flying through the air, and he closes his eyes until it stops. He knows he landed on somebeast's shoulder, it's wet and fuzzy. He creaks an eye open and immediately wraps his tail around the otters neck, "Eep! Ikes! Yous too talls!" he is not afraid of heights, but this is totally different then Kentar's shoulder. It's a whole different view of things. He grabs Aik's head and says warningly, "Don'ts drops Kluna..." he laughs a little bit, as he keeps a tight grip.

Aikuen laughs a little bit, "Yes! Yes you are!" and then the tickling stops, and now there is a tiny weasel on his shoulder. He goes to hold him by placing a paw on his back, "I'm not that tall, Fira is just as tall as me!" he chuckles and walks around a little bit, "I'm not gonna drop you! Mate, you are way too cute to be dropped!" he smiles as he hops back over to Kentar. He picks up Kluner from his shoulder, and holds him for his arms for a bit before handing him back to the stoat, "Here yah go, back with your father..." he smiles a little bit.

Kentar chuckles and takes the weasel in his arms for a few moments before setting him down. "Hehe. See? Now. Bet your not scared of Aikuen anymore, are ya?" he smiles before closing his eye and laughing quietly.

Kluner shakes his head, "No'es... Ikes funnies... and talls... norra scaries..." he beings to chew on his tail as he looks between the the two adult beasts. True, Aik doesn't act like the otters he has meet before... but he looks just like them. This confuses him a bit, and he begins to walk around the garden looking for small rocks, but sticks close to the stoat, just in case that other otter is nearby

Aikuen smiles to Kluner before looking back to Kentar, and pats him on the shoulder, "Hopefully he will feel the same about Fira, when he finally meets her..." he takes a deep breath before saying, "I'm gonna head off for the infirm... since I can't sleep in my room... for the time being... I'll see you all tomorrow, Night Kentar... Night Kluna," he smiles and waves a little bit before walking off toward the tunnel entrance. And then he is off to the Infirmary and an empty bed for the night.

Kentar smiles and then nods, giving a wave at his friend. "C'ya tomorrow, Aikuen." he smiles. "So Kluna." his gaze directs to Garnet, who's still asleep. "Want to meet your new mum?" he asks.

Kluner waves a little bit to the otter as he leaves. He then goes to pick up a small rock before running back over to Kentar, "...Oh'ks..." he is a bit nervous. What if she doesn't like him. He yawns a little bit, before placing the rock in his pocket. He looks around a little bit tying to find his new mom. Too short, cant see her. So he waits for Kentar to point her out.

Kentar smiles and then picks Kluner up in his arms and carries him over to the pregnantish looking stoatmaid that's dozing near the roses. He sets the weasel down gently and then taps her shoulder. "Garnet...Garnet wake up...someone I'd like you to meet." After a few taps, she wakes up with a yawn, giving Kentar a kiss then looking to Kluna with a smile.

Kluner stares at the other stoat for quite a bit, before walking forward a little, "Hi's... Mums..." He begins to chew on his tail nervously. He walks a little closer and taps her on the leg, "I'm Klunas..."

Garnet smiles at Kluna then sits up properly. She looks to the weasel then her love, before the weasel again. "Hehe. So. You're Kluna" she smiles, ruffling the little weasel's headfur. "I'm Garnet...I guess...I'm your new mother...well, Will be." she chuckles, patting her lap incase the weasel would like a comfy place to sit other then standing on the ground.

Kluner closes his eyes as he is ruffed. He smiles a little and carefully crawls into her lap, and settles down, "Hi's... Mum..." he repeats again. Her fur is soft and warm. He grins as he settles down more into her, curling up into a little ball. "Hi's.... Mum... I likes yous" once more for good measure. He smiles and closes his eyes, "Hi's.... Mum..." as he soon drifts to sleep in his new mothers lap. His tail twitches from side to side, and eventually wraps around her leg, as the little weasel sleeps on.

Garnet and Kentar both 'aww' at the same time. Garnet gently rubs the back of the sleeping dibbun's head, Kentar just smiling softly. After all he's been through, everything is falling into place, for the first time in his life. "He's adorable." Garnet whispers. "Yeah. He is. And he's our son. Our...son." Kentar sighs happily before snuggling against Garnet, giving her a gentle kiss. "Love you Garnet." He says, her head now resting on his shoulder, his head on her's, as they both drift off to sleep.