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This page will serve as an archive of sorts for characters who were a part of the Long Patrol who have either died IC'ly, gone inactive, or whose players have left the MUCK and have stated they are not returning.

Alpine Perennial Conifer

Member of the Long Patrol since 2012 (Inactive)

IC age: 14 Seasons

History: Alpine's family, the Conifers, are a long lineage of Northern Mossflower hares. The family manor is up in the mountains that ring Mossflower's northern border. It is a long revered and a sacred place for the Conifers. Alpine was born there, along with his two brothers, Cypress and Cedar, as well as his younger sister Agathis. Cypress and Cedar, three seasons Alpine's elders, left as soon as they were old enough to become Long Patrol hares. It wasn't an uncommon thing for Conifer hares to do, but it broke their mothers heart, Pinopsida, when Alpine wanted to follow in his brothers' pawsteps. Alpine joined up, eager to become a fighter just like this brothers. The Conifer hares almost always selected the path of fighter. They're are all large like their namesakes and on top of it Alpine's great great grandfather, also of the name Alpine, was a Major for a short stint before he died heroically in battle. Aspiring to that glory, Alpine threw his all into his patrol service. But family wasn't the bond that helped Alpine in service. While getting a hard time from Cedar and Cypress, Alpine struggled in his first few seasons of service. But when his brothers were assigned to the Old 67th, Alpine found himself and flourished as a fairly good spear fighter. Just over a season or two ago Alpine lost his eye in a fight with a weasel. He wears an eyepatch with an image of a weasel's skull embossed into it. Cypress and Cedar both perished in the recent Redwall battle.

Personality: Alpine is a gentle giant. He is quiet, reserved, and doesn't speak until he can find the right words. He comes across as slow and to be honest... Alpine isn't the brightest jewel in the crown, as it were. But he is an excellent fighter and a good hare to have your back when you need it. He is loyal and full of useless facts about trees... mostly evergreens. The hare doesn't seem to do much other than training and fighting and is usually in the boxing cavern hunting for his next sparring partner. He can also absolutely eat you under a table. Don't ever challenge him to an eating contest.

Carmentis Hazlewood

Member of the Long Patrol since 2019 (Inactive)

IC Age: 10 Seasons

Rank: Private

History: She once lived in the area of Aclidia and learned healer skills from her mother who worked at a large clinic I the city. But she disliked City life and wanted away from crowds and all the stuff that goes with city life. Her father was rich and so she was never one to want much she simply just had to ask and she got it most of the time. But one day a local fox came injuried..he was well known for killing beast in cold blood but her mother skill saved his life to which Carmentis was upset about so she packed up and ran away from home. She learned soon of two traveling hares...Private Monty and Corporal Adrian and so decided she would offer her skills of a healer to the Long Patrol.

Personality: She is serious when it comes to her healer skills, knows poisons and cures. She is mostly a happy hare, but talks rarely of her family. When she laughs she snorts, she likes to wear a single flower in her head fur. Her views on vermin are...mixed, would she heal one...nope...as for seeing them if they leave her alone, she leaves them alone. She is skilled with daggers and throwing knives.

Cera Dove Collins

Member of the Long Patrol since 2019 (Player left)

IC Age: Adult

Rank: Private

History: She has known the Long Patrol all her life. Her mother was a healer, her father was a fighter, she had an older brother that was a fighter.She had an older sister who was a runner, till they were shot with an arrow by a vermin and forced to retire. It was a few weeks later the runner got deathly ill, it seemed an infection was inside her leg, found too late to save her even after the leg was lost...she still died. Cera was sad but life went on. Cera was good in her training and choose to be a healer as her main focus as a skill, her mother was one of the best in fact and taught her well. Cera was also a good tracker and skilled with a dirk, her mother choose her to come along as a healer assistant and help when the Long Patrol was asked to go help Mossflower and Redwall Abbey.The trip was event free and it seemed healers would stay at the base camp north of the abbey to help any wounded?.. Then ...the worst day of her life came. The base camp had maybe 10 healers, 5 fighters to guard it and 2-3 runners, there was also a couple hares that couldn't fight for whatever reason? ...trained assassins killed the fighters, it happened so fast and so quick no one knew what was happening till it was too late, the horde had sent a group of skilled assassins to ambush the camp after the main group went to the abbey ...her mother told her to run, why run she had thought she was not a dibbun! She fought back and killed a couple of the assassins...yes others were killed in camp, not all the hares were killed so easily,even under an ambush. Cera had almost made it to the abbey to see more fighting, then pain in her back and tumbling to the ditch...and darkness. Darkness lasted a few weeks she later learned as a ferret of all things had saved her, a ferret who was neither good, nor bad really they just wanted left alone, why they saved her Cera would never know, but she owed her life to them. The ferret died in some fight outside the Black Gull, she had witnessed it she was almost fully healed after almost a years worth of time and went to the abbey, at the abbey she found Private Ewan and learned the fate of most of the Long Patrol...how 80% of the Long Patrol died and the remaining went back to the mountain, so Cera headed to the mountain to be...home and it seemed rejoin as a healer or was she really ever not in the Long Patrol.

Personality: Cera liked to keep to herself, it's likely why few really ever got to know her.She does have a short temper at times, and knows it's important to follow rules and history is important as well. She has moments where she will remember that horrible day where she lost friends, her mother and brother died that day too. She likes to meditate and is learning more and more ways of the healer everyday. She likes to make friends when she can and loves the library when she has time off. She cares for her friends and is a very loyal Patrol hare.

Ewan Benjamin Delaney Tanner Mosswell Jahveri

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Character died December 2019/Player Left)

IC age: Adult

History: Ewan joined only because his father made him, the family of proud Long Patrol members. His father, his mother,his older brother, his older sister, even his uncle. All proud fighters, except his mother who was a healer, she was the only one who really understood him and didn't want him to join the Long Patrol. She died in childbirth, sadly two twin infant sisters died as well. Ewan was around 6 seasons then. He learned some simple self defense, and did fair at it. He was told to join when he was 7 Seasons, he did and failed basic training twice till he finally got in and the officer in charge, promoted him to Private only as he was “Tired of seeing the fool”. So Ewan was a Private and not a very skilled one either...he doesn't run fast, he has very simple self defense skills, he tried archery and shot a fellow Long Patrol in the foot paw. He went on a couple simple missions in Halyard, stop some drunk rats and somehow managed to survive. By accident he ended up with the rescue mission to Mossflower,where he saw a taste of REAL battle and ended up having a mental breakdown at the sight of blood, beasts wanting to clearly kill him,he was even a captive a couple days of the Painted ones the group ran into, the painted ones were easily defeated and the group proceeded to go save Mossflower and Redwall from a horde...but Ewan was a bit..out of it and it became clear he was not cut out for the Long Patrol, far from it in fact. He witnessed the death of a fellow hare and that sort of made the deal final. He was dismissed from the Long Patrol to live at Redwall Abbey and became the Redwall Resident LP hare.

Personality: It takes him a while to make friends, he has low self esteem but he is trying to work on that. He can remember a lot like paths in the woods after being on them once,he has read a lot and remembered what he read, after reading in once. He dislikes fighting, faints at the sight of blood, and sometimes will have flashbacks of fighting and has to focus on something else or someones voice and then is usually ok again. He likes reading and learning. He will stutter when upset. He also can't swim.

Hanzi Conrad Firepaw Jackson

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Character died April 2019)

IC age: 6.5 Seasons

Rank: Recruit

History: Hanzi always dreamed of joining up with the long Patrol, but his parents said no, it was too dangerous and travel was dangerous. They lived in Mossflower and lived a fairly good life. One day the bells sounded, danger and they headed to the abbey. Hanzi stayed close to his mother and father but the slavers surrounded them.His father fought and was killed, his mother and him were taken away and forced to work for the slavers.The vermin made him clean, they made him cook, they made him left heavy things. His mother didn't take to being a slave well and the lost of her mate she died and....Hanzi was alone. One day he was rescued but always stayed off to the side and refused to talk to many, then he heard of the Long Patrol, they were in the area and this was his chance to join them, to have meaning to his life, and make sure others didn't suffer though what he did, he would join the Long Patrol and, try his best to be great one day. His skills...hardly anything,but he is willing to learn. He can juggle things, he is strong, but not fast on his footpaws. He also can't read, but he is willing to learn.

Personality: His personality is interesting. He is polite, knows please and thank you but has a short fuse when comes to temper at times, a weakness of his. He does the best he can to get along with others but fails sometimes. One day he may want to learn and the next day be lazy.He also hates vermin species of all kinds, something that may ease later on but its unclear right now. He is still fairly young so might get into trouble a lot, but he will be quick to say sorry and likely seen peeling potatoes later that night.

Jacenta Longfur

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Inactive)

IC age: 10 Seasons

Rank: Private

History: She joined when she was about 8 seasons old and took a liking to healer skills, Her mother was a healer but lives in Halyard. Her Brother James Longfur was a Private in the Long Patrol, a fighter hare and a season older than her. Her father died when she was a dibbun, in a tavern fight that got out of control. When the group her brother James was in returned from the abbey, so did the sad news of her brother James death, she was heartbroken but stayed in the LP to honor his memory. She is learning more and more every day in the healer field and is fairly good, and getting better, at the skill.

Personality:She can also use a sling and is learning to use a saber, but has a lot of work to do in using the blade. She gets along with most beasts and is a little shy until she gets to know a beast. If she doesn't know something she will look it up in the library. Unlike most hares she ...doesn't eat much, she eats a simple meal 3 times a day and likes to have her healers pack stocked and ready for use so its usually with her even when off duty. She also dreams of one day seeing Redwall Abbey.

Lothar Kane Bezos Oakes

Member of the Long Patrol since 2019 (Character died July 2019)

IC Age: Middle-Aged

History: Lothar grew up on an island called Brookdale, a small little village with maybe a dozen hares, peaceful and they didn't know much about the world past their little island as they grew up there, shipwrecked one day. The ship lucky had some seeds of corn,carrots,wheat, and the island had coconuts and bananas, wild berrys and some simple healing and cooking herbs. There was plenty of fish and other seafood and they collected rainwater for drinking. Life was good....till first the sea storm, the storm destroyed a lot and then a shipfull of rats and ferrets came and killed everyone but..Lothar and his younger brother, the vermin decided they would make great slaves and so Lothar was a slave for a few seasons, but one day he and his brother escaped in the middle of the night on a lifeboat while the vermin crew celebrated their captains birthday. The two made it to the closest city on the Western shore..Aclidia . Lothar found a job as a sort of dock hand and sometimes was hired to look for beasts, but soon learned one job was to hunt down an escaped slave for a slaver, he instead got the slave to a safe place, but when he returned to his small houseboat he found his younger brother dead at the paws of the slaver, in revenge he found and killed the slaver. It was a season later he would run into a couple hares of the Long Patrol and decide to join the Long Patrol as he needed a fresh start in life and who knows....maybe the Long Patrol was it.

Personality: He may be middle aged but he is skilled with the long sword, skilled with tracking, skilled with throwing knifes. He knows a few healing herbs and is a very good cook. It takes a little while for him to trust others, but once he does he sees them as a friend for life and someone to protect. He rarely speaks of his past, when asked he changes the subject most of the time. He is a good listener, even if he doesn't know how to fix the problem as he says it's sometimes best to just let a beast talk as talking helps some even if one doesn't have an answer to give. He is loyal to friends and sometimes wants his alone time. He loves dibbuns and will sometimes crave some figures or spinning tops from driftwood.He learns slowly he likes the Long Patrol and is glad he joined.

Marriana Rivageld Silvaticus Evergreen

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Inactive)

IC Age: 11 Seasons

Rank: Private

History: Marriana Rivageld Silvaticus Evergreen was born near the River Moss on a small farm, raised by her mum and dad, Veronica Rivageld Evergreen and Reginald Silvaticus Evergreen respectively. Her dad was a heavy drinker, and she had picked up his habit somewhat, preferring harder drinks, but she does have a sweet spot for October ale (her mum's favorite). But one thing she learned and loved from her dad was that he had been on the high seas, seeking adventure, and had told her tales of where he had been and what he had experienced and what he had seen; especially how to fight! He had learned an eccentric style (one that her mum constantly chided at him about as what caused him to start drinking as hard as he did), and that was drunken boxing. Using swaying, drunken motions and distracting stances, he taught her to be limber and be able to dodge, all while not truly being drunk but having her body be in a state of being so. Though one thing that stuck with her was how he described the mountain of Salamandastron and how he admired and respected the Long Patrol hares for what they do. He'd even gotten to meet the badgerlord, though only in passing, and he said he was the most royal-looking creature he'd ever set eyes upon. Drawn by these tales, she proclaimed that she would someday join the Long Patrol and use her abilities to bolster their ranks. She lost her dad one day when she was a teenage doe. He'd gotten too drunk and stumbled into the River Moss during the winter months and froze to death before he could find his way home. They buried him behind the house in a nice patch of flowers, where he used to teach Marriana how to fight. That was the first time anyone could ever recall seeing her cry, and she did for many months after. But she learned to think of the happier times with her dear father rather than dwell on his loss. A smile returning to her lips and a song coming to her every step of the way, she decided to journey to Salamandastron when she comes of age, and now has made her way to being a Long Patrol hare!

Personality: Marriana is a cheerful soul, preferring to look on the bright side of things and usually wants to make friends with everybeast she meets. Though she does share her father's vice of being prone to drinking, she does however also enjoy singing and dancing. She also enjoys sparring and looking at pictures. The doe cannot read, as her family never had any books in which to teach her to do so, but the pictures always are a delight for her. There are moments, though, when she's drunk, when her melancholy side finally raises its ugly head, suppressed feelings finally surfacing, which is why she prefers to do her heavy drinking alone.

Reva Jill Zale Streamfoot

Member of the Long Patrol since 2019 (Inactive)

IC age: 9 Seasons

Rank: Recruit

History: Reva grew up on the sea as her mother and father owned a boat. In fact she was born on the small fishing boat and would go on land when her parents would go sell caught fish and other sea goodies. One day a storm came and the boat crashed, her mother died and she was sad, but still had her father. Least till her father got in a bar fight at the tavern and was killed. She ran from the fox with her baby sister in paw. A long Patrol hare saved her and her sister and ever since that day she wanted to join but it would be a couple seasons before she got the courage to ask and join.

Personality: She seems to talk a lot, sometimes too much and sometimes it can get her into trouble, she also likes to explore, and she can be forgetful at times like leave a dirk somewhere and have to go back for it, or forget to do paperwork, not deliver a message.She tries to be friendly to all and act brave, she isn't always brave as sometimes she loses courage but she is working on that. She wants to do her best in the Long Patrol, it just may take some...getting use to is all.

Rudolfo Bond Gates Greenpaw

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Character left April 2019)

IC age: 8 Seasons

Rank: Private

History: Rudolfo joined the Long Patrol when he was around 7 seasons old and trained hard and was soon a private. He choose the rank of fighter to be like his father, Howell Peterson Gates Greenpaw. His father was a corporal and went off to help in the fight in Mossflower. Rudolfo would of went, but a fight with a weasel in Halayard Tavern left him with a broken leg a couple weeks before the Long Patrol troops left for Mossflower with Lord Ciocan. He found out the injury likely saved his life when news that most of the Patrol died in the battle, they had victory but at a high cost and among the dead was his father, Corporal Howell. Rudolfo was heartbroken and thought of leaving the patrol but then decided to stay and honor his father. His leg injury left him with a permit slight limp, but it doesn't seem to slow him down much at all when it comes to fighting skills, he can't run as fast as he could before but that's fine, his role is fighter after all. He is very skilled with a dirk and slowly getting fairly good with paw-to-paw.

Personality: Rudolfo seems sort of shy, but he isn't. He just likes to have a lot of alone time. He spends a lot of time training and when he isn't training he is in the library reading. He is friendly to most beasts, but if you're an enemy then it's best to stay out of his way. He has mixed feelings on vermin species as he does have a rat that's a best friend of his in Halyard, but also a weasel he truly hates with a passion. He is helpful and is a good listener if one just wants to talk, though he may not be the best with advice but usually knows who one can go to for advice.

Tarsa Renee Vera Quickpaws

Member of the Long Patrol since 2018 (Character died January 2019/Player left)

IC age: Adult

Rank: Drill Sergeant

History: She joined the Long Patrol when she was 8 seasons and didn't stay a recruit very long at all, she outdid all the others and got promoted to Private in a short half season. She was the only one in her family to join the Long Patrol, she has no contact with them as when they found out she joined, they didn't want her to come back as they were peaceful farmers, her mother a healer in fact. She had fallen in love with a hare right before she joined, he even joined but sadly was killed on his first mission and she blamed herself, one reason she became tough and serious and vowed to never allow her self to fall in love again.....but that could change as she is finding herself once more..falling in love. She lived near Tussock.

Personality: She is a skilled fighter, her main skill though like most hares should know she does know basic first aid. She is highly skilled with the saber and very good at paw-to-paw. Rules are important to her and when training recruits or even Privates she will make sure they do push-ups and sit-ups correctly and sometimes makes them do extra if they backtalk her or complain too much. She is seen as strict and bossy by a lot of hares, rarely shows emotions as emotions are for the weak, but she is very slowly starting to rethink this, but she still won't let her emotions show unless she is with someone she trusts greatly. She also is not a fan of dibbuns, they are annoying but she will protect them if needed. She advanced in ranks at a good pace, and is still slightly young to be a sergeant but she clearly shows she has the skills for it. Some other things about herself she..keeps to herself, she fears monitors greatly. She likes clear star filled nights, and she can sing.