A Banished Fox!

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RW Abbey: Main Gate

You are at the main entrance into Redwall Abbey. The gates are a a massive, double-doored wooden affair, reinforced with iron, and with a heavy latch and crossbar on the inside to prevent would-be invaders. While the gates almost always stand open, you get the impression that the builder of this portal designed it to be nigh impregnable. The entrance arch is amazingly thick, denoting the strength and thickness of the ancient walls themselves, which, despite the upheavals of the past, and numerous cracks present in the rose colored stone, still stand tall and strong. Uncountable pawprints can be seen in the dirt, leading both in and out of the Abbey. Along the bottom of the wall on either side of the arch, weeds and wildflowers can be seen in plenty.

You can hear the bustle of activity within the Abbey, and the occasional murmur of a passing conversation. The sun is high overhead, and shadows are small. All is bright.--------------------------------------------------------------------Are you a newcomer to Redwall? Type +skills apply rwchat to keep track of what's happening.--------------------------------------------------------------------

Exits: [Enter] the abbey, [R]ight Along [W]all, [L]eft Along [W]all, [R]oad

Nightfur is at the gates, again and this time it seems he means business, he watches the abbey for a while noting those guards have staffs, he smirks at this and walks over, "I demand to speak to whomever has my otter?"

A guard looks at the fox and frowns, "Your otter? No beast belongs to anyone sir and there is a lot of otters around"

Nightfur glares, "A small one, a dibbun tell me WHERE she is right now or pain will be felt quickly."

Oz happens to be in the entry when one of the guards takes him aside and speaks to him, he sighs and grips his walking staff as he goes to the entry area and speaks, "Excuse me. I am guessing your the one I have heard of, this Nightfur?"

Nightfur smirks, "That would be me, well guess there is more than one badger around here, how lovely, and before you say anything I will leave just as soon as the dibbun is handed over, so what’s it going to be??"

Oz shakes his head, "Your out of luck, the dibbun you speak of will not be handed over to you, nor will you be allowed inside these gates to find her, I highly suggest you leave."

Nightfur chuckles coldly as he steps closer getting a better look at the badger, "See you suggest I leave, I think I will stay as I have nothing else to do" He smirks, "How many..stripe dogs are in this place anyhow? Just oh so curious is all."

Oz stays calm as he grips the staff, "Here is another suggestion, watch what you say as some may think you have a death sentence, now unless you have something else to say go back to whatever campsite you came from."

Nightfur just smiles coldly and watches the badger, "Oh?..That so? You know getting a better view of you, I am thinking your not much to worry on are you." As if to test this he waves a paw in front of his face and grins.

Oz stays still but does grip the staff as he answers "You be surprised fox"

Nightfur grins more now, he draws his blades slowly, "Your..Blind, this might be enjoyable. For me not you, then again I rather fight a different badger but as I see it your in my way to get in and you probably know where that dibbun is."

Oz hears the clink of metal and raises an eyebrow at the second sound, he holds his staff tightly as he listens carefully and waits, he responds to the words, "I may know don't mean I will tell you as for fighting someone, that would not be wise trust me"

Nightfur chuckles, " You don't have to tell me, I can just find out!" He goes to swing one blade that he figures will be an easy hit, his other blade stays at his side for now.

Oz listens to the fox's voice, his foot paws and at first stands still and then moves the staff up quickly to block the blade.

Nightfur eyes go wide, he growls and backs up, blades at ready again "HOW IN THE SEASONS!"

Oz keeps his staff out as the fox backs up, "I can still hear. Your foot paws are loud and so is your mouth"

DoraRose peeks out the slightly agar gate, her sword at her side and her loaded sling in paw. She narrows her eyes and tries to discretely open the gate a little more so she can fire the stone at the fox.

Nightfur growls at the statement, he moves both blades as he gets a little closer, "You can block one blade..that’s fine..no stupid blind stripdog is getting the better of me, let’s see how well you block more". He waits, moves slightly and swings both blades at the badger, one down and one upwards.

There is a hubbub in the Abbey about some beasts out by the front gate in a fight and as Timothy draws near to the gate after retrieving his weapons it is obvious that this is so from the noise. The Mouse slips through the cracked open gate Large Round shield and a broad-head tipped Javelin in hand as he comes to the aid of the beasts who need it. Eyes scanning the scene and ready to react as needed.

Oz listens to the fox voice and can still hear the foot paws, blades make some noise when swinged and he catches the noise, he moves slightly and blocks one blade with his staff again, the other makes a cut on his lower leg, not as bad as it could of been had he not sidestepped when he did, he grits his teeth some, he takes a chance judging where the fox may be as he almost gets off balance as it would have to be above his bad knee, he swings the staff hopefully towards where the fox is.

Nightfur chuckles as he cuts the badger, that is short lived as the staff slams into his chest and he gasps, he falls backwards onto his bottom and temporally has the wind knocked out of him and a shocked look on his face.

DoraRose frowns as the badger is cut and decides to let her presence be known. She moves into position and goes to slam the loaded sling onto the foxes head, then leaps to one side, tucking the still-loaded sling into her apron pocket and drawing her sword. "I'm here for the valor of Redwall and Tuscani!" She shouts, mostly to let Oz know that it's her.

Timothy watches another combatant joins the fray, quickly identifying her as a friendly Timothy rushes forward, shield held out in front of him like a battering ram towards the disabled, for the moment, Fox. The Shining metal boss in the middle of the sun on his shield looks like it will hurt if he connects. "To the Red Dawn!" His Javelin is being held like a spear at the moment, pulled back low by his waist and ready to thrust should the need arise.

Oz tilts his head as he hears Dorarose and Timothy, He now uses the staff to better stand and feels where he was cut, he frowns feeling blood now but can tell it’s not like a lot of blood but still needs a bandage, he frowns unsure where the fox is now.

Nightfur glares at the mouse, not that the sling hurt, he stands and goes to slice at the mouse maid with both blades, battle fire in his vision, and again he gets the wind knocked from him as the shield slams into his side, as it does he swings the blade at Timothy in hopes of injuring him as he speaks.. "Yo..You! W..will not prevent me from getting the..dibbun, she is mine!" He coughs roughly a few times now.

DoraRose jumps back and manages to avoid one blade, but the other gives her a shallow slice on her arm, and it bleeds. She bites her lip to keep from crying out in pain. Shallow wounds hurt more than deep wounds. Her mouth opens in shock as the second mouse comes barreling into the scene, then she snarls and attacks again, slicing at the fox with her bastard sword. The blue cat's-eye pommel-stone glints like blue ice in the cold sunlight.

The Shield of the mouse is still held in front of him protectively even after the collision and bent low to provide the most coverage of his body. His Javelin is moving low to thrust into Nightfur but the Foxes attack instead catches the thrust knocking both off their courses and through the air harmlessly. Timothy bounces back out of reach of the blades but still within his Javelin's range of stabbing. "Fool, don't waste your breath; that girl isn't yours. And I'll see you dead before you touch a hair on her body."

Oz stays off to the side as he listens to the fight, he keeps a grip on his staff in case he needs it again and sits by the wall, he feels where the cut is on his upper leg and sighs, he listens as the two mice fight the fox and frowns, great how is he going to get inside and get some extra help out here.

Nightfur growls, one blade blocks the mouse maid’s sword and he uses the other way to slice at her arm, his ears go flat as he looks at the other mouse, "Your tire of fighting soon..and the brat is mine, she was stolen from me by an otter named Lee"

DoraRose can't help but shout this time as her arm gets sliced almost to the bone. She skips backwards a few feet, pressing her now heavily bleeding arm against her back to try to stem the bleeding. Fortunately, it's her left arm, and she's right dominant, but still. She swallows and goes to the left, hoping the other mouse will distract the fox enough for her to attack him from behind.

Timothy spits at the Fox, not looking the least bit fatigued at the moment. "No beast should own another!" Sweeping his javelin like a whip he strikes at Nightfur's footing; hoping to push the fox off of balance and distract him as he advances.

Oz slowly stands trying to judge where the fighting is and just where each beast is, he leans on his staff, ok fighting on the road and..he reaches out a paw, it’s the abbey wall and the gate, He grits his teeth as his leg hurts a little and he gets inside and alerts a couple guards, one...they can see where all is, he can’t.

DoraRose grits her teeth and leaps forward, slamming her sword's pommel at the foxes shoulder. She digs her still-loaded sling from out of her pocket with her left paw and swings the cloth-wrapped stone at the fox’s temple.

Nightfur grins as he gets ready to stab at Timothy, about that time the sword hilt goes into his shoulder, a crack is heard and he falls forwards and almost gets a face full of dirt, he starts to get up as the stone goes across his ear and leaves a red line, he growls and swings, slightly weak, backwards with his good arm at the mouse maid.

DoraRose would've been sliced on her leg had the swing not been blocked. She backs up, then wobbles a little. She's bleeding heavily, and is starting to suffer from blood loss. She drops her sling into her apron pocket, then wipes her forehead and stumbles slightly. She now has a streak of blood on her forehead from her bleeding left arm.

Nightfur chin connects with the mouse's knee and he falls backwards and onto his back, he groans dazed and surprised, he looks up at Timothy and growls low, his chin hurts now and his blades fell from his paws and are to the sides of him now.

Benar appears atop the ramparts, the hood of his habit pushed back and one hand resting on the stone parapet. "That is enough Timothy, Who are you to cast judgment on any beast? Who are you to pass a death sentence upon the doorstep of this Building of Peace? Cease and desist at once, murderers are not welcome within our walls and slaying a foe who has been defeated is murder." He looks from one to the other then calls back inside, "Oz, get DoraRose she looks like she needs assistance, Timothy bind the fox where he is... I will come down." He vanishes then and the small crowd of beasts atop the wall watching can be heard to move out of the Elder's way.

Timothy looks over to Dora, longing to help and take her inside of the Abbey but his oaths demand he take priories of ending this Fox quickly. turning he stomps hard on Nightfur's Chest and presses his Javelin's tip against Nightfur's neck, pricking it and starting the barest dribble of blood. "For assaulting the good beasts of this abbey, for slavery I condemn you to death. May the light forgive you." The tip presses harder, dangerously close to piercing through all the way; that is till Benar stops him. Timothy snarls. "You’re lucky." Timothy immediately starts to bind Night up; using the foxes own clothing for bindings.

DoraRose slowly scoots into a sitting position, her back against the wall, sword held weakly in her paw, blood still pouring out of the really bad arm wound. Her eyelids start flutter shut.

Oz had went inside, a bandage on his leg, he has a guard help him get to Dorarose and the two help the mouse maid inside picking her up gently and taking her to the infirm

Nightfur closes his eyes and then opens them as he is tied up, he looks over at the squirrel, "Who are you..the abbot of this place?"

Timothy falls backwards a few steps and eyes staring down Nightfur. As Benar approaches him and the captive, he bows his head down. "I am sorry Elder, my vows demanded as such, otherwise I am as good as dead. I'm thinking perhaps the vows need to be amended back home for such cases as this."

Benar steps further through the gates once he descends from the wall top, he then motion to two of the guards, "Keep everyone else inside," He looks down at Nightfur then places a paw on Timothy's arm, "We are not in your home, we are at Redwall and no fox I am not the Abbot. I am Elder Benar, Groundskeeper of this Abbey..." He looks down at the dark fox and then shakes his head and folds his hands into his sleeves, "For seasons unending those who would oppose the peace of the abbey, subjugate it beneath their will have thrown their lives away at these gates. We have defended ourselves time and time again and peace has always returned but there is one fate for those who charge these ancient gates and do not die." he looks at Timothy then over to OZ and back through the gates, "One punishment handed down since before the first stone of this Abbey was laid, when our Champion and Founder Martin the warrior stood before the defeater army of Kotir and it is that judgment I shall render here this day upon you Nightfur.” Then Benar he points out across the Western Plains, "Your fate Nightfur is to be taken from this place, our abbey warriors will escort you to the border of Mossflower Country. You shall be sent with enough food and water for two days, no weapons or other implements of armor or weaponry. That is the fate of those who would disrupt peace, this is the mercy of Redwall Abbey but know this should you return to these woodlands, this land of quiet peace within your life time you shall not find our mercy a second time. Your description shall be spread by Sparra warrior from the fords and Ferravale to Brockhall and the Long Patrol outpost to the south. From the quarry to the very western reaches of this land. If you are found within our borders again our warriors shall strike you down. Now take this gift of life and use it well and wisely far from this land."

Nightfur listens to all the squirrel says and glares at him, "I want..the dibbun back" He states as he growls.

DoraRose is carried inside, fainting from blood loss just mere steps inside the gate. A healer who just happens to be passing by walks alongside Oz and the guard and starts to bind up the wound with a bandage and a tourniquet.

Benar says, "The dibbun is not property and Slavery is never permitted. She lives here within Redwall Abbey and has shown no sign of wishing to return to your company." He shakes his head, "I have given you your life it is more then some would say you deserve. Timothy gather some of the guard and leave at once, escort this fox beyond the boundaries of Mossflower, I will not have him within our walls." He turns then and heads back inside past the guard who step forward to keep an eye on Nightfur whilst their compatriots assemble Nightfur's escort. "Fair well Nightfur, I hope you choose to live a long live very far from here." He ducks back inside the abbey then and once out of sight leans back against the gates of the abbey and motions for the guard to take over from here.

Oz returned to Benar's side once he helped Dorarose to the infirm, he waits beside Benar and listens as the others talk. "Everything going ok?"

DoraRose is now in the infirm, being taken care of expertly.

Nightfur stands slowly as he hears what is said, he still glares at the squirrel, "Whatever you say.." Yeah he would love to stab the squirrel, but his swords are taken away by the guards, he snorts and stays where he is as he watches Benar go inside.

Benar nods to Oz and stands up, "Yes... I'll be fine thank you, I best go speak to Lorimis about this... can you stay here and see to it that the guard take him away? Send for someone reliable to lead the detail if Flicktail is not available Bastien or Dylan or Timothy. Maybe Harley if she'll agree to it but I want them on the road and gone within the hour... now I best go speak to the Abbot." He nods to everyone and starts back to the main building.

Oz nods "Alright Benar, I can do that and let you know how it went"