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Characters involved: Audri & Taye.

Western Shore

Dark clouds roll across the sky while the waves crash against the sandy shores. Audri sits a few feet away from the crashing waves, tail fluffed up, making it look bushier than it is. The squirrel is currently burying her footpaws, nose scrunched in thought.

Taye has a free evening, so of course his first inclination is to go for a run. Of course, any other inclinations didn't stand a chance, and so run he does. He's jogging towards the beach from the mountain, his head ducked down so that his cloak protects as much of his face as possible against the chill air.

Audri gives the sand around her ankles a final pat, wrapping her arms about her knees with a sigh. She rests her chin on top of her knees, staring out at the sea, tail flicking against the wind.

Taye doesn't notice Audri's presence until he's almost right on top of her. Which begs the question of whether he'd be prepared for any unfriendly company, but ah well. He sees her just before he steps on her, and just manages to jump /over/ her legs instead of on them. He stumbles on the other side, coming to a somewhat sand-spraying halt. Erk. He looks back. "Oh - Audri. Hullo."

Audri blinks, tail shooting straight up at the sudden appearance of the hare. "'lo Taye." She mumbles, stretching her legs out. "Sorry about that. I didn't think anyone was out running.."

Taye shakes his head, then turns to face her. "Well, I didn't think anyone was out... sittin'." He smiles, just a bit. "Whatcha doin' out here?"

Audri smiles, lifting her shoulders in a shrug. "Nothin' much. Just watchin' the ocean. How's the runnin'?"

Taye shrugs, looking first one way and then the other. "Dunno. Just started." He drops down onto the ground beside her. "How's the watchin'?"

Audri nods, eyes turning back to the water. "Ahh." She shrugs again, tail curling around her ankles. "Rather borin' really. Not much happens out there."

Taye wraps his arms around his knees, which are drawn up to his chest. He then turns, resting his cheek on top of a knee so that he can look at her. "Not too much, no, yer right." His eyes narrow thoughtfully. "Aren't ya cold?"

Audri shakes her head, glancing over to him. "Nah. My fur's thicker with the cold comin' on. Sides, it sorta feels good. So, what have ya been up to lately?"

His shoulders roll in a lazy shrug. "Workin' on gettin' the stiffness outta my shouldah. I'm off of patrol duty 'til I c'n use a bow properly again, 'n' I'm not fond o' the same old sentry 'n' courier duty day aftah day."

Audri nods, eyes moving to his shoulder curiously. "Yea. I'm sure it gets borin' after awhile. How's ya shoulder doin' anyway?"

Taye shrugs once more. "It's doin' all right. C'n mostly use it fine, now." He demonstrates by rolling the shoulder, though he sighs. "It's a pain. Ah well. What've you been up to?"

Audri says, "Well, least its healin' up well." She smiles faintly, ear giving a twitch. "Been workin' on the boat some 'n readin' in the library."

"Oh yeah? How's the boat comin' along?" His ears perk with interest.

Audri grins. "Its comin' along good. I think it'll be ready for the water soon. Just needs some paint."

Taye grins, wrinkling his nose. "That's great. You'll have t' take me out on the first voyage, a'right?"

Audri nods. "I will. Course, ya still need to teach me how ta swim first. I don't want to have an accident while out there."

Taye shakes his head. "Nah - no. We wouldn't want that." He looks towards the waters. "Dunno if we'll wanna do that 'til spring, though. 'Tis cold s'anything."

Audri nods again. "Yea, that's true. It'll be better in the spring for the boat too probably. You ever been sailin'?"

Taye squints thoughtfully, looking back to the squirrel. "I dunno. I think I was on a boat once when I was little. I don't remembah."

Audri nods. "I might have to read up on sailin' then. Cause I don't remember much about it."

Taye sits up, then pushes himself up to stand. "I'm gonna get this run in. See you back at the mountain, yeah? Be careful."

Audri smiles, giving him a small salute with a giggle. "Yea. Be careful yourself. And have a good run."

Taye grins down at her and turns, walking off a couple of steps before breaking into a job, and then a run. He glances back just once, and waves, before sprinting off.

Audri returns the wave, watching him fade into the distance. With a small sigh, she rises, dusting the sand off her before making her slow way back to the mountain.