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Game status: online

NOTE: IP address changed and DNS is slow. DNS SHOULD BE and SHOULD point to still port 4203

Who we are

We are a community of Redwall Series fans founded in 1995 who have formed a multi-user interactive world taking place in Brian Jacques' universe with the author's permission.

Within our world are a variety of young and old members alike acting as appropriate to the books. Those who want to experience Redwall directly, whether as a brave mouse, a silly squirrel, or a cruel weasel are welcome to join in the fun.

This means we're friendly and safe for people of ALL ages, including children. Inappropriate material for kids is not welcome here!

To Jump Right In...

For the ultra-eager, click on the button and open a nice new tab/window and connect as Male or Female when the connect box opens after the MUCK is reached:

Click here to launch client

Our Getting Started page (in our Help Guides) will get you playing in no time at all.

To use your favorite MUCK client (here are some of the options) point at port 4203.

You can also join the online discussion forums by joining this web-site to the left. The MUCK itself is separate from the discussion forums.

About us

You can go to the contacts page to reach the administration of the site and MUCK system..

The copyright page lists the copyright details for the site, the books, and the MUCK.

And finally...

We are a friendly site, but we do take overzealous actions to keep this system free from nuisances or worse. If you have a concern about someone's behavior please let us know! Our contact page will let you reach the administrators!