Evil in Mossflower

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Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:44

Hey guys,

I've been wanting to start a group of evil-minded vermin that live in the Mossflower area for a long time now. Almost all the characters on the Muck that receive active play time and are well-developed are good guys, so there's not a lot of conflict and it makes for a stagnant environment. Baddies always have to be spoofed or made up specifically for the TPs that are being planned.

What I would like to see is a group of players willing to create evil-minded vermin characters that are fully-developed and "primary" characters in their own right, rather than relying on spoofs and one-off villains for conflict. My character Jaksor is my personal attempt at this. I've created a group on the site here called the Reavers for this little band, but I'm open to alternative name suggestions.

The end goal for the group will be to have a small core (bigger is good too!) of players committed to playing evil characters with as much development as a "good guy" character, that will travel together as a group and be able to get into the sort of trouble that only a band of baddies can. This will absolutely include collaboration with the Redwallers to harass the Abbey, with the Long Patrol to harass Salamandastron, and with any other group of good guys (maybe even rival bad guys if some come around) to harass them wherever and whenever we meet them. We can do robbery, burglary, thievery, highwayman-ship, looting, pillaging, burning, sacking, raiding, kidnapping, maybe even full-scale besieging if we get enough players, but it will always be us and we will be a consistent and continual threat in the greater Mossflower area instead of a temporary invader. We will go wherever we can find the most loot for the easiest taking.

Comments welcome and encouraged! See you out there.